A Fusion of Filipino and Spanish Food: Fiesta Alamexo

Reminisce the 90s Spanish telenovelas with this newly opened restaurant st the 6th floor East Wing of Shangrila Mall The owner (Sir Mat) thought of having this unique concept because we all know that Filipinos came from the Spanish descent and we naturally love anything Spanish and Mexican!

Fancy names like Kuboodle Y Chabelita, Curacha, and Corazon are just some of the dishes you can order. Corazon consists of grilled variations of fish and pork.

With my usual habit of not eating the whole day to prepare my tummy for some good food, I was ecstatic to try the fusion of Filipino and Spanish combined dishes of Fiesta Alamexo. . An appetizer of nachos and some fries finally silenced my noisy growling stomach.

Tower Nachos 

Crunchy fries and dripping thick cheese slathered on top of the juicy Angus beef burger deserved to be rated 5 stars for its delectable taste.

Mexican Cheese Quesadilla-378php 

This is what I always order whenever I eat at Mexican restaurants.  The Quesadillas didn’t disappoint!  Quesadillas are one of the few Mexican dishes essentially everyone loves. The spices and combination of cheese and diced tomatoes gave this famous Mexican food a quirky flavor. Wheat tortillas are cooked just right and are best eaten when served hot and fresh.

Kuboodle Y Chabelita-1,888php

You know that cute little girl Chabelita with pretty doe eyes and chubby cheeks? This dish was named after the famous little kid.  It is a combination of cream dory fish fillet, buttered shrimp, crab, scallop ceviche and chicken tamarind soup.  I only get to try the scallops and the shrimps since I still have a slice of that medium-rare steak teasingly taunting me.

Steak ala Familia

Ranchero Corned Beef Pizza-338Php

I’m a pizza lover and if you get to search my food blogs, I have a few pizza reviews somewhere in my archives. I can even gobble 5 slices in one sitting!, however, I’ need to make room for the other dishes. I’ll give their pizza a 4-star rating.

Cayenne  Pork Intestine-358php

The typical street food you see anywhere is also served here but trust me when I say this one is far from the ones you’ve tried outside where you’ll be hesitant to eat thinking it’s “dirty”. This pork intestine is amazingly delicious and doesn’t have that smelly and weird after taste,  Choose from the selection of sauce that compliment with it.

Chicharong Bulaklak

Prepare for high blood pressure! Easy on this one but let me warn you, it’s totally tempting!


Strawberry Curacha

Guacamole Pamela Fiesta Curacha 


Coconut cheesecake 

The Coconut Cheesecake is perfectly paired with Kapeng Barako.

Fiesta Mango Sticky Rice -248php

Literally sticky but won’t stick in your teeth.

Buko Salad Cooler-158php and Mexican Cold Chocolate 

Thanks to Fiesta Alamexo for the invitation and to  Mr. Miguel l Dela Rosa of Mplify Ph. Check out Fiesta Alamexo located at the 6th floor, East Wing of Shangrila Mall Ortigas.

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