Divatress fabulous wigs for that reinvention!

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The downside of aging is that apart from your metabolism slowing down and skin losing it’s elasticity, our hair starts to lose it’s vibrance and slowly thinning. At age 35, I realized that my hair is approaching doomsday. As much as I wanted to grow my hair long again, whenever it reaches down to my shoulders it looks so limp and lifeless. I have to admit that I haven’t been really nice to it because I’ve been coloring my hair and putting all sorts of hair products resulting to having damaged and unhealthy strands.

I decided to let my hair breathe for once. I snipped a few inches and stopped putting chemicals to it until it grows back from it’s original color and texture. Being a blogger, I am always on the lookout for solutions online. One thing that came to mind is purchasing a wig that would really look natural when worn.  In our country the Philippines, it’s quite rare for someone to sport a wig unless you’ll be attending a social gathering or a VIP party, so you’ll seldom find a good wig to buy at a department store or malls. The good thing about the internet is that it gives you an avenue of information. Good thing I stumbled upon this website DIVATRESS offering beauty products from wigs, hair care and styling products, hair accessories, and styling tools.

The Model Model Hair Weave is perfect for my temporary hair dilemma and these are my personal picks


DIVATRESS is a leading E Commerce company and they are known for their popular all natural looking wigs. You’ll enjoy the wide selections of styles from curly, wavy, pixie cut, and shoulder length hair with bangs. A lot of beauty stylists go to this website to order wigs for models too (based on my personal research). You can tell just by the name that it’s totally perfect for us women with a lot of swag!

If you are trying to grow your hair long or if you don’t like the style of your hair now, feel free to browse through their website and yo;u’ll be amazed of the fabulous styles they offer. Fast delivery and very efficient customer service!

I am craving for that reinvention and this is it!!!!!



Elken Now in the Philippines!

Detox, detox and more detox. That’s what I badly needed. With all the partying I did for the past couple of days—drinking wine, beer, brandy, whiskey and all alcoholic beverages plus the cigarettes I’ve smoked had me feeling so unhealthy. I am skipping Crossfit lately as well due to all the events I’ve been attending to.

But you know what? I am not one bit worried about anything because, with the help of this brand that just came in the Philippines called Elken, all these unwanted toxins will soon be flushed out.


After a year ago of arrival in the Philippines, the newest leading Malaysian direct selling company Elken has continuously roll out its goal – to provide world-class quality products with holistic approach in health, beauty, well-being, and business opportunities not just for Asian country citizens but now specifically to all Filipinos.

“We want to let Filipinos know that we are here to unify them in our common cause to enrich lives together by making a positive difference in people’s lives through the wonders of Elken products. We are looking after the stories on how Elken products change people’s lives,” said David Wong, General Manager of Elken International Philippines, Co. Ltd., during their maiden bloggers conference last November 29.

blogcon-qa elken-general-manager


True to its philosophy “Builds you to Building Others”, Elken started its humble beginning in 1995 from a space that measured less than 25,000 square feet sharing the vision to enrich lives by nurturing and empowering people to create opportunities of a positive life transformation. From then, Elken expanded with over 500 unique wellness offerings in cosmetics, personal care, wellness, food and beverage, and home care and over 1.8 billion audience across 11 Asian countries, which include Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Brunei, Hong Kong, India, Vietnam, Cambodia, Taiwan and now Philippines.

Wong also shared that total wellness should begin with comprehensive nutrition that can be found with Elken’s four interesting product line-up to its portfolio for Filipinos.

Starting with its top-selling flagship Elken Spirulina – it is a complete food with 46 essential nutrients in a balanced proportion in line with the human body’s requirements, a chewable source of cholesterol-free protein, and a natural alkaline tablet that contains rich concentrated natural pigments of chlorophyll, beta carotene, xanthophyll, and phycocyanin that helps control the growth of abnormal cells

elken-lactose-s product-launched

elken-products-for-total-health-and-wellness elken-products elken-spirulina

Proved that beautiful skin starts from within, Elken’s El Marino Blanc is one of the most prized youth elixirs that helps restore younger-looking skin. It is an enhanced collagen powdered drink formulated to protect the skin from ageing, maintain the skin’s natural system to protect against external elements, and boost immune system which is a combination of Red Orange complex, Viqua Active with ADS Nano Delivery and Collative active.Solution to coffee-lover Filipinos who are also maintaining healthy lifestyle, Elken has ElCafé – a premium quality 5-in-1 coffee with Ginseng and Gingko Biloba extract made from the finest of Arabica and Robusta coffee powder and non-dairy creamer that surely enchants Filipinos by its rich aroma, and giving them extra energy to cope up their daily work routines anytime every day.

Lastly, Elken’s FujitaLactose-S is a powdered drink that contains probiotics with 1 billion Bifidus bacteria as well as prebiotics such as oligosaccharides that helps the body from digestion, improves bowel movement, detoxify the body, and prevent toxin real absorption.

All of these Elken high quality products that are being offered to Filipinos are guaranteed low-cost and within the reach of all type of communities that Philippines have Elken is also known not only on product efficacy, but also on the compensation plan that has been giving opportunities to a lot of people to build own businesses that will also help to build others to improve lives in meaningful ways. More than just products and business opportunity, Elken helps people create a sense of belonging to people by nurturing unity and trust while reaching out people to working together to turn their dreams into reality through the Elken way. Aside from solid and stable reputation in the multi-national marketing industry worldwide, Elken has been in the market for 20 years, and has offices in 30 cities, and yet keeps on expanding the business exponentially to maintain its pipeline in continuously creating a big difference in the society especially to the Philippine market.

To know more about Elken Philippines, please visit www.ph.elkenglobal.com or watch them on YouTube via iElken Global channel (https://goo.gl/QZSBci). You may like their Facebook page via www.facebook.com/Elken.Philippines to get latest updates.

For immediate inquiries, please contact (02) 535 22 66 or 0917 5110176 to get in touch directly.

Hey Sugar Eyelash Perm review

Last month I was invited by Hey Sugar. to try out one of their services.  After checking their menu of services, I was quite having a hard time choosing which one coz most of the offers are waxing, either for underarms, bikini waxing, face waxing and all sorts of waxing you can think of. Well, I don’t think that would be applicable for me because I was blessed with having fine hairs in my body.  The hairs on my underarms and legs are so fine you wouldn’t really feel them or see them. So I decided to just have the Eyelash Perming.  The downside of having fine hair is that my lashes are so thin you can barely see them, so I need to make it somehow visible.



p_20160918_162834_ll p_20160918_163736_llSo they had me lie down on their bed to start the process. Its my first time so I was  kind of nervous, like I feel I’m about to have an operation or something.


Turns out the procedure was so easy and quick. They put some conditioner of some sorts in my lashes, then wrapped them in a foil and  see how weird looking I was but hey sugar, I need this to beautify my eyes.



Waaah so unpretty. Lol



I know you can barely see it haha.

I lost my other photo with my fluttery eyelashes. But again, its really neat and  I am looking so pretty with the help of the perming. All it takes is a good thick mascara and I’m off to ramp the walkway! Char.

Check out Hey Sugar website : http://heysugar.com.ph/ and see the list of stores

Also like their FAcebook page: https://www.facebook.com/heysugarwaxingph/

The Ultrasonic Face Contour and Diamond Peel experience at Iskin

It’s been about a year since I  had my last diamond peel and that was way back with a known clinic in Megamall when I tried out their newly innovative Stem Cell treatment.  How its such a relief that my face s now cleaner and more supple because I was  really lucky to try Iskn’s Ultrasonic Face Contour and Diamond Peel in a  complimentary promo for the Avida attendees ( I attended the Avida Familyscape Conference last week and it just so happens that ISkin was there to give out complimentary skin treatment)

I  met Ms Gina Marzan, wellness consultant of Iskin, who gave me a brief introduction on what I would  get for the complimentary service. She talks animatedly about skin solutions and treatments and its effects. Our topic moved from skin to selling, and it piqued my interest even more because I really wanna learn the art of selling. We ended up having a little business collaboration! Not only was I able to get a complete facial treatment package , I  also get to have a business opportunity and collaboration with Iskin!


First, what they did was they cleaned my face with a solution, and then gave my face a sweet massage that calms my every face molecule. They used this device for diamond peel, and it feels tingly and rubbery.  I  like the fact that it sloughs away dead skin cells and peels the ugly first part layer of our skin which is the part where it is usually dry or  oily, depending on your usual skin condition. After cleaning and sloughing, they massaged my face once more and finally applied a face mask. They did some pricking too but its really not painful and surprisingly, it didn’t leave a redness, which we often get after we had our facial.


After a few minutes of letting the mask seep its formula into my skin, they finally applied the face contouring gel. This particular gel feels so cool in my face.


13394100_10210039324926555_6466651818214131462_nAfter the treatment . No filter I swear

13406855_10154197062005561_8010397284740223682_nMy friends who tried the Ultrasonic Face Contour and Diamond Peel 

Try out  Ultrasonic Face Contour and Diamond Peel and experience the amazing effects it gives on your skin. I really looked younger for my age. I am 35 years old and I am proud to say that I have maintained my youthful glow. My friends were in fact awed by the results and are now sending me personal messages and wanted to try out the treatment as well.



Since I want you to feel and look young too, I’d like to give out Ultrasonic Face Contour and Diamond Peel with facial skin treatment too. All you need to do is just follow these steps:

  1.  Like Iskin on

Facebook: facebook: https://www.facebook.com/iSkin-aesthetic-lifestyle

Twitter: https://twitter.com/iskinbeauty

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/iskinbeautyandwellness

2. Follow me on Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/imcherrybells

3. Add me on Facebook Cherry Bells and add Gina Marzan as well. Share this blog post on your wall and put  this line “I wanna feel and look young with Iskin”Who wants to feel young and fresh too?  ” and then tag your friends as many as you can. Tag me and Gina Marzan on your post too so I’ll know.

Chosen winner will have a complete package of Ultrasonic Face Contour and Diamond Peel with Facial  plus other prizes like tablet case from Sony, gift certificate from Browhaus, One dozen donuts from JCo, and some cute thingies from Etude House. 🙂

Contest wll end until end of the month.

I’ll be giving away complimentary treatment to those who made an effort and was not chosen. 🙂

Good Luck everyone!!!!!!




DynaWhite: Gluta + Collagen + Placenta

I’ve got another collab with this new product that is soon to be out in the market. It got me interested because this glutathione consists of all the top ingredients I need for my skin. I am not really into the whitening part but more of the anti aging components  like collagen and placenta.


Another gluta pill that I’ll try only because of the  two main ingredients: collagen and placenta 

P_20160210_093118 P_20160210_093245

You need to use all these tiny soaps in one shower, from step one to step 3!

I’ve been using the capsules for one week and I’m seeing the difference. although I have skipped once, I noticed that my skin is more vibrant and glowing—adding to that are the tiny soaps that complement with the pill. I suggest you don’t use the soap on your face because I can feel it’s a bit drying to the skin.

01 Capture

Meet the CEO of Dynawhite Sean Andre Shin

I am not a fan of gluta products but this one intrigued me so let’s try and see the difference after a month!

Check out Sean Andre’s page for more info about his product Dynawhite


The Spirae Derm Works Wonders

The lack of sleep and a good diet is making my skin so pitifully dry and doesn’t have that radiant glow. Good thing I got this  awesome product that’s quite new in the market and is available in Glorietta 3. It is a product worth investing on and in fact, it’s very affordable compared to buying skin care sets from dermatologists.

I was sent this product last year of December if I can remember correctly. Let me introduce to you Spirae Derm.


Spirae Derrm is the face cream specialist that customizes products to help people on the go and on a budget to have effective, safe and reliable skin care products. The brand specializes in face creams, with eight (8) distinct face cream formulations customized to address specific skin concerns of clients while taking into consideration their skin type and age.It has a cleanser and a toner in its product line to compliment its face creams.
All  products are clinically tested by dermatologists to be effective safe, and reliable. All Spirae Derm products are approved by and registered with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

This pack includes:

Customized Face Creams

The Savonneux


  1. hypo-allergenic and suitable for sensitive skin;
  2.  organically sourced
  3.  dermatologist tested
  4. portable
  5. can remove make-up without need of any make-up remover
  6. does not irritate the skin
  7. does not damage the skin; and
  8. is refreshing and revitalizing to the skin after use.

If you want to clean your face without having to go through the hassles of using make-up remover – which are usually oil or alcohol based and may cause irritation to the skin, then try Spirae Derm’s Savonneux.Spirae Derm’s Savonneux is a healthier and organic alternative to make-up remover, especially if used on a daily basis. Savonneux would give you the ease of having a one-step face cleaning regimen for your everyday use.

Here’s a video you can watch on how to apply the Savonneux. 



Spirae Derm Toner

The Nightime Simplified  toner is not advisable to be used everyday. It is best to use twice a week in my own opinion. The toner is a bit stingy to the face and could be drying if used often. I can feel the effect it gives on my skin because my face has that very clean feel afterwards. I love how my face doesn’t have any traces of makeup, dirt and oil.



Skin Agent 1 – Removes Pimples
Skin Agent 2 – Removes Dark Spots
Skin Agent 3 – Lightens Dark Skin
Skin Agent 4 – Reduces Wrinkles
Skin Agent 5 – Improves Collagen Production
Skin Agent 9 – Moisturizes the Skin

Good for oily and normal skin.
Good for all ages.

Best Feature: Collagen Production

Only P460.00


Sprizzle Moisture

Skin Agent 1 – Removes Pimples
Skin Agent 2 – Removes Dark Spots
Skin Agent 3 – Lightens Dark Skin
Skin Agent 9 – Moisturizes the Skin

Good for normal and dry skin.
Good for all ages.

Best Feature: Versatile Lightening. Can Lighten Underarm, Knees, Elbows and Inguinal Areas (Singit).

Only P460.00


Silverscreen Sunblock

Skin Agent 2 – Removes Dark Spots
Skin Agent 3 – Lightens Dark Skin
Skin Agent 4 – Reduces Wrinkles
Skin Agent 10 – Prevents Enlarged Skin Pores

Good for all types of skin.
Good for all ages.

Best Feature: Good Sun Protection and Great Make-Up Base.

Only P460.00

The thing I love about this product is that it has specific use for the right age (for 20s, 30s, and 40s.)



I think the collagen is working because my face feels so young (like I’m just 20-ish. Lol) But you have to agree right? I’m already 34 just so you know. 🙂

Spirae Derm is available in Glorietta 3. You may also check out their website


Lovin my body that is the temple of my soul

Happy Sunday my chica bellas!
This is my fourth day of my being a vegetarian. And I’m in fact lovin it! I don’t know if this is just all in the mind but I’m noticing the changes in myself already (I’m turning into a green monster! kiddin) My skin looks clearer and my body felt lighter. Vision clearer without glasses( I’m less squinting now), because of all these changes I got inspired and bought a few cookbooks and try to cook my food at home. I also plan to pack my lunch at work and eat mostly salads or whole wheat bread. Have I mentioned I’m not yet a full-blown vegan?I still cannot let go of dairy products so please give me some time. I scored these books at Booksale which only cost me 100 bucks for two!


I saw this bottle of collagen drink at 7 Eleven and got curious so I bought one and tried it out. Its flavored apple and it taste like a normal juice only it has collagen to make your skin look younger, is what it says on the bottle. I think a bottle of this a day and veggies will surely make me look more gorgeous I hope, haha.


These are just some of the things that could make you look younger. I believe It’s better to be a late bloomer. Like you become beautiful as you grow older.
Add to that my yoga practice at home and meditation plus smile at strangers a day, play with kids every day, and compliment friends is a sure way to become beautiful inside and out.

What about you? How do you take care of your body that is the temple of your soul?

Richenna Magic Fix

Another Korean beauty product discovery!

I was looking for a hair mousse I can buy since last week because I find my hair hard to manage especially during the summer. I wanted to look for an effective hair mousse that would somehow give volume to my dry, limp hair. I was about to grab the Dove hair mousse I saw at Hypermarket but I remembered Watson’s and thought of dropping by. I found out a new discovery in replacement of what I’m looking for.


I like the fact that it’s non-sticky. and it really performs well, but please don’t spritz it directly onto hair as it would cause heavy build up. It should be a bit far away just like when you’re spritzing a face mist, about the same distance.
It says that you can use this for achieving nice curls and pretty straight hair.

So after spritzing, I gathered my hair and put it in a bun(I didn’t use a curling iron, time-consuming so, a bun would do.)
Then I blow dried it and removed the twist and the result is superb.

Richenna is somewhat similar to a liquid hair gel spray but the only difference is that it doesn’t make your hair stiff and hard. It creates a soft feel to the touch and makes it more manageable and easy to style. Compared to the usual hairspray or mousse that some products,  this one really works wonders because the results are fast plus no sticky feel. It’s amazing how I didn’t use a curling iron and yet I was able to achieve that wavy just-got-out-of-bed hair that I want.

Richenna Magic Spray is available at all Watson’s branches.

Forget about hair mousse for now.



Etude House So Lovely Allover Spray

I ran out of body spray last week and went hunting for nice, mild and girly fragrance. I really couldn’t live without a cologne or body mist because it comes in handy whenever I feel like I’m a bit stinky becoz of sweat, especially after yoga class.

Here’s what I bought for myself

I saw this cute bottle at Etude House and really caught my attention. I love the spray bottle and the heart design.This is so affordable (which costs around 400 or so.) BTW, Korean products are now the craze here in my country so everyone is going crazy and buying stuff from this store.

The Etude Allover Spray can be used not just a body spray but also for shoes and bags, room spray, locker spray etc.
The cute light pink bottle comes with a tag and ribbon but my daughter snatched it and used it as a bookmark.

The smell? Sparkling watery fruity floral which, obviously, smells like one, with a bit of baby powderish note.

Typical spray bottle lock for safety.

Anyway, I’d give it a 5 on the fragrance part because the scent doesn’t stay long. Though I would recommend this for use after yoga class, gym, or if you want just for a plain room spray

Alba botanica Terratints lip balm

My lips were chappy and very dry these past few days because of the cold weather. I got tired of buying the ever old time favorite Chapsticks and wanna try something different.

Found this at Healthy Options.

I’m almost finished cos I use this very often. What I don’t like about this lip balm is the smell. It’s peppermintiyish and I don’t like spicy, smelly stuff.

The color is very rich though it’s a bit cakey on the lips. If you’re too lazy to swipe a good lipstick then this could be your savior on a lazy stressful day.

Alba Botanica terratints can be bought at all Healthy Option stores. Anyways, till my next post  I’ll be blogging on more beauty products than my usual outfit posts