Chateau Royale Hotel Resort and Spa Experience

Have you noticed something different about our Christmas atmosphere lately? I don’t know if this is just me but I felt that somehow, people aren’t that excited to celebrate the holidays. Usually, when “ber” month arrives, Christmas lights and Christmas music can be seen and heard everywhere. Is it because Filipinos learned not to care anymore? Or maybe we are just too busy to bother even putting up a small Christmas lantern outside our door?

As the yogis were saying to me before, no one is responsible for your own shit. Your shit is not anyone’s shit. So you gotta learn to clean them off. If you’re just feeling crappy and lonely then it’s probably your hormones.   

I agree. It’s probably just my hormones causing tantrums. These gloominess is a possible reflection of what I’m feeling deep inside me. 

There are so many reasons to feel happy and grateful. With all these events crowding my calendar, it makes me want to blog and write more. My staycations are also helping me feel energized and is giving me a clear mind to battle the workweek ahead.  

A better way to start my December is experiencing a weekend breather at Chateau Royale and attending their Christmas Lighting. 

The hotel staff and the Chateau Royale management team graced us with their lively performances to the tune of Christmas songs.  Bloggers and vloggers were invited to join the event and we were welcomed warmly by their staff. 

With vlogger Joel Andrada. 

The long journey was all worth it. It was not supposed to be long had it not been for the horrible traffic of the south (I know you keep on hearing my complaints about traffic but really, it’s becoming way out of hand already.) Imagine, from Santa Rosa Laguna it took me 3 hours wherein it’s supposed to have been only an hour max from Nuvali. Nasugbu is just a stone’s throw away from Tagaytay but you’ll get stuck in Olivarez and in between Sky Ranch and Taal Vista. So many tourist crowding these areas so if in the event you’ll be planning to visit, prepare for good music and patience because you’ll definitely be in one of these traffic situations. 

After a tiresome day of commute, coffee is my temporary relief. A massage would be nice but coffee will do. 

Met some of the staff of this hotel resort and I learned that this used to be a membership resort and country club. It was open to the public last 2014.  The area is huge that you are required to ride their shuttle to go to your rooms. The room accommodations are categorized  in 3 major clusters. 

A golf  cart  to transport you to your rooms or get a tour of the whole resort.

There’s the CABINS where we stayed for the night.  These rooms are very ideal for groups and families. They have Cabin Deluxe/Twin and Cabin Family. 

The Skylight Tower on the other hand caters to those wanting to have a more sophisticated feel and  perfect for lovers and couples having their honeymoon.

The Skylight Tower gives you a cosmopolitan hotel stay

The premier accommodation in the glass enamored walls equipped with upscale facilities gives guests a luxurious stay.

The Gulod and Lakeboat is Chateau Royale’s small village reminiscent of the old France, strategically located near the popular Caleruega Church and golf course (photo not shown).

The massive 170 hectare property features so many activities that you can enjoy for the whole day. What makes them different from the other resorts that you’ll find in the South is the serenity and peaceful ambiance it gives. You’ll get the chance to do all these fun activities. If you feel adventurous, you can try their zip line and rock climbing, or if you feel like swimming, you can spend the entire day in their wave pool and the club pool. For ladies who want some relaxation and privacy, they may use the indoor pool perfect for that quiet moments you’ve been craving for. The staff won’t bother you there and they will pretty much leave you alone so you can enjoy your solace. 

The wave pool
Club pool
Enjoying a cool dip at their indoor pool

For the sporty ones, try their rock climbing. There’ an option for beginners and advanced. 

Stupidly climbing wearing flats. I came in unprepared. 

For companies who plan to do their team building, they have an open field and obstacle course perfect for running and setting up games for employees. 

Foggy morning
This area is perfect for company team buildings. They can have some obstacle courses set up for team camaraderie. 
A playground for kids to enjoy
Willy Wonka’s cottage. 

Peacock feeding is a total stress reliever it’s almost meditative.

You won’t have to deal with crowded people in Tagaytay just to experience horseback riding because they also have it here. 

Archery can be very addicting. You won’t stop till you hit the bull’s eye. In my case though, I was able to hit it the second time! 

I was able to hit the bull’s eye! It’s another good sign that I’ll be having another good luck coming.

  Go cart racing for that adrenaline rush.  Only 100 for 15 minutes, 150 for 30 minutes and 250 for an hour. 

For nature lovers and those who wish for a less tiresome activity, they can go vegetable picking or maybe just enjoy the nature and the cool breeze of Nasugbu Batangas. They have a huge open space with trees and you can  have a picnic while reading a good book. 

It looks like you’re in Baguio because of the cool atmosphere and that gloomy vibe. I like this kind of setting. You get to reflect and quiet your thoughts for just a short while. 

Some must try activities are biking, badminton, basketball,  soccer, tennis, board games, bonfire, camping and forest trekking. 

For food options, you have a choice of restaurants to try. There’s the Floating Restaurant that serves their signature Bulalo hotpot. A variety of Filipino dishes to choose from. 


We had our breakfast at the Orchid Asian Grill.  The breakfast is usually included when you book depending on what package you choose. 

We were greeted by the friendly staff. They were all  smiles at me. I woke up really early and had my morning walk and then took some photos.

The  breakfast buffet

The old French design adds charm to the whole restaurant making it perfect for wedding receptions. The resort is surrounded by lush greens so it’s suitable for photo shoots as well.

For seafood lovers.

CHATEAU ROYALE HOTEL RESORT SPA is located in Nasugbu, Batangas and  just a stone’s throw away from Tagaytay right after the Caleuega Church. 


1200 php per person, inclusive of AM snack, plated lunch and PM snack. (except weekends and holidays).

1500 php per person, inclusive of AM snack, plated lunch, PM snack (validity March 1-June 15, holidays)

Day tour is from 8am to 5pm only.  
-Rate is inclusive of wavepool pass, zipline, and rock climbing. 
-Bringing food is not allowed.
-Proper swimming attire.
Validity: Jan 1-Dec 31

For more information, you may visit their website:

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