The new Director’s Club Cinema opens with the indie film ALPHA: The Right To Kill

The Philippines turned out to be a much safer place to live because of our new President. Some are disagreeing with the way he governs the country but for my personal perspective, I admire his no bullshit way of leading. Filipinos are a tad stubborn and lacking discipline when it comes to simple things that even a small child can accomplish. Lazy could be an apt term.

The Philippines are just a stone’s throw away from China so drug dealings and smuggling are so rampant here that targeting all these big shot drug lords can be challenging. The sad part is that everything can be manipulated by money. Even some police officers can’t be trusted because of deceitful plots within an operation.

This indie film ALPHA: The right To Kill directed by the internationally acclaimed filmmaker Briliante Mendoza gave me a broader understanding of how drug dealings are being made in the country.. Targeted spots are usually in depressed areas. The strategies and twisted plots of both users and dealers involving their families just to extract money from it are just unbelievable. Pigeons were used to deliver cocaine and even babies are being implanted by methamphetamine inside their diapers. Dirty business is an understatement.

The film, which won the jury prize at the San Sebastian International Film Festival in Spain in 2018 will be shown in the Philippines at SM Cinema and theaters nationwide starting January 16. The film also joined the International film festivals –official selection of Warsaw Film Festivals in Poland 2018, Singapore International Film Festival, Tokyo Filmex, Busan International Film Festival in South Korea, Cairo Internation Film Festival in Egypt, Minsk International Film Festival in Belarus, 36th Torino Film Festival in Italy and Shaken Aimanov 14th International Film Festival in Kazakhstan.



The movie is set against the backdrop of Philippines Government crackdown on illegal drugs. A SWAT-led police force launches an operation to arrest one of the biggest drug lords in Manila. Starring Allen Dion, Elija Filamar and Baron Geisler.


Before the investigation arrives at the crime scene, Espino and Elijah walk off with Abel’s backpack full of money and methamphetamine. This gesture of survival for one and corruption for the other will soon set off a dangerous series of events, both of them risking their reputations, families and lives in the process.

This is based on several references from real life sources. I love how Briliantes combined professional and non-professional actors making the film more realistic and not typically staged just like most movies.


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This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 2019-01-11-08.26.11-1-1024x768.jpgSolar Entertainment, Centerstage Productions, and SM Cinema held an event for media and the guests for an exclusive private screening at the new Director’s Club Cinemas at the Podium with it’s luxurious and state-of-the-art facilities.


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We love it’s comfortable leather recliner seats with a special device button you can push for popcorn and drinks delivered by their in-house butler service. The theater has the latest technology in digital surround sound and quality projection and screen. The cinematic experience is totally visual and sensory!

You may book your tickets through the website or download the SM Cinema mobile app. You may also follow /SMCinema on Facebook and @SM_Cinema on IG for updates.





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