Animals That Are Harmful To Our Home

(This is a Guest Post)

Rodents are one of the most common pests inside the house. They make up the largest group of mammals in the world. They are a very diverse group and they have the ability to breed rapidly in favorable conditions. When they infested your home or businesses, they are such a concern and might cause serious problems. They are also disease carriers. Rodents such as mice and rats can damage the foundation of the house and they also gnaw on anything which makes them really disgusting.

Snakes do not cause direct damage to the buildings but they can live in your basement. They could attract other predators and venomous snakes which makes them a potential health hazard in the household.

Groundhogs like burrowing and they can make 45-feet long and 5-feet deep tunnel below your home which can destroy building foundations. Apart from that, they also create unwanted holes on lawns and GNA on underground wires that cause electrical outages.

Pigeons belong to the bird family, which is why they seem to be nice pets in our home. But the fact is, they carry diseases and can wreak havoc on your property. Their nest can damage the roof and gutters which might cause damage in the drainage and flooding in the basement.

Bats don’t damage the structure of the house but they often carry diseases like rabies. They can use your property as a bathroom, their droppings host dangerous, sometimes deadly diseases and parasites.

Vultures are pretty harmless and they don’t attack humans nor pose a threat, but they are attracted to vinyl and plastics. When a large group attacks they can damage vent seals, window caulking, roof shingles, and pool covers. Their feces are also harmful to our health.

We often see these animals roaming around our environment but we are not really aware of the harm they might cause us and to our properties. The best way to prevent these animals from damaging our home or putting our health at risk is to always be aware and check every corner of the house especially those that are dark and dirty.

Have you encountered any problem caused by any of these pests or animals? What did you do to stop them from causing serious damages?

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