Wealth Without Wallstreet: A different Approach in Investing

I have read so many books that talks about how to manage your finances the right way.. Books like Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Poor Dad,  Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People,  Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich and other strategic insights/guides/how-to’s  that strongly suggests changing one’s attitude to  obtain your goals and become successful.. These books have similar ideas which focuses about positivity and getting out of your comfort zone. Although these books have inspired me to be goal driven and keep continuing to learn new skills,, I haven’t encountered a book that talks about investing  in a different approach. I mostly hear these multi-millionaire experts often suggests to invests your hard-earned moolah  on stocks and bonds (which makes a lot of sense but can be a risk)  until I read this book  Wealth Without Wallstreet by Robert San Luis,-an author and successful investor  and sought after real estate investment expert with a passion for leading driven individuals to achieving their dream of financial freedom.  I was invited to attend Mr Robert San Luis’ book launch at Fully Booked and I am so ecstatic to learn a few insights from this humble man.

Photos from Tin Gonzaga of Today Online.

I like his strategic ways when it comes to investing. He says that your success depends on the quality of information you receive and speed and ability with which you act on the information. Most people just plan and plan and plan without the full execution. I myself am guilty of this. Most Filipinos often settle for what they already have. A decent job with an acceptable salary (acceptable meaning as long as it provides food on the table, being able to buy our everyday necessities and such), being content with their achievements and never bothering to continue learning new skills, just because they think they have fully achieved what they desire and having the wrong concept of SUCCESS.

Robert’s Success Formula:

Quality Information +  Ability to Act + Speed of Action + Success

I can say I have been practicing this formula although not much when it comes to quality information. I have to admit that I need to allot more time when it comes to doing research in order to get all the information I want for my plans and goals. Sometimes, I resort to what I already know not even trying to dig a little deeper coz more often than not, there are still things that I need to learn not just settling for basic facts that I have gathered. I may need to adapt the skill of being thorough and keenness to details. My ability to act towards certain situation can be really fast but not armed enough to accomplish the necessary targets. So what i”m  going to do, starting from hereon, is that I’ll feed my braiin with as much information as i can gather from the interesting people I meet everyday,  Internet  books and other reading materials., I won’t be lazy this time.

I’m not the type to always think ahead. I have adapted  Eckart Tolle’s philosophy of “Live in the Now”.  I never thought about retirement, or if I’ll be financially stable when I reach the sexagenarian stage. My main motivation always comes from whatever is happening in the present moment. For me, thinking too much of the future only weakens my ability to be more focused in achieving my goals. Why? because planning too much can trigger stress hormones thus making you more anxious and I believe it affects  your thought process (well at least for me).

So, in order to make this book more useful to me is that I will take note of some factors and key points that Robert shared to us.. Learning how we can stop working and retire sooner with passive income, how to invest wisely  other than bonds and mutual funds. and how to make smarter financial decisions so I can have the retirement lifestyle I desire.

If you are like me who’s fueled with ambition at the moment, grab this book at Fully Booked and National Bookstore. This only costs 299 pesos.

You may also check out Robert San Lusi website



How to Cure a Chakra Imbalance

The big question is that why do I always end up taking great risks in order to find TRUE HAPPINESS and not bothering to be concerned about the outcome.

It seems like I’m always finding myself in these situations where I search, dig and explore for that one thing but I’ve got no idea what that thing is. I’m a blind nomad finding myself a permanent home (at least that’s how it felt all through the years). The funny thing is, I can’t control this chakra imbalance (I don’t call it depression. It sounds like a deadly word to me so I guess this term is more positive sounding.)
These whirlwind of emotions that stubbornly sits inside my being can be very destructive if I don’t treat them as soon as possible. Good thing is that I have a guru in India (I met her through a friend who practice TM) who I can always reach through Skype or email and ask for help. She’s my personal Psychiatrist and has always been very supportive and helpful.
She asked me what I have been doing these past few months. My activities, my current job, what’s going on in my family. I laid it all out to her so she can analyze everything using Pyschoanalysis and Hypnosis. Here’s how she came up with  solutions to cure my chakra imbalance.

A few of which I am willing to share are these:

  1. Increased meditation time (I only meditate for 15 minutes lately so she said to increase it for an hour if possible.)
  2. Read more positive self help books.
  3. Spend less time in social media and only log in to these platforms if it’s necessary, like if I have to advertise something in relation to my blogging activities. She also said not to read the news feed too much because it can trigger something negative in our brain neurons and can cause a big pull to our positivity levels causing it to drop.
  4. Nourish the soul at least once a week (what she meant by this is to pray or talk to our Higher Being.)
  5. Spend time with nature.
  6. Reunite with your yoga mat (a few Hatha yoga exercises can help strengthen our root chakra. )
  7. Look for a job that you enjoy.

I also admitted to her that I have been eating meat since the last time I seek for her advise. She says that I shouldn’t worry too much about going back to being vegetarian. I can do this gradually, just like what I did three years ago.

I feel so much better after talking to her that I felt a momentary calm.  It gave me another reason to be inspired all over again. Sometimes, all it takes is to find someone in your wavelength who you can always  talk to.

Carrying that spark of inspiration with me,  I browsed my shelves for a good book to read and I came up with a book by Irving Jacobsen called “The Power of your Mind”


The book tells us about how our brain is a big sleeping giant that we can always awaken. We can make the big breakthrough in expanding  our mental powers by activating the sleeping portions of our mind with the help of a few techniques like:

  • How to increase mind control
  • Learning the Introspective Analysis Take-off
  • Learning Thought Exchange
  • Conquering Thought Traps
  • Workshop for proper reasoning.
  • What we can do to attain better Insight

I swear that from now on, I will always carry  a notebook with me and jot down all thoughts that swims in my mind. If ever I’m confused with something or If I’m having trouble with decision making, it helps to practice Thought Analysis by listing all the pros and cons of each decision. You may narrow it down to 2 decisions at first so it won’t be confusing (that is if you have multiple decisions nagging at your brain) then follow the one that can give you more benefit.and success and happiness rather than temporary happiness mixed with failure.

It also helps learning how to strengthen your 7 chakras. You’ll be surprised how magical it can be to your being. This book gave me a whole new knowledge about how our mind works. The powerful techniques here requires great effort, willpower. and consistency. Solutions to each problem may vary to individuals, depending on their background, beliefs, principles, personalities and training.  I hope somehow, I gave you a better understanding of how we can deal with the ups and downs of life. So my tip for you is, next time you feel crappy, just think that you are only having what we call a Chakra Imbalance, never ever call it depression. It always helps to turn a negative term into a more positive one. Like what I  saw on a post through Instagram.


Makes  a lot of sense right?

The Manila International Book Fair 2016

One of my cheap thrills? Hoarding books. It’s like looking at a shelf of desserts all lined up before my very eyes causing my mouth to water. I have this habit of buying books on impulse  and they all end up sitting on the bookshelves waiting to be read.

It’s a guilty pleasure.  I was dizzy with happiness. All sorts of books are available for you to splurge in!


14390949_10210999187602522_2362901783671757721_n 14441114_10210999222283389_779204142158186598_n 14449002_10210999226923505_6872018891656943378_n 14457279_10210999203482919_6854709432751962475_n 14463184_10210999193002657_9037534692060126917_n 14469435_10210999224523445_5165716224406561993_n

I actually came in as a writer for Light Network. All sorts of books are being sold from graphic novels, reference books, fiction and non fiction,  books about business, law and all genres you can think of.

14355613_10210999189842578_3884145085671648139_n 14359139_10210999205202962_6644517733732688182_n
14440694_10210999195722725_5357751498905336642_n 14441094_10210999200722850_4682376381967640874_n 14445960_10210999206202987_594693789796195276_n 14448917_10210999191442618_8127042966096635977_n 14449737_10210999197642773_4196402211670740240_n 14462904_10210999188682549_1443801378006471489_n 14469668_10210999199962831_3989530062284866252_n

To know more about MIBF and their events, visit their website here

Humdrum, Peril and Romance

My first look of for the year 2013.



I love this top! Someone actually approached me in the street and said: “Miss,you’re wearing your shirt backwards.” I said ” Thank you.” then smiled and walked away whistling.


Cant get enough of this brogues. I feel like kicking ass every time I wear this.

20130120-135655.jpgMe and my rosary bracelet from pink sister are best friends. I feel naked without it. On my other arm is this cool watch from Swatch designed by Jeremy Scott. It has this detachable frame so you can also wear it on formal events and if you feel like being simple. A thing I’ll be wearing every day.


Bazaar necklace

Books and fashion go together. I decided to carry a book on every look post coz It would be my signature look from now on.


A vintage book called Mable Riley, a reliable record of Humdrum, Peril and Romance



This book talks about a young girl with dreams of having adventures and of becoming a writer. When she travels far from home to act as an assistant to her sister, a schoolmistress, Mable hopes her new world will be full of peril and romance.
Her new life, however, is as humdrum as the one she’s left behind. Then, Mable encounters the eccentric Mrs. Rattle, a real writer who wears very daring fashions and takes delight in scaring off the townsfolk by stating her opinions. Mable eagerly accepts Mrs. Rattle’s invitation to a meeting of the ladies Reading Society but the ladies are not discussing books at all, and Mable soon has more peril and romance than she’d bargained for. Set during the time of women’s early struggle for Independence.
Marthe Jocelyn’s coming -of-age-tale about a girl finding her voice and the courage to make I heard-is as funny as it is inspiring.

And I feel like Mable sometimes. Just saying.




Practical Meditation

Hello everyone. Few weeks of blogging hiatus resulting to lame boring blog. I know I’ve been neglecting it for the past few days. Lots of stuff on my plate at the moment. Luckily I get the chance to sneak a few hours of blogging tonight. Just came home from shopping books, toys, shoes and some other must haves you can think of. I’m also becoming “food conscious” because of my being vegetarian. I scoured the aisles of Shopwise and bought all organic food you can think of. Tra lalala.
You may be asking what I’ve been up to for the last couple of weeks of my absence? Well, I am currently practicing to be soul conscious. Teacher Yogini said that before they teach the advanced studies in meditation, I should practice basic meditation more often. So now my breakfast ritual consists of water therapy and breakfast after half an hour of meditation.

I bought a book last Sunday called Practical Meditation was written by BK Jayanti. It talks about the Basic Raja yoga practice and the art of meditation.


This book provides information on how to live a stress-free life through meditation. Funny thing most of us are busy doing our usual everyday activities, Some would say, “meditation? I do not have time for that. ” If you have fifteen minutes in your day to grab a meal, watch TV or talk on the phone, you also have time to do something for yourself that will actually create more time for you, by helping you raise and maintain your energy levels.

Practical meditation is written for anyone who would like to achieve more balance in their life, and to feel more refreshed and energized at the end of the day.
Yogi Sister Jayanti guides you through simple yet effective steps to beginning a personal meditation program that will enable you to:

-Rid yourself of negative energy
-become more tolerant of others
-learn to remove yourself emotionally from a negative situation so it doesn’t get the better of you
-learn quick and easy meditations for any situations.

I bring this every day and comes in handy whenever I’m in a foul mood, or when I’m stuck in a bad situation. I just read a few words from it and meditate and it’s an instant pick-me-upper compared to indulging yourself in junk foods don’t you think?

Of course, meditation won’t be complete without my CDs.


To those of you who want to have this book, just visit Brahma Kumaris at your nearest place. Or, hit me through email or comment here and I’m willing to ship one to you.
Everyone is entitled to have a peaceful life. Being at peace really starts from within.
Start meditating. It really helps.


Pseudonymous Bosch

This has been sitting in my drafts for ages!!!! So, it’s time to share it!

I haven’t shared with you how I love reading books. Fiction or non-fiction.
Reading has been one of my passionate hobbies.

I started collecting books and being a bookworm when I was like, 7 years old. My first collection was the famous Archie’s Digest and Jughead.  I also had this collection of Sweet Valley Kids, Twins, High and University standing neatly in rows at my mini library, adding to it are Nancy Drew and Bobbsey Twins Mysteries. Until now, I still had them kept in a box stored in our upstairs room.
Back then, I would always beg my mommy and daddy to buy me dozens of em. (Yeah, dozens!)I would throw a tantrum if ever they refuse because they’re a bit expensive. That’s how spoiled brat I am.  My friends started collecting Clueless so, I also bought the whole series.
In my high school days, my friends and I would cut class just so we could go shopping at Shangri La and Quad ( Now known as Glorietta Shopping Center). Our school is in Makati and I don’t know how to commute that time so my classmate would call their driver Mang Jimmy and request to drive us to the mall.  Trixie, my friend, offered bribes to him like money and food and cigarettes just so he wouldn’t tell on us. It’s unbelievable how me and my friends loved shopping for clothes, shoes, Hello Kitty stuff, Lisa Frank bags and stationeries and books instead of studying.

That was like way, way back!

Until now,, I still have this thing for books that I can’t easily let go of. I love the musty smell of the library and the fresh page of a new book. I’m so much more entertained in reading than watching certain movies. Too geek I must say.

I’m now blabbing nonstop so I gotta stop I know. Haha.

Hence, I want to share with you the book series I’m currently reading written by Pseudonymous Bosch. I find the book so entertaining and hilarious. I love the cover and the illustrations. The book is about two best friends named Cass and Max Ernest and It tells about their adventures as being members of the Terces Society (a jumble of the word Secret). Cass, by the way, reminds me of Wanda Petronski. I’m not sure if you know her but she’s the character in the book Hundred Dresses. She’s this thin girl with a weird name who lived in Boggins Heights, somewhere in the boonies. Her classmates always make fun of her for being poor. Well, Cass, on the other hand, is not poor, just weird. That’s their similarity. Both weird and sort of a laughingstock. Anyways,  Max Ernest and Cass are being chased by the Midnight Sun, their mortal enemies. Among the Midnight Sun masters are Ms. Mauvals and Dr. L. It’s sort of a long story which is really hard to summarize (because I’m not good at this haha).
But I suggest you read the book. It’s more on the imaginative side because the author won’t really reveal the real names of the characters. The names Cass and Max Ernest are not really their real names. Though I just find it a bit annoying because on the first few chapters, the author always warns the readers not to finish reading the book. Like he’s saying there is always a secret behind the story and a secret to be revealed and would keep you wondering if there is really a secret, and in the end, the author just wants you to wonder and wonder. The book is somewhat similar to The Series of Unfortunate Events.
What I love most about these books are the titles! So funny.

Book 1-The Name of this Book is called Secret

Book 2- If you’re reading this it’s too late


 book 3-This Book is not good for You.

this one is my favorite. It’s about chocolate.

book 4- This Isn’t what it looks like.

How do you find these books so far? Aren’t they the cutest?
There’s still one book that I haven’t bought yet. It’s the last book on this series titled “You have to Stop this.”

Book 5-You Have to Stop this”

pseudonymous bosch

I still have a long list of books to read. I recently bought Michael Scott’s The Secrets of the Immortal Book 1 The Alchemist. And I still have some old Lisa Jackson books I haven’t finished yet.
Teach your child to appreciate reading. The more they read, the more things they will know. The more they learn, the more places they’ll go Heard that quote by Dr Seuss- “I can read with my eyes shut.”

The little book of big attitude!

This year, I promise myself to blog religiously.

It’s just that 2011 has been a busy year for me. I had some issues with family as well so that’s why I haven’t found the time to update.

I found this cute little book with magnets at Booksale.

Yep, Booksale.

Isn’t it a beauty.? I have these magnets posted on my workstation. It keeps me inspired at all times especially if you’re the type who loves girl power.

“So many men, so little time. “haha. So true.

The little book and magnets are designed with our favorite quotes and sayings from the well-known women in the fashion industry like Coco Chanel, Madonna, Audrey Hepburn, Oprah Winfrey etc.

It’s a great buy for only 200. php At Booksale. Though I’m not sure if it’s still available there but it’s really a steal.