Craving for Filipino food? Try Cuesina at Festival Mall

For Filipino families, the typical Sunday is usually spent going to the church followed by a nice dinner at a restaurant. It has been a tradition. If you will be living in the Philippines, expect awesome and delicious food in all variations influenced by many countries. One thing to note is that Filipinos are all creative and most restaurants are cooking up ways to reinvent a totally boring dish into something unique and extraordinary so that customers would certainly remember it and would definitely come back for more spreading the typical word-of-mouth recommendation with their families and friends.

For my fellow South people living in the areas of Alabang or nearby, another Filipino restaurant is worth checking out for. If you are craving for everyday home-cooked meals without the ordinary taste of food consisting of basic ingredients, try dining with your family at Cuesina.

Cue from the root word Barbecue!!!!  Cuesina Garden Bistro is a combination of Filipino and Spanish food made for families that crave for meals worth shelling out for.

Being invited for another food review should scare me since I was hospitalized last 2017 for eating too much pork with the lack of fruits and vegetables in my system. I used to accept all invitations from restaurants and not really being careful of what I eat, fatty or non-fatty, I just don’t give a shit as long as I am enjoying the comfort of tasting food and writing about it.  Would you believe I was a vegetarian for a year after giving birth to my youngest daughter Savannah? But I had to switch back to eating meat since I was working before at a BPO and working at night requires more energy.  Anyways, here I am back on track and accepting food reviews once more but, with the wise move of being careful this time.

Let’s go check out the dishes served to us by the staff of Cuesina.

The manager welcoming us as she explained the dishes they will serve us and how its made etc. 


Beef Kare Kare 

I only had one slice of the Beef Kare Kare since I am really not into the idea of peanut butter being served with meat. For me, peanut butter is made for a loaf of bread or for cookies or something.

Pork Belly Pritchon 

Get ready for high blood pressure. This pork belly is so crunchy and not oily.

Pinaputok na Tilapia

This is always present during family dinners. One of my favorites.  I am a sucker for seafood and I’d choose fish over a Lechon.

Crispy Pata for meat lovers

Kagubatan good for 2-3 persons 

Hanging Barbecue served with your favorite Filipino dips

Remember Fiesta Alamexo? They also served something like this but those were pork intestines. I guess this type of street food presentation is becoming a trend

Chase away that overwhelming meat after-taste with these refreshing drinks.

Meet the staff of Cuesina 

The chef 

Nyelfie lol

With fellow blogger Ann Purificacion 


Check out Cuesina at Festival Mall in ALabang. It is located near Landmark.


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