This 1950’s American Themed Food Park made me feelin Retro!

We are entering an apocalyptic world and I am being chased by germ-infested zombies! Indians, Pakistanis, Emiratis, Filipinos and Western zombies all limping and staggering towards me and I feel like this is the end of my fucking world.

Ok. Let me snap back to reality and in that reality I was inside the car with my sister, her husband Ub and our Dubai friends all excited to try out this super cool themed food park famous for it’s amazing concept where no other food park has ever thought of creating. I don’t know. You tell me if you have visited a food park as awesome as this?

We had a sudden craving for a not-so-healthy food in the middle of the night and just like that, I was dragged by my sister and the rest of my “Dubai Family” for a quick chill out and pig out at the Last Exit located in Jebel Ali just along the highway (on your right side if you will be coming from Dubai going to Abu Dhabi) A perfect midnight snack with the most coolest setting you could ever have than your boring living room. I have to say this is the best food park I’ve been to.

Wooden stools and tables for casual food porn addiction

We are all in that “made in the shade” moment. Chill and relaxed.

Abandoned cars, a junkyard for mechanics, old phone booth, a vintage style gasoline pump, and several uniquely bespoke food trucks will transport you back to the 1950s! Reminds me of Gun Crazy, Blade Runner and Woman on The Run vintage movies that I used to watch when I was so obsessed about anything old (antique you could say).

An All Day minimart here

D.O.N Pizza

The first food truck I saw that made my tummy do somersaults! It’s pizzzaaa!!! And yes I am addicted to it like I am addicted to my daily potion called coffee. They serve Neopolitan pizza and my personal favorite is the Montanara Fritta toasted into perfection, slathered in tomato and Parmesan. Their ingredients are all sourced from Italy making it super authentic .

Uhm smells like hot dogs

Dirty Dog

Order the Sloppy Joe and the Cowboy Buck. If you feel like stuffing your mouth with beef and bloat your way to misery.

What’s most fascinating about this place are the designs they have creatively carried out thus attracting so many tourists and locals alike. Food park concepts are not that easy to execute. It’s all about how you can tickle the imagination of your customers. When people eat, it’s not just about eating and making their stomachs full. Visual appeal counts so much. You want to make sure that your food truck will catch a customers attention. The branding, the logo, the colors you choose and basically the overall vibe will define your branding. And your brand should stick to the minds of these people who visits the place. Don’t get me wrong. Your food should be the main highlight of your food truck business but you have to somehow stand out and be unique from the competition. It should give them a reason to make them spread good feedback through word-of-mouth and come back again, and only this time bringing additional people with them to try out your food.

I know baby I’m the ginchiest!

I think my outfit sort of goes with the theme of this place, well my top and hat at least.

with my preggy sister

This was my “last exit” in Dubai because there are no more exits for me. An inside joke only my fellow kabayans here would understand. 

A mni combi?
It’s just so cute I can’t help but stare at it like a retarded 7 years old

Eating out and drinking with colleagues and friends are typically what we do during weekends. We do this repetitive activities to keep our minds sane from all the stress we get from our jobs. Sky diving is definitely not on the list and even dining on a submarine isn’t my cup of tea. Those are for fancy people who fart millions.

For us Filipinos, we fart blood and sweat.

So why is it called LAST EXIT? This place is sort of a mark or indicator that you are approaching Dubai or Abu Dhabi. Get fascinated by the “apocalypse” feel of the place where you’ll see several abandoned cars. Mad Max is right just across the highway.


If you will be coming from Dubai going to Abu Dhabi you will see the sign on your right, make a U turn and you will see this cool signage with cars pointing to the entrance. On the opposite side of the highway is also another Last Exit and that one caters to travelers from Abu Dhabi going to Dubai. We went here during night time and there are only a few people dining out which gives that “ghost town” feel .


Check it out LAST EXIT

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