Celebrate Moments at The LifePlace Retreat And Events Center

Moments are, in formal definition, something that signifies an important thing in your life. You may be in that stage where you and your partner are seriously considering having that “eternity” thing and planning to seal it for good and tie the knot, or probably your company or organisation needs to have that break that would build a strong camaraderie among its employees, no matter what kind of celebration you are anticipating, there is a recommendable place that gives you not just the privacy and the relaxed environment you’re looking for, but a unique serene atmosphere with a touch of Southeast Asia vibe on it (imagine you are in Bali sans the monkeys).

Being the kind of person deeply in love with nature, I felt my happy hormones dance and you can just imagine the megawatt smile on my face when I saw how peaceful and calming the place was. The smell of freshly-cut grass, the songs of the birds singing quite gracefully and in tune with the humming of a love song in my mind, and the slight cool breeze that tickles my ear and my hair makes me feel cheerful giving me so many reasons to be thankful for. These little touches somehow creates a magical strength within you, that no matter what obstacles you are facing, you just feel so powerful.

I got a comment from Instagram after posting a photo from Lifeplace and he said “such a unique name”. It’s a very ordinary name if you get to think about it but it seems to catch people’s attention for a fact that combining Life and Place all in one word definitely will make you think that this is the place to celebrate moments in your life. Maybe a simple name like that is easier to remember bearing that catchy word “LifePlace” (I need to get the owner’s input about this)

LifePlace Retreat and Events Center is situated on a very quiet neighborhood called Sulsugin in Alfonso, Cavite. Getting here via commute is pretty easy if you are smart like me (my narcissism attack is sneaking up again). I was with my daughter Savannah and we rode the jeepney going to Alfonso. A typical resourceful traveler would ask questions for directions so that’s what I did. I asked the driver how to go to Baranngay Sulsugin and he said that he will drop me off in Luksuhin market. From Luksuhin market, we just need to ride a tricycle that only costs 25 Php. Don’t get confused because the tricycle terminal is near the wet market so you’d need to walk a bit farther just a few meters (don’t know how to calculate. I suck in Math sorry) The trike ride was fun and short. If you will go here by car, make sure to use the reliable Waze because its easier that way. An estimate of an hour and a half without the traffic from Manila to Alfonso, Cavite would be the travel time but just to be sure make it 2 hours.

This is 2.2 hectare lot surrounded by flowers, plants and several baby pine trees. It is a huge space perfect for prenup shoots and pictorials for weddings. LifePlace Retreat And Events Center highlights it’s mission to provide a relaxing environment committed to bring service through its events and activities. The name may be a retreat center but they are mostly known for weddings, team buildings, camping and all other group functions.

These small cavanas are all cozy with an attic that could house up to 12 Pax. The traditional looking cottages consists of either 4 or 3 beds depending on which cavana you will be sleeping. They have extra mattresses and extra beds for groups. The management told us they will be building more cavanas plus a hostel located near the meditation garden.

A small dwarf table for your morning coffee

In an attempt to look cool but failed.

Looks like when you walk from that other side, heaven is waiting. 🙂

When you are faced with a series of loss and disappointments, you just turn into this person who have miraculously formed an invisible bulletproof vest capable of not feeling pain.

It’s not a bad thing.

You just go on and dive deeper into the unknown. Scary but eventually rewarding. So while you are still alive, do the unthinkable and take risks. Get married and risk it. Prepare for failure. Its part of the package you signed up for (trust me on this. Remember I was married for 14 years.) Thinking of leaving your husband? Why are you sitting there all huddled in the corner of your stinky messy kitchen planning for that escape? Just do it. Do you want to leave the country and live a new life elsewhere? Then plan carefully and shut your ears from those nagging people who kept chanting “Don’t do it. Don’t do it” Its your life not theirs.

We are all cowards. But sometimes we need to pretend to be brave. At least, start from pretending. It could somehow transform into reality.

Thoughts just keeps flowing and it always puts me into this abysmal state of pondering whenever I am surrounded by nature. The hunger of going back into being in tune with my inner self is so strong. I used to practice meditation and was a vegetarian for a year but because of the outside influence of so many things, I got sidetracked and neglected all of it. A man I met in Dubai (who was really dear to me) told me that I am always being hard on myself. That I see myself as failure when in fact, people around me can actually see the beauty and the potential in me. It’s just that I am so affected with opinions of those closer to me (mostly my relatives who have that old-fashioned thinking) that I am being dragged down by the toxic scrutiny of my own clan. That portrait of a perfect daughter or child growing up with a straight life. However, I prefer a life with a lot of twists and turns. Me snaking around shadowy roads that seems so scary but always ends up with a wonderful surprise upon reaching the point.

I hope you’re getting my gist.

Which brings me back to what I was telling you about this place. If you love to think like me, you’ll definitely enjoy the meditation garden where you can be alone with your thoughts and meditate.

Your wits were given to you for just one purpose.


Without purpose, people might as well be dead.

I know mine. But I may have more to bring in this present lifetime. Everything that happens to us have a deep explanation and if you will weave them all together you will come up with an amazing conclusion.

Our Universe is magical. Unfathomable.

Waiting for some cool ideas, visions, dreams and signs to enter my psyche in this quiet place called The Meditation Garden.

For praying, you can spend some quiet time with God at their immaculate chapel. A very beautiful structure especially at night.

Chapel at night

There are so many beautiful things to see and appreciate. Even the yellow wildflowers that bloom around the gardens.

A wild flower can bloom even without the aid of human care. It can grow and blossom in the most unusual places. It is a very independent thing of God’s creation.

I honestly feel like a wild flower sometimes. I am surviving without leaning on someone for help. I can be anywhere and still bloom in my most unique ways. 

LOVE. It’s what motivates everyone to do something great. It applies in all aspects of our life.

Which motivates the owner of LifePlace Retreat and Events Center to build something like this as a business. How come I know? It’s obvious from what I observed just by looking at the beautiful surroundings. The place invites so much positivity.

Book your reservations now via their Facebook page

LifePlace Retreat and Events Center

For as low as 50k wedding package, it’s already huge savings plus you have the nicest ambiance while enjoying the cool weather of the South.


reservations.lifeplace@gmail.com or 0917 888 7310

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