Finding the right one through this Christian dating website

I have been single for almost 3 years now and to be honest, I am loving every minute of it. The independence that fuels my inner being gives me this strength to battle challenges in life. Since I’ve been separated for almost three years, I have started dating without any commitments. It just makes my life easier. No complications, no expectations, no stress and you don’t hold responsibility for anyone. Sounds selfish? Yes, it is and I prefer it that way.


That time comes when the right one comes along.

I am not totally pressuring myself about finding the right one because it has been 14 years that I was committed and its a God-given thing that I am now enjoying the independence and freedom that any woman crave for. I can do what I want and decide for myself without considering anyone’s feelings. I told myself Its time to care for my own well being for a change. Being single has a lot of positive benefits like self-growth, you get to be focused more on your kids, you have the luxury to travel and see the world alone (which is a very liberating experience) and you get to meet lots of interesting people that can be a potential part of your life.

Dating can be a pain in the ass and fun at the same time. What I love about dating is that you become an expert filtering the bad apples from the good ones. You meet someone good looking, accomplished and a gentleman at first, but as weeks get by and you get to know the person, you realize he’s not the perfect match only because there’s no chemistry between the two of you. So you move on to another guy, get to know him, spend time with him on dinner dates and movies and then maybe end up just being friends. To be honest, some of my guy friends now are the guys that I matched at this popular dating site. We just figured that we aren’t fit to be as partners but enjoyed the company so we stayed friends

What about you? Are you single and currently on a quest in finding the right partner? I’m talking about that right partner where you can really get serious with. Someone that could be a potential husband/wife in the future. With all these dating sites available online, its so difficult to find your perfect match especially if most of these sites focus more on casual dating (Netflix and chill, ONS, friends with benefits, come-over-I-wanna-have-fun set up etc.😂) Dating can be fun and frustrating at the same time especially if both have different expectations.

Now if you are that type of person looking for a serious relationship, religious (Christian), doesn’t like casual dating. This Christian dating could be the answer to your most frustrating problem. Finding the LOVE that you’ve been waiting for.

Date Christian Singles is a dating website that quite different from other dating sites out there. It helps you find the right match for you that shares your passion, interests and beliefs. You will find individuals on this site that are mostly religious. A God-fearing man can give you the care, attention, love and support you need, especially with Christian beliefs.

One of the features of the site is the chances of finding success in looking for a partner are narrowed down through the member area of Date Christian Singles to include members with all interests and characteristics. Just put in your skills or hobbies and interests. The website is easy to navigate and pretty straightforward and not complicated to use.

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