Travel Inspiration From Our Travel Legends

I have never given any thought about traveling before and I just realized that I have fallen in love with it. It helped me understand the meaning of our existence. It gave me so many lessons in life that you can’t possibly learn from books. .It is more about improving your personal growth and you get to be more introspective. Traveling will also give you a realization about who you are as a person (especially when you travel solo). You will meet so many kinds of people along the way. immerse with the culture of the locals, inhale fresh buckets of air, improve health (both physically and mentally) and all other benefits you can think of.

All of us have our own preferred way of traveling and depending on what purpose . Since I am beginning to get more interested about it, I started reading travel articles and books related to this stuff whenever I have my free time. While feeding myself with bits and pieces of travel information, a thought suddenly struck me and got me curious about what traveling is like during the old days. I started doing research and came up with the most amazing discovery of how our famous world travelers each has their own unique style of being adventurous. Get inspired with the following travel legends in history. All photos came from Wikipedia.

Captain James Cook

He’s that famous British Captain of the Royal Navy. As a British explorer and a ship navigator, he lived and breathe the ocean and made carefully planned and detailed maps of Newfoundland before pursuing his voyages to the Pacific Ocean. He first felt the lure of the sea when he was 16 years old, and since then, he never stopped traveling. He is very detail-oriented and a careful planner. A strategist and a type of person impossible to defeat. Based on the legend, he forced his crew to eat fruits and sauerkraut to avoid a disease called “scurvy”. There are travelers like him who carefully plans everything for that next trip. Making sure that they have an itinerary to follow, always ready in the event they encounter an emergency during their journey.

Ibn Battuta

He is my favorite traveler who came from a well educated family of scholars. A Moroccan genius who have traveled along Middle East, Southeast Asia, Central Asia, South Asia and China for 30 years. At the Ibn Battuta Mall, you would see all the record of his journeys displayed along with other collections of artifacts he collected from all his travels. One interesting thing about his journeys is that he had series of marriages from the places he visited. A very smart and resilient man who travels cheap (joins a pilgrimage and rides the caravan) and he has the capability to charm the people he encounters through his travels by sharing tales of his experiences.

Christopher Columbus

Another prominent historical figure and a voyager who completed four voyages across the Atlantic Ocean under a forerunner of the Catholic Monarchs of Spain. Christopher Columbus is an Italian explorer who started loving the sea at the age of 10. A born trader and an expert with dealing business gave him the ability to learn so many things about languages. He is also a wide reader and read about Geography, history and astronomy .He is a ruthless traveler. He continuously explore all the places and never stopping only when he is sick.

Richard Francis Burton

Mr Burton was insanely genius that he wears so many hats in his earlier years. He was a writer, explorer, soldier, geographer, translator, orientalist, cartographer, ethnologist, linguist, a spy, diplomat and a poet. He is a famous traveler and known to be a notorious one because of his ability to learn both cultures and languages (29 European, African and American languages in total!) and has traveled Asia, Africa and America. He wrote so many interesting books about fascinating subjects like human behavior, sexual practices, falconry and ethnography. He is the type of traveler usually loathed by his travel companions because of his strong personality, having a foul mouth, a misogynist, always dunk and a scruffy fellow.

Aphra Behn

Talk about women empowerment! Aphra Behn was an English playwright, a poet, translator and fiction writer from the Restoration era. She is one of the first woman who earned her living through writing, Coming from humble beginnings of being an inconspicuous writer, she mostly travels as a spy which requires her to be mysterious. As a writer, she struggled with debt that brought her to poverty resulting to her becoming ill. But this didn’t stop her from writing ferociously. She was an inspiration for many women and serves as a literary model.

2 cents

My personal reason why I wanted to travel is not because I wanted to see beautiful places (well, that’s just a bonus() but my main focus is getting deep connections with people and their culture, even just for a short time. You gain a lot of learning from these experiences. Some people travel to show off, some travel for work, some travel because they wanted to forget about their bitter past, some wants to find love, and all other reasons.

I encourage you to try it out and be brave. Just try it once. Travel solo and see how you would feel. I can guarantee you’d be more introspective and you’d appreciate life in a positive way. You will feel that strong power of absolutely beating all challenges thrown at you. I used to be scared and timid but we all learn as we add numbers to our age. I realized now that staying at your comfort zone wont get you anywhere. Be brave and don’t rely on other people for your happiness. There are other sources, just look closely around you. Be appreciative. It is right there within your reach.

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