Puratos 30th Anniversary

For business owners, or for those who love baking and creating yummy masterpieces of sweet delights, Puratos Philippines just celebrated their 30th Anniversary yesterday.

I was luckily invited to join their event and try out different pastries, cakes and coffee.

I spoke with several mothers and aspiring bakers there and they all told me that they only trust Puratos Philippines for their baking needs. One mother even went all the way from Nueva Ecija to Manila just so she can join the event.

So many delicious looking pastries!

We were given a little card for booth stampings. Each booth has so many items to offer and you get to taste all of them for free!

High-grade baking ingredients

Chef Dirk De Vriendt demonstrating on his expertise with baking.

The event was jam-packed with bakers, chefs, culinary students and business owners.

I went here without eating breakfast seriously! I know I’ll get a load of these.

One of my favourites. The dark chocolate tasted like the ones I’ve tried from an organic bakeshop in Dubai.

One particular booth that stood out for my liking is this coffee brand called Curve Coffee Collaborations.-a local roaster and distributor that specializes in local coffee. Beans are sourced from different provinces in the Philippines.

Photo courtesy of Curve Coffee Collaborations

Their coffee is super! You know that bitterness with a tinge of sweetness and the taste still lingers in your tongue even after drinking water?. It’s that strong and good! The beans are sourced locally but amazing how it taste like Italian roast!).

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