Adding Spice To The Bedroom: Be adventurous with Lauvette

Filipinos are known to be conservative and very traditional. So whenever sex comes into the topic, they feel shy or uncomfortable to even talk about it  But we all have our wild side and sometimes, we show this in the comforts of our private spaces.

Lauvette– a new online sex toy shop in the Philippines, reached out to me when they probably noticed that I was into BDSM (based on some photos on my IG.) I was ecstatic and very eager to promote their brand. I like their advocacy in relation to sex awareness here in the Philippines.


I adore their website! It’s classy design and easy-to-navigate tabs will help customers choose their items effortlessly.

Lauvette is proud to say that their wide selections of love toys are varied and can offer endless fun. But they go beyond just selling love toy products.

And when I asked them on what sets Lauvette apart from all the other sex toy shops in the Philippines, this is what they have to say.

“Pursuing one’s happiness is important to us. Sex is natural and can give so much joy in a person’s life. It’s high time that the nation gets rid of the antiquated societal influences that put sex in a bad light. We’re here to encourage everyone to explore their sexuality and to promote healthy discussions about sex. We’re very committed to educating the nation on matters about safe sex. We want to raise awareness of HIV and also help the affected population by donating a percentage of our sales for every product purchased.

Empowering Filipina women by giving them complete control over their pleasures is also included in our goals. We support them in their expression of self-love and self-discovery. Experimenting with Love toys is a way to get to know oneself better. They’re tools for sexual development.

We understand that people are often put off with online sex toy shops because what usually comes to mind are dark and sketchy places. Our mission is to revolutionize the nation’s concept of online sex toy shops by creating a classy and trendy place for all the adventurous souls out there. We want to create a light and welcoming feeling for everyone who seeks to love themselves in different ways. Beginners to Love toys can find in us a friend who can guide them and show them the ropes of adult fun.”

The items below are the ones I decided to review since all the kink paraphernalia I had as a sub was owned by my Master and of course I want to have one for myself.

This content may be considered sensitive to some, especially to those who are not too open about being adventurous in the bedroom and perceiving BDSM as a sinful act and an activity for the psychologically handicapped human beings. It’s a hard pill to swallow if you are a blind sheep.

Fetishes and erotic lifestyles come in a wide variety of forms, from common to extreme. In my case, I have this insatiable yearning for someone who will dominate me and discipline me because I am lacking a father figure. My dad passed away when I was young. My ex-husband isn’t the dominant type and even rely on my decisions most of the time.

So, it is just natural for me to look for someone who I will look up to. Who I will adore. Someone who thinks mature enough and intelligent enough to train a very stubborn woman like me.

And when I encountered such a person, I got hooked. I loved the feeling of being dominated and my adventurous side was awakened. For once, there is a dominant man who will guide me and discipline me to be a better woman. The dynamics we had are not about masochism. It’s not the typical mainstream 50 shades of Grey that most people think.

I am not ashamed that I went through this phase in my life. We all have our dark past. I guess I am really born adventurous and curious to try the unfamiliar. I met my Dominant while I was in Dubai. A well accomplished and respectable man who knows how to treat his lady well.

So,  many people are still wondering, what is BDSM? And why is it so controversial?   Let me explain to you that this lifestyle has a lot of categories and subcategories.


BDSM stands for Bondage Discipline Sadism Masochism.   The dynamics that I had with my Dominant falls under the Power Exchange category/Dominance and Submission which involves 2 parties (the Dominant and the sub) having an agreement to dominate and submit.  The Dom having the consent of the sub to Dominate her in all ways, whether inside or outside the bedroom. This is a relationship like typical regular couples however, the only difference is the added “spice” or kink in the relationship. Again, everything would depend on what kind of terms you’ll both have in the dynamics.

With my experience, I was involved in a D/s relationship with 24/7 dominance.  My “Master” would continuously monitor where I was, what kind of food I ate, what clothes I wore at work etc. He will provide a series of rules that I have to abide within the day, and if I miss on a task that he implemented, I’ll be punished. These punishments usually happen inside the bedroom. There are several ways to punish a sub.  A Dom can punish you through  “tease and denial”-  a method wherein he will give you pleasure to the point you’ll be able to reach the climax, and then he would stop right when you are at the peak of your orgasm. A  Dom can also perform impact play using a flogger, but with increased intensity.

There are several agreements prior to my getting involved in this lifestyle   He asked me how high my pain threshold was, likes and dislikes in the bedroom etc. Individuals who are into the BDSM lifestyle shouldn’t be perceived as sinful human beings. It shouldn’t separate them from the outside world. Healthy BDSM relationships are about being vulnerable, guiding one another, and accepting one another for who you are, flaws and all.

Now, let me introduce to you the items that Lauvette sent me.


The packaging is very discreet with confetti to hide the cute Rabbit vibrator. A very creative idea. Customers won’t have to feel shy nor hesitant about opening them.

The BDSM set and the Rabbit vibrator (covered by the confetti)

The pink box which at first looked like a wedding gift.

A personalized note teasing me about Mr grey. How I wish he will appear anytime soon.


Product description

A smorgasbord of kinky toys laid out for you. You know it’s going to be a steamy night when the shackles, the restraints, and the whip are all out. Made only from top-grade materials, these toys are built to give life to your most erotic thoughts. The Ravish Me BDSM Set is a starter pack for anyone who wants to enter the world of BDSM. It’s a 7 in 1 package which includes a whip, eye mask, collar, handcuffs, shackle, rope and mouth gag. Discover the different sides of yourself and your partner while playing with these toys.

What it contains:


The blindfold gives a certain adrenaline rush and I love the feeling of being anxious, scared and excited all rolled into one. Whenever I am blindfolded by my Master, I always anticipate what kind of “surprises” he will give me.  The first time I had our first scene, he surprised me by giving me little tickles using a feather pen, then he would alternate it from pleasure to pain by giving me gentle drippings of the red candle wherever he feels like dripping it.  A blindfold will add such excitement that you feel like you were riding an extreme rollercoaster.


Did you know that there’s also an art when tying a rope?  It’s called Shibari- the art of erotic bondage. It isn’t just randomly tying the rope on your arms and legs but forming it in different styles and patterns, which creates a very sexy image when tied to a woman’s body. For some men, this turns them on. That’s why in BDSM, we also have what we call “The Rigger” I remembered my Master did a certain style of tying my legs while both of them are twisted, creating a sexy form.


The collar symbolizes “being owned” by your Dom. As a sub, it is very important to please your Master. We as subs get turned on whenever we hear our Master call us “baby girl” and they will kiss and cuddle us. We love being spanked really hard (that sometimes creates welts on our legs and ass) but baby girls are well taken cared of by their Doms because there is always “aftercare” at the end of a session or play.

I’m ready for you my Master  🙂


Handcuffs give you a feeling of surrender. A feeling of vulnerability. It has different styles and the popular ones are the leather cuffs because it looks sexier.  A scene or play wouldn’t be fun and complete without this. Becoming a voluntary prisoner will add to your sexual urge especially if he goes down there and you are helpless to do anything, leaving you with no choice but to submit to the pleasure that will drive you insane.

Shackles (for legs)

This can also be used to pair with the handcuffs. If your partner doesn’t know how to use ropes, the shackles are a better option and easier to put on your subs legs (or your girlfriend or wife’s legs, in the vanilla world) Having your legs tied and cuffed like this gives your Dom the opportunity to do whatever he wishes to do with your body. You won’t have the ability to get away from your hungry Master.

Mouth Gag

Having all these wonderful sensations and emotions (pain, pleasure, fear, anticipation, bliss, excitement) etc), the mouth gag is an important kink item in order for your sub to refrain from screaming. Wearing a  gag can increase the sub’s sense of helplessness and anxiety level in the BDSM scene or play. For some dynamics, a gag is a form of humiliation. Some men get turned on when they see their sub wearing a mouth gag while they see saliva dripping from it.

Flogger or whip

For an exciting impact play, floggers look really scary at first but just like the rope where there’s art involved, there is also different styles and methods on how you do the flogging to your subs/ partner  The point of flogging is to hit a perfect aim at the desired spot on where you want to hit. It increases endorphin levels. Also, make sure that you are flogging from a standing position, moving only your arm and adjusting your position by moving your feet only, from a good distance away from your sub/partner.  Be responsible on this as you don’t want to get addicted to it.

Now, you have the complete BDSM starter pack. Feel free to experiment this with your partner. You don’t necessarily have to be all BDSM-ish but you can also do it vanilla-style, treating it as role play and adding spice to the bedroom.

The Rabbit Vibrator

Since I am single and currently don’t have a partner to please me before going to bed, this is a total must-have! Cute and very discreet. Easy to use and battery operated. I can always bring this anywhere I go in the event I’ll have a mild attack of kinkiness!

Final thoughts:

I love how Lauvette creatively made the brand more fun and trendy. It’s far from the sleazy online sex toy shops you’ve been seeing on the internet. Even their website looks neat and easy to navigate when ordering. Read the blogs and you’ll be intrigued with their hot topics like  10 best  tips on eating a girl out (teach your partner how to do it right)

There is nothing wrong with experimenting and trying something new.  Love toys are made to enhance and make your sex life fun and exciting. In all honesty, I was never boring in bed. I always make it a point to please my partner as much as I can and I am also open about it. It is very important to talk openly about a couple’s needs when it comes to pleasing each other. We should come up with strategies and techniques on how to make our bedroom playtime more artistic and memorable.  Men are visual and imaginative creatures. Don’t be hesitant or shy to be wild in front of them once in a while. They would love you for it trust me


Curious about what other toys Lauvette offers? Visit their website and follow their social media accounts

Facebook and Instagram 

Shipping is fast! You may also use their chat box to make it more convenient if you have questions and concerns about your order and items that you may want to get information about.

Get a 5% discount if you subscribe to their newsletter as seen on the website.

What are you waiting for?  Time to add spice and everything nice to your bedroom 🙂

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