Strategies On Staying Focused and Overcoming Distractions

With advanced technologies, we are exposed to possible distractions. The surrounding noise,, or the constant chatter in our brain causes us to be less productive. Despite all this, we tend to force ourselves to be efficient and  use that maximum level of thinking.

In this article,  we will share some strategies on how to stay focused amid the constant noise and still be able to deliver excellent results even under pressure. 

Choose where you focus your thinking energy 

Our ability to think well is very limited. Learning to conserve our energy with using our brain can help us become efficient in our jobs. We often do this, burning the midnight oil and working late at night just so we can finish our deadlines. But the more we make this a habit, the less we’re able to think. Based on a study, our major culprit of distractions are phone calls and online messages, which reduces performance. These interruptions force the brain to spend too much time in a state of alertness. To maintain a good level of performance, we have to conserve the brain’s energy for only the most important tasks. 

Be alert

We usually perform better when we are pressed  on a deadline. This also applies when we have something new and exciting to do. Why is that so? It’s because our brain becomes alert which sharpens our focus. Alertness is a crucial part of staying focused. To trigger alertness, we need to feel a sense of urgency with whatever things we’re trying to accomplish. Becoming too relaxed is not a good thing as we tend to feel too complacent, which isn’t usually an effective way to be productive at work. 

Overcome mental blocks through intuition 

It is common for us to find difficulty coming up with solutions to our problems because of mental blocks. We often get snowed under with work.  However, we can arrive at a solution through intuition. The reason for this is that our intuition depends on the unconscious mind, which frees us from our logical thought processes that can shroud solutions to our problems. Some things to do to exercise our intuition is to sit quietly for a few minutes and meditate and allow the mind to wander. This will enable our unconscious to process the problem.

Improve focus through mindfulness

Mindfulness helps our focus by improving the structure of our mind. Increasing our ability to focus requires observing our own thinking, by living in the present and having the real time awareness of our experiences and acceptance of what is. Some people can practice this at some point, For example, you go to an important meeting with your colleagues, but you have personal issues at home, Mindfulness will help you notice if your focus slips from the important meeting you are in and not think of the fight you just had with your partner or anyone at your home. Once you observe this tendency of your thinking, you can shift your attention back to the present moment. 

 Practicing mindfulness regularly can help alter the structure of your brain. Vipassana meditation is a form of mindfulness. It is one of the meditation techniques that I have tried that really helped me with productivity.

Learn to control  expectations 

Taking control of your expectations is one key in achieving genuine happiness. We all experience setting up high expectations on something or to someone, and when expectations aren’t fulfilled, we felt unhappy. The most effective way to do this is to get into the habit of paying attention to your expectations.  Managing and regulating our expectations will help us adjust and save us from tremendous disappointments. 

This time of pandemic, a lot of us are working from home and with internet and smartphones, our mind cannot focus at one task. It means that we have more potential distractions in our lives than ever before. Whenever we’re distracted, our attention is diverted, and refocusing that attention takes time and effort. Mastering the art of mindfulness and practising this technique will be beneficial in staying productive.

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