Staycation On a Weekday At The Gramercy Residences

Stressed. One word and I’m off for another staycation even on a weekday. This is a spur of the moment and very unplanned. I was in one of my moods and when I am in that state of crankiness, I just up and do whatever my spoiled self wishes to do. Since my body is aching for a dip on the pool, I spent my remaining free time in the office looking for a nice place to stay. Gramercy came to mind because I know they have a drop dead gorge infinity pool perfect for that quick dip I’m craving for.

I feel like dragging my friend Venice so off we went without having any decent outfits but an extra pair of work clothes for the next day. I even bought this swimsuit at the nearest mall in BGC just so I have something to wear for our night swim.

The view is stunning overlooking Makati City but it’s even more captivating during daytime. Unfortunately, we arrived here around 6 pm.

With my dear friend Venice who knows some of my freaky secrets.

The Gramercy’s multi-level infinity edge pool is located at the 34th floor. I love it’s state of the art design giving the impression of luxury and class. I know the photos aren’t enough to convey my thoughts about this high class residential condominium (especially all of it was taken during night time) but I will be doing a full review once I get back.

Booked a studio type room for 2.

The studio type room is pretty basic. In fact, I didn’t really mind because we just used it for crashing after having a few drinks at a bar somewhere in Ayala.

As they say, everything can be bought but being comfortable in your own skin is priceless.

Book a Gramercy unit by using my discount here.

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