Send groceries using digital certificates with Beam and Go app!

My sister and I were both working on this web app for Filipino OFWs in Dubai. She will be the one to build the web app and I’ll be the one to handle the marketing and the content. However, it was put on hold for the time being due to her pregnancy. Its always been our dream to build a digital start-up company and we are still hoping we would be able to finish this brilliant idea we started.

Just recently, I stumbled upon this new web app that is already helping hundreds of Filipinos when it comes to getting remittance through digital certificates from loved ones. This got me really inspired to persuade my sister again to finish what we started!


Beam and Go is basically a web app that helps Filipinos to send digital certificates to their loved ones. Why send digital certificates instead of money you ask? The main purpose of this app is to avoid misspent by relatives we send money to. In most cases when we send remittances, we actually don’t know if the money is being used for the right purpose. We work hard to earn a living and send money to our loved ones in order to help them but there are cases wherein we found out that money was spent on useless things. As such, Beam and Go can actually help avoid this from happening.

So how does it work?

I tried using the app out of curiosity. I wanted to test how effective this was and to find out how efficient and easy to send remittances through digital certificates.

The Beam and Go app is so easy to use! First thing would be to register and put in your mobile number and email address.

After you register, you may now add your beneficiary. This is anyone you’d want to send digital certificates to. The wonderful thing about this is that they have a lot of affiliated supermarkets and convenience stores that you can choose from. Just select the location and the supermarket or convenience store of your choice. Not only that, if you want to send gas allowance or maybe load credits for data, you may choose this option as well from the list.

So to try this out, I loaded my account worth 1000 php. You may load your account using their various payment partners, remittance centers and banks.

I added my cousin Trisha as my beneficiary. Amazing how fast the transaction was and how happy we were when she got the credit the same day!

We chose 7 Eleven digital certificates so she can claim it easily since there’s a nearest 7 Eleven at her school neighborhood.

She got this text message after sending her the credit. Now in order for you to claim and use the credit, you’d need to install a Cliqapp. This is a 7 Eleven app where you can use to buy anything at 7 Eleven stores by showing the E payment barcode at the counter.

My email confirmation

My cousin Trisha while doing her shopping at 7 Eleven

Just an FYI, make sure to explain what you’ll be claiming for the digital certificates because not all 7 Eleven staff knows about this. I actually spoke with the manager to let him know about the transaction. 🙂

I told my sister about the web app and she was really ecstatic about the idea of how the app works. My sister is residing in Dubai so if she feels like sending digital certificates to us, she’d use Beam and Go as well.


Check out other Beam and Go products:

They have a lot of partnered brands:


Watch this video to know more about the Beam and Go app via 7 Eleven

You may start sending remittance now by visiting Beam and Go. Another smart way of helping our loved ones.

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