The Jade Roller Facial Experience at Dermcare Luxe

I just had my facial first week of September with an aesthetic center and my skin was totally scrubbed clean without the blackheads and whiteheads crowding my nose.  2 weeks after the facial, I got invited by Dermcare Luxe to try out their services. I have heard of this brand and I know they are quite popular when it comes to their facials. The feedback that I’m getting from friends is that they are quite affordable and gives the best results on skincare.



Dermcare— with more than 80 branches all over the country and a collective-20 year history in the industry has evolved into higher levels of luxurious pampering and more soothing ambiance by way of installing modern state-of-the-art facilities to ensure it’s valued client’s satisfaction.

They had me choose which type of service to try. They have a wide selection of facials and I am dizzy which one to try but my fellow mommy blogger Mommy Lariza, recommended the Jade Roller facial.  It was a perfect suggestion since I have always been curious what the effects of a jade roller is on your skin.  All I know is that it relaxes your face and somehow helps lose the sagginess and is considered anti-aging.

The Jade Roller Facial

I only have one photo of myself while doing the treatment. Whenever I have my facials, I make sure to experience it without any distractions and phones are a distraction. But since I want to share this with you, I decided to take just one photo of myself while the therapist is doing the jade roller on my face.

The procedure:

  1. The therapist cleansed my face with a toner and removed all traces of my makeup.
  2. She had my face steamed for about 15 mins or so.
  3. Then the usual traditional pricking. I am sort of used to this one since I get regular facials. The only agonizing part is the nose. I’m sure all of you can relate to me on this one.
  4. After the pricking, she started doing the jade roller for about 20 minutes I think. I wasn’t able to calculate the minutes since I dozed off.  It was so relaxing and I felt my face became tight. Jade rollers have been piquing my interest for so long that finally, I was able to experience it and this is how it feels like being rolled in my face.  Upon doing research, jade rollers have been popular for Chinese women since the 7th century. It has healing and protective properties for the skin and boosts blood circulation which helps reduce swelling and allowing for deeper penetration of skincare products.
  5. After the jade roller, she applied some moisturizing cream and sunblock.  I was advised not to wash my face for 8 hours.

Sorry for the blurry photo.


Fellow bloggers enjoying the treatments

Dermcare offers facials and luxurious spa treatments that stimulate the body’s own healing process plus lavish body scrubs and signature skin and body treatments–each delightful to make clients feel good all over.

A bathtub inside a spa and facial center! 

I love the interior of the place. It reminds me of Cleopatra.

Dermcare clinics and spas are manned and trained by certified therapists with over 15 years of combined experience in the beauty and wellness industry.  Ms. Palisoc, the President and CEO, is a licensed beauty therapist from the Confederation of International Beauty Therapists and Cosmetologists (CIBTAC) of London. She is also a DOH licensed massage therapist herself.

The newly opened Dermcare Luxe in the Gateway Town Mall in Araneta Center is bigger and more spacious to give our clients more comfort and lessen their waiting time. Its boutique spa concept is one of its kind in the country with interiors meticulously done by international talent, designer Mon Timoteo.

Their famous bestselling deep facial cleanser 


Beauty products also being sold.  I love the Olive Moisturising Spray for hair which is sold in their Pasig Branch.

Dermcare just launched their new Skincare line from Japan.

With Dermcare’s 30 years experience in understanding the market, testing products, and services..we will be launching the newest product line in Japan. This whole line aims to empower modern Filipinas with a whole range and carefully selected products for Filipina skin using the technology in Japan. The banner product of this line is the AO+ which we are now distributing in the Dermcare Group of companies.

The new Crystal White Skincare LIne 

Along with the launching of this newest product line in Japan is a digital platform that aims to empower Filipina women by providing them with relevant and helpful content that can help them overcome their glow suckers, achieve their aspirations and build community among other Filipina.

Visit  Dermcare Philippines and check the branches near your area.



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