A Hip Hostel for Millennials in Bali: Karisa Pods

I was in Kuta just a few days ago and really, I got a slight migraine from seeing so many people in the area. Bali is so overrated as they say, but you’d know why when you visit this island. It may be touristy, but there are still places in Bali that’s less populated by tourists and travelers especially if you visit the North side or the East side of Bali with a lot of temples. In my case though, after a series of research through the net, Seminyak is a suitable place for first time traveler in Bali and less rowdier, less scruffier location. I didn’t intend to party and get drunk mind you, it’s just that Seminyak is totally accessible to everything! When traveling solo it requires you to be smart and strategic especially if you are also a budget traveler like me. You wouldn’t believe the haggling I did with the cab driver at the Airport. He offered 150k IDR and I told him I am not a tourist but a local in Bali and I just grew up speaking in English. Of course I had to come up with a pretty lame story (I know lying is a deadly sin but I wanna haggle!) So I spoke in a little Bahasa ” Saya tinggal di Ubud tetapi akan tinggal di Seminyak” with the rescue of Google translate  and told him I can only pay him 70k IDR and he agreed!

Moving on to the next segment of my Bali trip is another review of this rad hostel that’s also part of Villa Karisa. If you aim to beautify your IG, you’d be awestruck of the hip looking style and interior of Karisa Pods.

Ever heard of the new trend for travelers now? It’s the sleeping pods and capsule hotels that’s growing more and more popular especially for savvy millennial travelers who are looking for comfort and style without breaking the bank. The trend was first originated in Osakaa Japan back in the 1970’s where white collared job workers prefer finding a comfortable place at a cheaper rate with a personal pod complete with TV and radio. This trend has grown popularity in neighboring countries like Malaysia, Taiwan and Indonesia. However, if you are claustrophobic, you might want to reconsider this type of accommodation because sleeping pods are way smaller. Karisa Pods interior and furnishings seems to be plucked out of “hipster aesthetics” Pinterest boards. Every nook and cranny is IG worthy!

A small pool for a quick morning swim before heading to the beach!

This hostel feels so homey.

They offer free coffee and tea all day. . You may also order Balinese food available at their restaurant. Karisa Pods is quite popular for Aussies and Westerners who frequent Seminyak. Not only is it accessible in all the restaurants and cool bars and party beach clubs but this place is also perfect for thinkers, digital nomads and artists alike. The whole area is quiet with a strong WiFi connectivity. You can work while enjoying the tropical weather of Bali without the noise of motorbikes and car horns as it is in the midst of a vibrant community in a quiet and peaceful location. The Double Six beach is within ten minutes’ walk and the spas and Balinese massage is just within considerable distance from the Villa. They even have a Reception desk with staff who can speak English, French, Spanish and Indonesian language!

The entertainment room with TV and books to read.
Can’t help but attempt a wall photo for IG lol
Oh dear. The result of a 3 hour sleep.

I’m kind of shy to join this guy for breakfast lol. I’m not in Bali to find love though. I’m here to experience a real Balinese culture somewhere in Ubud. and I will share all these experiences on my next Bali blog segment.

The sleeping pods with pull down blinds for more privacy and a locker compartment including universal plugs.

The Mixed Pods

This is a spacious area containing 14 single-bed Pods. Each pod is a self-contained space with a single bed with its pillow+ a personal locker* + a universal plug and a reading light.

One thing to note about this place is that it is super CLEAN!!!!! I remembered that hostel my friend stayed in KL which is far from this one. I cannot fathom how dirty and unorganized that hostel is it’s like a shithole, and I mean this literally. That hostel even has a room for travelers who wanna have some kinky fun believe me. Here in Bali, there may be similar sleazy hostels that are cheaper but I’d say NO THANKS in a heartbeat.


If you want to explore the whole of Bali, you may wanna rent a scooter or motorbike (if you know how to drive one) but if you’re like me who only ride the bicycle, installing Gojek is an alternative option. It is much cheaper than Grab. I booked a Gojek motorcycle from Seminyak to Gianyar for only 44, 000 IDR rather than booking a taxi which would actually cost you about a hundred thousands or more. But then again, depending what kind of traveler you are that is. I went here solo with only my backpack so a Gojek motorcycle is easier and way cheaper but if you are the typical traveler with suitcase and stuff, maybe Grab is a better choice.

Some painting and arts and crafts shops along Seminyak

Obviously looking lost but so darn happy!

Unfinished temple of some sort

Look at the roof of this hotel. It’s very traditional

I can only do some selfie


I am more of sunset chaser than sunrise and they say that Double Six beach has the most amazing sunset and it is indeed! I spent my afternoons here from 4 to 6 PM just strolling along the shoreline and observing the crowd. So many blondes and pink-skinned foreigners all lounging by the beach. I’m really grateful having a natural Asian tanned skin color. No offense to pale skin human beings out there but this is just me. We all have our own unique beauty but then again, I wouldn’t be caught dead having pink-skinned sunburned tan like some of the Westerners here.

This beach is cleaner and less crowded than Kuta beach. You wouldn’t see annoying vendors following you offering souvenirs or braid or henna tattoos. Although the sand isn’t white and the beach isn’t pristine clear, you can still appreciate it’s beauty especially during sunsets.

They have a surf school nearby and someone approached me and offered for surfing lessons. I told him I’m not interested because I didn’t go here in Bali to surf but then he reached for my hand and shoved the calling card and said “In the event you’d need a surf instructor, call me” then tried to look cool and winked at me and I’m like “He must be feeling really swag with his surfer long hair and six pack surfer abs. I should be bracing myself coz there must be lots scattered everywhere here in Bali and need to steer clear. Could be really dangerous for me”. is what I was thinking at the back of my mind. I mean, I am single after all, and Bali could be a place for getting laid just for spicing up a trip. However, the conservative part of me (I know there is still that part somewhere) told me to better behave and save the lovemaking for that special someone. I always believe that when you wait, you’ll be rewarded with something amazing. I mean, flirting and basic making out should be fine but giving out the cookie should be a NO NO.

Anyways, I stayed here in Seminyak for only 3 days and the remaining days I spent at my Balinese host family in Ubud. I have learned so much during my stay there that it gave me this need to travel more. Your eyes are being opened to another belief and culture that you only read in books but it’s totally different if you experience it first hand!

Planning your Bali trip soon? Stay here at Villa Karisa and I can even give you a good discount through Airbnb

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