My 5 Strategies to Score Cheap Flights!

There’s always that moment when you find yourselves tight on a budget but still wanting to satisfy that travel itch (I am one of those) Either you’re nearing your credit card limit or maybe haven’t paid the balance yet, or just plain broke, whatever the reason, you still want to go somewhere that’s not your country. It is considered a serious case for dromomaniacs .

But hey, there is a solution for this, just like any problem that always equates to a solution. We just need to put a little effort on this because these airline companies can be very tricky. I have collated 5 practical ways.

View of Dubai from the plane window

  1. Book flights in advance.

Booking flights at an early date is much cheaper compared to booking them at the last minute. Rates would also vary depending whether the dates that you’re booking falls on a holiday, or if it’s a peak season. Also, make sure we book weekdays instead of weekends. (just a tip I got from one of my friends in Dubai who loves traveling) If we know the games being played by these airline companies (called airline revenue management) we can actually save a lot of money and learning this basic skill is a must!

2. Know how to use your rewards points and high flyer miles.

Credit cards offer travel rewards by reaching a certain minimum spend that equivalents to points you can use. Use them to your advantage. Some of the most popular cards that most travelers use are Capital One Venture Rewards, Chase Sapphire Preferred, HSBC Travel Rewards, American Express Gold Card , etc. I know I know. This is an old story already but there are people out there who still live in caves.

3. Like Airline Facebook pages, travel agency pages or any travel groups.

Most airline companies post seat sales and some travel agencies offer packages that includes airline tickets on several of these pages. Not only will you save on seats, but it’s also hassle-free since you won’t have to worry about an itinerary and a place to stay.

4. Forget about flying business class. Go with budget Airlines!

Remember that your pockets aint full at the moment so forget about flying like a boss and book seats through our reliable budget airlines. It won’t have that much difference anyway. Also, you may use Skyscanner or These websites are s amazing that I rely on them most of the time. Learning the art of packing light can be an additional money saver since you won’t have to pay additional luggage. I will remind you. You are on a budget!

5. Search flights using a private browser.

Have you ever noticed how rates often change for flights after you search it multiple times on your web browser? It happened to me and I am dismissing it thinking that it may be just a trick in the eye. But basically, what’s happening is that these airline companies uses cookies to track what you are doing online. As soon as they figured what you are searching for, they will hike up the prices which is part of their marketing strategy. There may be different trends on prices depending on the algorithm of each tool that a certain airline website is using. Pretty brilliant right? However, there’s actually a way for us to outsmart the system. Clear your cookies and use an Incognito browser for private searching. In this way, booking engines won’t be able to track your activity. It’s a game we need to play when finding deals through the internet! But, some people claim this is bullshit and it’s not really true but I tried it one and somehow the prices were low.

What about you? care to share some strategies we may not know of? It could be really handy and useful and maybe I can use them on my next voyage.

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