Azumi Boutique Hotel: A minimalist hotel in the heart of South

I am fascinated with infinity pools lately. I like it’s visual effects and how the ripple seemed to trick the human gaze in a manner of a cleverly drawn optical illusion. It’s pretty to look at behind the lens of a camera and even on photos. Most of the resorts and hotels these days are opting for such designs giving it a more interesting look not just the usual boring pools with blue basic flooring that looks so plain looking.


Somewhere in Alabang, I was really surprised that there’s a boutique hotel situated in the heart of the South and much nearer to the airport. By Grab it’ll only take you less than half an hour.



The view from the penthouse


2018-10-27 041467441547..jpg

I love the view from here overlooking the houses from Alabang and Paranaque..

AZUMI BOUTIQUE HOTEL speaks of class and art combined. With it’s high standard amenities. your stay would be worthwhile.  Minimalist, stylish and smartly-designed rooms will surely give you the relaxation you need and a cozy and warm stay. I love the glass doors and even the ceilings are made with Daiken Healthy ceiling which helps minimize heat and moisture. Ecocarat tiles that absorb humidity and foul odors to keep air clean and refreshing.



Dorm-type rooms for a group of 4

We were invited by Azumi to review their hotel and to cover the Swalloween party event which was opened for all guests. Ticket costs 200 inclusive of free-flowing drinks of vodka.



If it’s about an invite to a party, I rarely say no unless the location is far from where I live. This is the South so when I got this invitation (courtesy of Bette Medina, our ever trusted blogger/event organizer) I just couldn’t refuse.


2018-10-27 04-2097242994..jpg


It’s a typical place for pool parties. The bar and lounge is strategically located on the right side of the pool area perfect for small gatherings.

2018-10-29 061857610556..jpg

2018-10-29 06442750410..jpg



Aint complete without this emote thing.

We had a hearty meal at Romulo’s cafe. The food was superb. We ordered Filipino dishes like Chicken Sisig and Binagoongan.




When I say free flowing, it’s literally free flowing! It’s drink till you puke! Ann (fellow blogger) and I just had a mini contest of who’s got the most number of pukes in the bathroom!


Resident DJ that day



Still looking sober

I spent my whole mornings by the pool with Trina, also a fellow blogger who’s game enough to pose for photos. I love being with my fellow bloggers when it comes to photo taking because we share the same passion about this. We kill for IG worthy shots!



I saw this pole and I’m like “Let me practice “.






See how awesome the pool looks like from behind the lens. The ripple looks sharp and stunning!



One of my best poses for my own liking so far.




With my fellow sexy blogger Trina Ante. She’s my ever talented photographer for these pool shots!\

Azumi Boutique Hotel is situated in the heart of Alabang. Walking distance from Alabang Town Center and Molito Mall. It’s a mere 10 minutes away from Ninoy Aquino International Airport. Consist of 186 stylish and comfortable rooms that offer a cozy and intimate relaxation to all our guests. Features an infinity lap pool, restaurant and a function room.

Visit their Facebook page AZUMI BOUTIQUE HOTEL

And their website

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