A New Hotel Near Nuvali: Whitewoods Leisure and Convention

A stone’s throw away from Nuvali, there’s a fairly new hotel that’s never heard of by many. The said hotel is known within the area mainly as a place held for business meetings, birthdays and wedding receptions. The owner thought of making an expansion and turn it into a hotel to cater for those wanting to experience the cold weather of the South without the hassle of experiencing traffic jam in Tagaytay.

If you are like me who prefers quiet and less crowded places, South would be your best bet when it comes to staycations. Although we do have some personal preferences, depending on our budget and our taste for certain things, It’s always wise to consider what you want for your convenience. Like with me, it’s always important that whenever I book for an accommodation, I make sure that basic amenities are there (Air-conditioned room, hot water, laptop friendly work space, WiFi, cabled TV , disposable toothbrushes and disposable slippers. ) This is of course depending on what kind of accommodation you’re looking for. If it’s a hotel then these things are a must.

We were booked at a Deluxe room with Queen size bed good for 3 persons. The room is spacious and very simple. No fancy interiors.

Even the hallway looks very ordinary and a bit gloomy. Reminds me of a hospital. This is just my own opinion.

There are still work in progress around the area. Activities like table tennis and darts can be found at the 2nd floor. Swimming pool is just across from the main building.

We had the pool all to ourselves. Savannah, my pool buddy as usual enjoyed swimming without feeling chilly while Zo stayed in our room doing her usual introvert activities.

I know. I look like a drowned hamster.

They have a kiddie pool and a leisure pool with just a few lounge chairs. I guess they are still in the process of improving it. In fact, Whitewoods are now open for spa concessionaires. So if you own a spa or if you know someone who might be interested, they are open for proposals.

Their in-house restaurant

Our accommodation is inclusive of breakfast for 2. I paid for an additional one person (Savannah) for only 750 inclusive of breakfast. We had pancakes, daing na bangus, egg and hot dogs with melon fruit for dessert. It’s not a buffet breakfast probably because of the type of accommodation we had, or maybe because there are only a handful of guests checking in so a buffet isn’t practical. No menu was given to us as well. We were kind of expecting to order other dishes but I didn’t have the energy to complain. After all, this is a new hotel. But it wouldn’t hurt to start giving the best experience for guests as early as now because word-of-mouth marketing is always powerful and effective. Delivering high quality customer service always works best with business.

The location of the hotel is quite hidden from the main road. One indication that you’re about to approach Whitewoods hotel is when you see the Savemore Meridian from your right. You have to slow down a bit for you to notice the Whitewoods sign to your left side. Since it’s hidden, you’ll get all the privacy you want far from the noisy streets.

Climbing plants or vine-covered walls always accentuates the outdoor surroundings and makes the area look relaxing and inviting.


From Nuvali, (if you will be coming from Santa Rosa Laguna using Tagaytay road, just slow down when you see the Savemore Meridian to your right. After a few meters you’ll see Whitewoods sign to your left. there’s a big gate with a Whitewoods advertisement of their bed and breakfast promo.

Check their Facebook page Whitewoods hotel

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