Whitewoods Hotel Bookers Night

South is becoming even more crowded given the fact that a lot of properties are being developed within the area of Santa Rosa Laguna, Silang and Tagaytay Cavite.  You’d be surprised how these places have become the go-to for many people itching to get away from Metro Manila and it’s everyday traffic situation. So for most of us city dwellers, the least we want to think about is another stress finding a location for our quick weekend vacation.  These three places I’ve mentioned are all popular and known for it’s beautiful hotels and resorts, nice restaurants and relaxing cool weather plus you won’t be shelling that much.  A bus ride only costs around 200 Php.  However, given all these things  I told you,  people near the area keeps coming to the South which has resulted to a slight problem with traffic during weekends.


I am used to the bumper to bumper situation of Metro Manila so, when I got the invitation from Whitewoods hotel for their Bookers Night, I instantly marked my calendar for the said event even if the party is around evening and knowing that it’s rush hour. Being very passionate with blogging and covering events, the everyday stress of the city didn’t bother me anymore as long as the event that I’m going to is worth the effort I’ll be investing on. I had to bear with the 4 hours traffic going to Whitewoods hotel  from BGC (the hotel is just 5 minutes away from Nuvali. I got stuck in traffic for 4 freaking hours from Paseo to Puting Kahoy ,where the Whitewoods hotel is located.)





The Whitewoods Hotel  is located just 15 minutes away from Nuvali. The hotel’s original target market are companies holding corporate events and conventions. The structure and design of the hotel  gives the impression of sophistication and simplicity with it’s clean white walls and simple interiors.

Loving the simplicity of their outdoor pool


There’s a recreation area and an outdoor pool where guests can enjoy and make the most of their weekend. This is one of the nearest hotels you can book around Santa Rosa.  Guests can have the luxury to spend the night  after a tiresome day of shopping from  Solenad Nuvali.

We met the owner and manager Ms Kate who gave us a little bit of history about Whitewoods Hotel. One thing that makes them unique from other hotels in the South is  they make sure that guests will feel “at home” through their outstanding customer service and the homey taste of their dishes from their in-house restaurant. Kate’s family is from Pampanga so it’s understandable how she made sure that all the food  prepared for guests are cooked Pampangueña style.







All photos from Wazzup Pilipinas. Thanks to Ross Flores Del Rosario. 

I’ll be sharing more of my hotel review soon.

Enjoy a staycation at the newest resort-hotel 45 minutes south of Manila. Avail of WhiteWoods Hotel “Sneak Peek Rate” for P3,200net for a Deluxe Room and P4,400net for a Family Suite. Inclusive of Overnight Stay, Delectable Breakfast, Use of Hotel Pool, In-room Movies and use of Recreational Activities. Promo Offer is on limited rooms only Call Now at (02) 579.7235 / 0917.590.5468 / 0917.112.2488

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