A restaurant that offers unlimited wagyu bulalo in Tagaytay: Jose Filipino Sizzling Seafood and Unlimited Wagyu Steak

South Girl discovers yet another bulalo place however, I am not a fan of bulalo. Tagaytay is famous for the beef shank soup with marrow served in clay pots.  Beef can be very annoying to eat, given the fact that it contains bundles of protein fibers. We can also consider that beef has a lot of fats and it usually shows up on the surface of the bulalo meat (it’s that white thing you see on the meat that hardens when the stew gets cold).  I am not saying that all bulalo can be very rubbery and greasy. It actually depends on the breed of cattle they are using for the meat. Most restaurants in Tagaytay breed local cows, and the tenderness and softness of the meat would all depend on in the way they cook it.

Located at Sky Ranch, Tagaytay,  Jose Filipino Sizzling Seafood and Unlimited Wagyu Steak serve unique Filipino dishes particularly their beef shank soup (bulalo) and their wagyu steak. They decided to use wagyu beef (from Japan) instead of the typical local beef bred in the Philippines.

The Food

One of my favorite seafood is the popular spicy Gambas!   A hint of spice but won’t sting your tongue.

Chicken Barbecue  (195 pesos) for chicken lovers!  It’s a must for every Filipino family. There won’t be any family out there who wouldn’t demand for chicken trust me!

Lechong Kawali

Sizzling Crispy Pata  in chili Garlic . 

Not a fan of pork but if I’m gonna eat some, crispy pata is one of my pork indulgences

Kaldereta in Beef wagyu.

The meat is soft and easy to chew. I like the buttery taste of their kaldereta.

This sizzling seafood curry made me forget about the other pork dishes since I’m a sucker for seafood! IIts a seafood fiesta of mussels,  shrimps, and squids all thrown into a nice curry dish.

The famous Poqui Poqui is an Ilocano dish consisting of grilled eggplants and a few vegetables added to the mix. it may have just the basic ingredients but it has this delectable taste that can be quite addicting.  If you’re a vegetarian, I’d say go for this one. You may probably request for them to remove the meat if you wish.

An effort to do a flat lay for these wonderful dishes!  And oh, there’s the Bulalo I’m talking about!

A homey interior

If some of you are kind of looking for an Instagrammable area, this restaurant won’t disappoint you. Pose for your perfect dining moment with families and friends in their pretty dining seats and even the outside area is a good location for capturing your family moments.

This is a requirement!


Come visit  Jose Filipino Sizzling Seafood and Wagyu Steak here at Sky Ranch, Tagaytay. The restaurant is perfect for a Sunday family lunch out or dinner.

Check out their Facebook page




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