V Wash: The Feminine Wash Fragrance that Sticks to Your Undies!

Curious huh? I am not kidding. I used this for a week and even my used undies still smell oh-so-clean and fresh!  Filipino women value the importance of being hygienic, especially down there.  We wanna make sure that it’s always dry and smelling good, whether you just came from the gym or you just had a long day at work, If you have a partner, chances are, he will just surprise you and try to grab your kitty without permission. So it’s better that you are ready and won’t be conscious of our vaginal smell.


A healthy vaginal flora requires a PH of 3.5. This feminine wash is enriched with sea buckthorn oil which is extracted from the berries, leaves, and seeds of the sea buckthorn plant. It also contains an abundance of vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, and amino acids.  I squeezed a minimal amount on my palm and gently slather it on my kitty. I came to know that the smell sticks on my undies during the time I was doing my laundry and I happen to catch a whiff of my undies and surprisingly, it smells flowery!

It has a milk-like liquid consistency that foams up well. So just enough can cover all areas (make sure you wash it gently and not rub hard. We should always be gentle on our kitties!)

What I love about this product is that its PARABEN FREE


It’s a refreshing scent that’s not irritating nor overwhelming. Perfect to use every day and I can assure you it’ll add confidence when wearing a skirt. Give your partner a whiff and he will definitely go crazy coz you just smell so nice down there.

V Wash Plus Expert  is available on all leading department stores and drugstores nationwide.

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