My Paragliding Experience During Pandemic

Most people will just stay at home to avoid getting the “virus” but not me.

I have followed all necessary precautions and rules since the pandemic started. Metro Manila is now less restricted with quarantine rules and businesses started to open its doors for guests and customers.

I can’t be stuck at home trying to become a hardcore introvert. Coz really, I can’t!

One thing that I’ve been dying to try is paragliding. I was considering this last year but with work and stuff; it became less of a priority. The Universe knows how to tune in I guess. As I was browsing through my Facebook feed, I saw this post about a guy who was skydiving and I thought, “I’d really want to know how it feels like up there” But I thought I’d want to start with something less extreme. So, that’s when paragliding came to mind.

I found out this paragliding site in Carmona, Cavite and I immediately sent a message on their Facebook page . Thankfully, they were open for both of their flying sites (the other one is in Rizal)

Here’s a video of my experience.

If you’re feeling adventurous like me and want to deal with your fear of heights, this is the best option for starters, before leveling up to skydiving.

You may book for a tandem fight at Sunshine Paragliding or call Chrstina Baeg at 09367562322 or 09356431038

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