Planning to move abroad? This book The Overseas Fabulous Pinay will be your guide!

I had my share of struggles living abroad. It’s a challenging phase that I had to go through in order to try something new and leave the country I grew up in. If you have been following this blog, you all know that I went to Dubai and attended my sister’s wedding but ended up living and working there. It was an exciting journey and I have learned so many things and gained new connections. If you are also like me wanting to move out in the Philippines and try hustling in a foreign land, I’d say be prepared and plan your life accordingly.

The overseas fabulous pinay

The Overseas Fabulous Pinay book is a comprehensive, easy-to-read handbook written especially for professional Filipino women. The book draws from the author’s learnings and personal experience from years of living overseas across three continents, four countries and five cities.

The overseas fabulous pinay

Getting a job abroad is one of those accomplishments you can be proud of because it is actually difficult to land a job due to competition from other nationalities. So, if you found one, make sure to perform your responsibilities. You can’t afford to stay relaxed and be complacent. You always want to make sure you are up on your toes and be prepared for any type of outcomes.

The overseas fabulous pinay
The overseas fabulous pinay
The overseas fabulous pinay

What will you find in this book?

It is full of guidance and practical tips to survive life abroad while being confident, sophisticated and responsible–the embodiment of an Overseas Fabulous Pinay. From planning an overseas move to integrating in one’s host country, it answers burning questions such as:

  • what survival skills do you need to learn before moving abroad?
  • what do you need to know and prepare before your move?
  • what do you need to prioritize within the first six months of arriving in your destination?
  • how do you beat homesickness?
  • what are the five rules that will help you succeed professionally abroad?
  • how do you make friends in a foreign country?
  • what are the six practical questions to make you more financially conscious?
  • what is the secret formula to help you integrate in your host country?
  • how can you continue enjoying life abroad?

Moving abroad can be really overwhelming especially if you’ll be living alone. It can be scary and exciting at the same time. Just imagine roaming the streets of a foreign country with strange language and culture that you need to learn and get accustomed to. If you are not the type to plan, it can be really chaotic (trust me because I am that type). There are so many things you’d need to consider, like the location of your apartment, the cost of living, your allowances, expenses, language barriers, etc. While this can be really complicated, you may consider it a training ground for you to become resilient and resourceful. You can also read what I wrote about the real living conditions of Filipinos in Dubai

This book would surely be your guide living in another country.

The Overseas Fabulous Pinay by Donna Avellana Künzler’s book not only got the Gold Award in the Nonfiction Book Awards of the Nonfiction Authors Association, it’s also a Finalist in Best Interior Design in the 2020 International Book Awards..

You may check her website



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