A quiet place in BGC you’d love to visit

Who says you can’t find a quiet place in BGC.? Well, there is such a place although for some it may not be a perfect location for clearing your mind and those seeking temporary peace for the chaotic brain (jammed with meetings, deliverables and anything work-related) I would still strongly recommend you check this out.  

 Obviously. It’s peaceful because it’s a cemetery. 

There was a butterfly that flew on my fingertips but my friends aren’t seeing any. It looks like there’s a sad soul wanting to make friends with me.

Okay so what’s up with this cemetery you ask? Let me tell you that this isn’t just your traditional memorial cemetery housing thousands of dead bodies. The Manila American Cemetery was built with a heavy history that explains all the engraved names on the walls and its structures. I’ve always wanted to check out this place but haven’t had the opportunity to do so.

A total of 17, 206 graves of our American soldiers who fought during World War I
Mosaic maps
Seals of the American states and it’s territories

Just like the Normandy American cemetery, the memorial tells so much of what happened during World War I through the engraved stones and the Mosaic maps that adorned the walls. Headstones are made of marble and all formed neatly in rows that when you look at them for a bit long it’s hypnotizing.

The graves area is divided into 11 carved lettered plots in different sizes that formed concentric bands on which this memorial stands.

Source: American Battle Monuments Commission

It’s fascinating that you’d find a memorial cemetery in the middle of the busy metropolitan BGC . The cemetery is easy to find with the nearest landmark between the boundary of McKinley and BGC

If you decide to visit here, always make sure to observe the rules and regulations. Photo shoots are strictly forbidden. You are allowed to take random photos but make sure you don’t vandalize the headstones. Having picnics are also not allowed. It may seem like a park but we need to pay respects for the souls of these dead American soldiers who fought during Word War I (year 1941-1945)

The memorial chapel with Hemicycles

This is famous for tourists which is almost always part of a traveler’s itinerary when they visit Metro Manila. The entrance is free and is open from 9 am to 5 pm except Dec. 25 and January 1. Guards and staff members are there to assist anyone who would be interested to know more about it’s history.

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