Tiger Bomb Finally Launches Plaster in the Philippines!

Tiger Balm, which has long been an institution for healing and pain relief in the Philippines,, has launched another innovative product line to help the hardworking Filipinos relieve their muscular aches and pains that come from a build-up of unaddressed and unrelieved stress.

Filipinos of all ages and classes endure this kind of stress at all times, often without realizing it – from the soon-to-graduate college student, the mother or father, juggling two to three jobs to give the family an enjoyable lifestyle, to the businessman or professional who has a hard time sleeping at night to make sure his or her company earns a significant profit. The accumulation of unspoken and unacknowledged tension and anxiety leads to aching joints, back pains, a stiff neck, or tight shoulder muscles. Sometimes it manifests in unexpected muscular strains on the limbs, like their arms and legs, when they try to release some of that stress through sports, exercise, or any physical activity.

Fortunately, the 21st-century Filipino has a constant ally in Tiger Balm, a familiar and family-
friendly brand which has stocked up many medicine cabinets in our homes and offices for more
than 50 years. The brand itself immediately conjures up beloved images of comforting and soothing.  Tiger Balm oils and creams that heal insect bites and treat muscles atrophied by arthritis. Tiger Balm, produced by Haw Par Healthcare, is one of the world’s leading and most versatile topical analgesic brands for almost a century.

Tiger Balm’s products have been around for over 100 years because of the proven benefits
these have given the consumers in over 100 countries, including the Philippines. It has combined
traditional and enduring oriental healing methods, some of which had been used in the ancient
times by Chinese emperors, with cutting-edge medical research and development made possible by today’s technology. Tiger Balm has positioned itself to create dedicated solutions for specific symptoms, pains, and discomforts.

The brand’s new product line, the Tiger Balm Plaster, designed to address the muscular pain
and other aches caused by non-stop stress, is the latest example. What makes it stand out is the
organic way it relieves all aching sensations while providing alleviation and comfort to the targeted muscle. Using hydrogel technology on non-woven ventilated material makes the plaster user-friendly, easy to put on and equally easy to remove. Consumers can conveniently carry a pack of it in their bags or knapsacks, and quickly slap on a plaster on a sprained or hurting muscle within seconds. The seamlessness by which the plaster ‘blends’ with the skin is almost soothing and absent of any annoying tingling (also known as ‘kirot’).

The Tiger Balm Plaster provides effective relief for muscular pains, stiff shoulders, contusions,
sprains, backaches, and neck pains.

The removal of the Tiger Balm Plaster is virtually painless. To professionals, decision-makers,
athletes, and parents who care about their appearance, another added value is that Tiger Balm
plaster does not leave any residue or mark on their skin.
The pain relief brought on by the Tiger Balm Plaster lasts for hours. This should also come as
welcome news for today’s Filipinos who want more continuous hours of relief from their lingering pain.

The secret of Tiger Balm’s longevity in healing and health-related matters is clear: Tiger
Balm works where it hurts.

For us to experience its effectiveness, we tried applying Tiger Balm after our spinning class at Electric Studio.  We had an hour of fun spinning with fellow bloggers and social media influencers at the fun event last week.

They sampled the plaster 

My legs were sore from the spinning class but after applying the plaster and smothered the painful areas with Tiger Balm red, the pain was relieved.

My 3 years supply of Tiger Balm! Haha

My favorite among the variants. I will definitely use this for my frequent migraines. 


About Tiger Balm
Haw Par is the owner of the iconic Tiger Balm Brand. Tiger Balm’s world-renowned ointment has a unique herbal formulation with over 100 years of proven success and is one of the world’s leading topical analgesics. The history of Tiger Balm traced back to the 1870s when the founder Aw Chu Kin left China for Yangon to set up a physician practice and apothecary called Eng Aun Tong, or the Hall of Everlasting Peace. In 1926, his sons – Aw Boon Haw and Aw Boon Par took the business to Singapore, and from there expanded further into South China, Siam
(Thailand), Malaya, and Batavia (Indonesia).

Haw Par Healthcare manufactures, markets and distributes Tiger Balm products across 100 countries in the world. The company places strong emphasis on quality and product safety. The Tiger Balm range of products is manufactured by facilities that are GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice)-certified where stringent quality controls are carried out at every stage of the manufacturing process. Product approvals for Tiger Balm from regulatory authorities in countries such as Australia, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Sweden, the United Kingdom and the
United States attests further assurance of Tiger Balm’s product quality and acceptance.

For more information, please visit http://www.tigerbalm.com

Tiger Balm Plaster is now available at all leading drugstores nationwide.


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