Year 2 of Milo Philippines Road to Barcelona

Milo Philippines launched another year of Road to Barcelona, a values-driven program for kids. Milo and FC Barcelona believe in the shared HEART values (humility, effort, ambition, respect and teamwork). FC Barcelona (FCB) a known football club partnered with Milo Philippines both aims to bring world-class opportunities to nourish ambitions and build a nation of champions through sports. Participants of the program are chosen via a nomination from their coaches who will vouch for both their character and talent.

Milo and FCB will hold this year’s local invitational camp in football hotbed, Cebu City on September 8-9 at the Cebu City Sports Center.

Over 160 girls and boys ages 10 to 12 from around the country will participate in the world-class football camp for a chance to join the life-changing champion experience in Spain, the home of FC Barcelona.

Its 2nd year Media launch was held in the Milo Stadium at Kidzania Manila last Wednesday.

The 2-day training camp features theoretical and practical sessions on how to play the Barca way is free of charge which is a privilege for the qualified young players. It will give them the kind of training that only FCB can offer to aid in the continued development, progress Philippine football and further inspire Filipinos to be champions on and off the field.

Anton Del Rosario, Azkal football player

“Every kid dreams of becoming a champ. That’s why the Milo-FCB Road to Barcelona Philippines camp is back to provide kids with the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to train with youth coaches from FC Barcelona. We’ve taken the year’s invitational camp to the Visayas to share the program with even more children in the region because we believe that these experiences can encourage them to pursue their passion for the sport and nourish their ambitions,” said Willy De Ocampo, Vice President Nestle Philippines.

Milo Philippines consumer marketing manager Robbie de Vera shares his excitement for the year 2 for the 4-year partnership. “Milo is very honoured and excited to continue its advocacy to get more kids into sports and help advance Philippine football with FC Barcelona. Our goal for this year is to further enrich the ” Road to Barcelona” experience by reaching more Filipino kids and reinforcing the values that encourage more kids to dream big and become champions in life”.

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