My Dry Hair Problem Solved! Quick Fix Solution At Teng Roma Salon

I have  been sporting that wash and wear look for ages (since 2015) and have been comfortable  with it. My hairstyle would either be chin length with bangs or neck length with side swept bangs. That’s it. The condition of my hair became worse when I lived in Dubai for about a year. Lost tons of hair because of the weather and the  air conditioned environment. I did hot oil treatment at home when I get the chance but I guess it didn’t help with my hair fall, flaky scalp and dry lifeless strands  Despite all these ugly hair dilemmas, II am still that stubborn kid buying over the counter hair colors not realizing it adds up to the hair nightmare.

So when I was invited by Teng Roma Salon to try out their services, I was ecstatic and very eager for that new look. I actually plan to change my hair color to something loud or whatever you see in magazines now.  With eyes shining and an excited grin, I happily waited for the stylist to color my hair only to find out that….

They cannot color my hair.

My grin was wiped out instantly and before I could even protest, the stylist explained to me why.

They told me that the condition of my hair is at Stage 3 dry. With this kind of condition, a keratin treatment should be done right around the time you color your strands to seal in the color. They have this device called Hair and Scalp Profiler to check the condition of your scalp and hair prior any treatment and we found out that  have super dry scalp that needs extra care.  Andi, the senior stylist, told me to be patient and allow them to take care of my crowning glory.

Hair and Scalp Profiler device

So the first step to do before hair color would be a Keratin treatment. They used Kerastase Masque Therapiste Hair treatment on my scalp.

I had the most relaxing experience of head massage ever that I almost fell asleep!  They used Kerastase Shampoo and conditioner and applied Kerastase Masque Therapiste Hair treatment and let it stay for 20 minutes.  Andi was the one who did my hair cut and just so you know, he’s the most expensive senior hair stylist there so if you get the chance to visit Teng Roma at Festival Mall, look for him. He may have the most expensive rate but I must say  he knows what he’s doing. He has styled several celebrities and high profile clients that we guarantee your expectations will be met.

Pardon the food

VIP treatment all the way!

They also have Carbonated Head Spa available only in Japan and they’re the first salon to introduce this service in the Philippines.

All happy with the results of our makeover!

Teng Roma Salon team




My second installment of hair makeover would be hair color treatment and I need to return to them after a week.


Spice Up Your Look!

At TENG ROMA salon, we specialize in personalizing and providing you with the right hairstyle that is perfectly suited for you! Even if you haven’t selected a style you’d like for your hair, our creative stylist and Seniors are sure to give you something you can flaunt! At TENG ROMA salon, we believe a great haircut compliments the shape of your face, reflects you lifestyle and helps define your personality.

TENG ROMA salon not only delivers you the perfect hairstyle but provides vigorous and affordable haircolor as well. You’ll be ready for a night out with our manicures, pedicures, brow shaping and much more TENG ROMA salon is the best place to be when it comes to beauty.

Andi Sierra

Creative Stylist

Teng Roma Festival Mall Alabang

Expansion Wing Festival Alabang

Muntinlupa City

Operating Hours

10:00 AM – 9:00 PM

For Bookings call 02-4787431 / 09175570014

Check out their social media pages:

Teng Roma Salon at Festival Mall Facebook Page

Teng Roma Salon at Festival Mall Instagram Page


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