Hershey’s Chocolate World in Dubai

To hell with the 0 Sugar diet!  I am literally in heaven. Who can resist all these mouth-watering goodness? We definitely don’t deserve deprivation and I hate it when someone tells me I’ve been eating too much sweets because it adds up to my energetic personality and making me even more talkative than ever. I am a sucker for anything sweet, like anything including men who throw cheesy lines and muttering sweet effin nothings (like seriously? why did I include that?)

So when I first arrived in Dubai, my sister gave me a little tour of the city and Dubai Mall was the first place I’ve gone to. I forgot to blog about this and was supposed to a long time ago but I was busy with family matters and work-related matters. So last week I was browsing my phone and came across these photos and thought “Okay I wanted to share this to my kabayans in the Philippines because I know a lot of my friends love chocolates, and I actually plan to bring some for them maybe next year.

Now tell me if you aren’t fascinated by them? Look at those humongous Hershey’s Kisses! They are just perfect to buy as gifts for Christmas and even Valentine’s Day to your friends and families. Seeing a lot of chocolates all lined up gave me a bit of a headache. I had this urge to grab them all and throw into the shopping basket. I can just imagine how kids are when they’re inside here, faces all lit up and smiling and begging from their mommies to get them to buy the whole store! 

Adorable Kisses and Reese stuffed toys 

My sister dragged me out of the store or else I’ll have even more migraines which could get really worse. Mind you, it’s not because of eating too much sweets but it’s the fact that I am dizzy looking at all of em!


And oh, wait for this next post coz we went to another candy store and this time, I almost fainted.

Up next…Candylicious!



Finding the right car at Cars.Com



I came from a family who’s into automobile business.  My dad was obsessed with cars of all sorts from vintage to modern ones. We used to run an automotive business from selling used cars, restoring cars,  paint jobs and almost everything you can think of as long as it’s about cars. My uncle also runs the same business but his main focus are Volkswagens.  And my brother now has his own automotive business and offers home services too. He is such an expert mechanic too and I guess the skill was passed on by my dad. So given that I have a  background about automobiles, finding the perfect car is a piece of cake!

When you’re looking to buy a car, you would need to consider a lot of factors. I suggest you can make a checklist of what your preferences are, from the model, make, the performance, the price and if it really fits your current lifestyle. This could be a tedious work because a lot of car dealers and agents could take advantage of you if you are not knowledgeable with what you’re  buying. Do an extensive research first. Visiting several dealers is very important so you have the option to choose and compare prices. If you are buying a used automobile, , one important factor is checking the number of miles because this will determine the wear and tear and functionality. Buying cars can be very tricky and if you don’t think strategically about this you could end up buying something you’ll regret in the end.

So where should you start searching for brand new and used vehicles you ask? Actually, there are a lot of websites that offers a wide range of choices however, there’s only one trusted website ‘that i can recommend for you.

Company Overview:

Www.cars.com is a leading online destination that helps car shoppers and owners navigate every turn of car ownership. A pioneer in automotive classifieds, the company has evolved into one of the largest digital automotive platforms, connecting consumers with local dealers across the country anytime, anywhere. Through trusted expert content, on-the-lot mobile app features, millions of new and used vehicle listings, a comprehensive set of research tools and the largest database of consumer reviews in the industry,

Cars.com helps shoppers buy, sell and service their vehicles. It is also a great resource for finding great deals for cars whether you are looking for brand new or used ones. The website is easy to navigate and you can search for cars on sale by entering the zip code of the location you wish to buy the car from. You will also find some helpful articles about Maintenance 101 like how long will your tire last, how often should you rotate your tires, or is oil for high- mileage engines worth the extra cost? and other helpful tips you should know. If you also have a used car ‘you wanted to sell, or trade, you may register and list your car under the car listings section.

Here are samples of used cars you can find in NYC.


Used 2016 Maserati GranTurismo MC Centennial

Used 2001 Porsche 911 Turbo

You may also check their video reviews about the cars like this one

Video: 2018 Dodge Challenger Hellcat Widebody: First Drive


Check out http://www.cars.com and start shopping for that perfect car you’ve been wanting. Shop wisely. Read reviews and articles and find the best car dealers in a specific state near you.

A different kind of fun run: Color Manila Blacklight Run 2017

It’s the Holi Festival where the concept of color run first came into existence.

“The festival has many purposes. First and foremost, it celebrates the beginning of the new season, spring. Originally, it was a festival that commemorated good harvests and the fertile land. Hindus believe it is a time of enjoying spring’s abundant colours and saying farewell to winter. It also has a religious purpose, commemorating events present in Hinduism. During this event, participants hold a bonfire, throw coloured powder at each other, and celebrate wildly. . . . The main day, Holi, also known as Dhuli in Sanskrit,”

-Source: www.ccithink.com

Good thing we have our own here in the Philippines! I always think that fun runs are quite boring, especially to someone like me who’s not into sports. I love Color Manila’s concept where you run with a lot of fun, literally!


May 3, 2017 – Manila: COLOR MANILA just launched its CM Blacklight Run Tour at F1 Hotel, located at Bonifacio Global City in Taguig recently. The launch announced its 3-city tour for the CM Blacklight Run, covering Manila, Bacolod and Davao City; which will be held May 27, June 3 and August 12, 2017, respectively.
“We created the CM Blacklight Run Tour so that our followers can have the option of signing up for all three events, and give them the opportunity to experience the most colorful night run in the country today. Thus, more than just enjoying the run with your friends, you’re also able to see more of the Philippines,” says Justine Cordero, VP of COLOR MANILA.
The CM Blacklight Run in Manila, which will be held in Filinvest City, Alabang, on May 27, 2017, is targeting 12,000 runners. This was also the total number of runners they had during their earlier event this year, which celebrated COLOR MANILA’S fifth year – called CMR5.
Participants for this run may choose between four (4) race categories, 3K, 5K, 10K and the 6K Challenger category. They also have the option of choosing between 3 types of kits – the Deluxe kit, the Rockstar kit, and the 6K Blacklight Challenger kit.
The Deluxe kit, priced at Php950, includes a drifit shirt, headlamp, race bib, color packet and finisher’s medal. While the Rockstar kit, priced at Php1,500, includes a drifit shirt, race bib, headlamp, drawstring bag, foldable water bottle, face paint tube, color packet and finisher’s medal. The 6K Blacklight Challenger kit, priced at Php2,000, includes two (2) drifit shirts, race bib, headlamp, drawstring bag, foldable water bottle, face paint tube, color packet and the finisher’s medal.

Race kit claiming will be from May 23 – 27, 2017 at 2nd Level, Node Expansion, Festival Mall, Alabang, from 10am-7pm.
The CM Blacklight Bacolod leg on the other hand, is set to take place on June 3, 2017, at The District North Point, Bacolod City. While the CM Blacklight Davao leg, is scheduled to take place on August 12, 2017, at SM Lanang Premier, Davao City.

Participants for both CM Blacklight Bacolod and Davao can choose between three race finishes – the 3K, 5K and 10K categories and can choose between the Deluxe, Rockstar and Superstar kits. The Deluxe kit is priced at Php750, with the kit containing singlet, prop, race bib, drawstring bag, finisher’s medal and color packet. The Rockstar kit, priced at Php1,050, comes with drifit shirt, race bib, headlamp, drawstring bag, color packet and finisher’s medal. The Superstar kit, priced at Php1,500, comes with drifit shirt, race bib, headlamp, 3 drawstring bags, headwear, CM sticker, color packet and finisher’s medal.

By the way, I had so much fun during the Presscon coz I won a laptop case the raffle!

Registration is ongoing at http://www.colormanila.com and SM Tickets counters.

For Manila leg, registration may also be done via Runnr (Trinoma, ATC, BHS), Second Wind and Toby’s (Glorietta, SM Mall of Asia and SM Megamall branches). For CM Blacklight Bacolod leg, registration is already ongoing at Planet Sports at Robinson’s Place Bacolod. And for CM Blacklight Davao leg, registration via Chris Sports SM Lanang Premier Mall and Toby’s Abreeza Mall Davao would start June 1, 2017.

Check out this video and see what fun awaits you!



Shopee Is Now #2 Shopping app in PH!


Shopee, the fastest growing mobile shopping app in Southeast Asia and Taiwan,reaches the number 2 spot in the Shopping category for both the App Store and Google Play in the Philippines only after a year . Being the first mobile shopping platform in the Philippines to offer both buyers and sellers Free Shipping and Cash on Delivery (COD) nationwide has been a major contributing factor to its meteoric rise since its launch last December 2015.

Shopee’s ratings have also been consistently high, reaching 5-star reviews on the App Store and 4.3-star ratings on Google Play, which shows that Filipino users have been continuously satisfied with the services and features offered by Shopee.

March Promos for Shopee’s High Growth Mobile & Gadgets Category
Shopee now turns its focus to further expand its fastest growing category, Mobiles & Gadgets, as both graduation season and summer near. It announced plans to offer an even wider range of gadgets, electronics, and accessories for tech lovers to choose from, like bestselling mobile phones, smartwatches, Virtual Reality boxes, power banks, and USB cables.
“We’ve seen enormous demand for our mobiles and gadgets selections over the past few months, and have been working closely with our sellers to make sure we offer great value for the wide selection of products our buyers want, especially as they search for gifts for new graduates or the latest tech to bring to their summer travels,” shares Macy Castillo, Shopee’s Head of Commercial Business. Several brands and shops such as MemoXpress, Torque, IntoGadgets, X-Mini, Bavin and My Kronoz Philippines have joined Shopee to provide a wide range of options at different price points.

Next month, Shopee will launch it biggest mobiles and gadgets promo, “March Madness”. Technophiles can look forward to some of the lowest prices for mobile phones and gadgets. Throughout the month, Shopee will be featuring campaigns such as Mobile Mania, which offers the latest and most affordable phones, and Shopee Exclusives, featuring deals on gadgets and accessories only found on Shopee, among others. Users
can expect exclusive discounts of up to 85% off, product launches, and gifts and promo bundles, along with more games and surprises for the Shopee Community via the app and its social media channels from March
1 to 17. “Our main commitment has always been to provide the best experience to our buyers and sellers,” Castillo
adds. “Having familiar brands on board and offering unbeatable deals mean we always have a wide variety of affordable tech products to make shopping on Shopee fast and easy.”



02 04 05 06 08 09

Start downloading Shopee now on your phones!

Being creative with Hanns Duct tapes!

Most of the blogger mails I’m getting are beauty products and food items for reviews. It was a surprise I got these in the mail!

15941414_10212144084584231_3628480646473967701_n 15965603_10212144083824212_2091704613412729572_n 16003307_10212144083104194_2159829607187714582_n When my eldest kid Zoey saw this, she got very excited and told me she can help me with getting creative with the use of these duct tapes.  If you’re going to ask me, all I could think of is just using this for packaging and stuff.  But Zoey has got more creative juices than me.

So with the use of this black heavy duty Hanns Duct tape, she came up with a very pretty Dreamcatcher.


She used yarn, scraps of paper, beads from a broken bracelet and a few threads to hold together the beads in the middle. She found a sturdy cardboard paper and shaped it into a ring then finally wrapped them with Hanns duct tape.

Her next creation is this pretty flower pens made out of the gray emergency tape included in the package. She had them twist the tape and mold it into something that looks like a petal.


It’s amazing how you can use something like these and turn it into a work of art. Now duct tapes aren’t just for packaging,  or leaks on a broken pipe, and anything related to fixing damages of furniture at home,   but you can also make use of it with other creative stuff.

For the green tape that’s  included in the package I got, we used it to hold some photos to design our wall.

Hanns Duct tapes are available at all hardware stores like Ace Hardware and Handyman.



Enjoy your Christmas Shopping at Market Row in Solenad 3!

I haven’t done my Christmas shopping yet and ‘m putting it off lately because of my busy schedule from work and events. I actually need a bit of wardrobe shift  from the typical girly outfits into something more darker and mysterious. i’m fascinated lately with anything minimalist with a touch of that French style dressing. You know, the kind where you only wear  jeans, a simple shirt and then pair it with Mules. So given that I haven’t done this whole shopping thing, it was kind of a surprise when I attended the Market Row Activation event in Solenad 3, I wasn’t really expecting that we are in for an awesome surprise from the Market Row team!

Well. I’d like to start this off with a bit of introduction aboutwhat Market Row is all about.

Cherry Bells


Market Row Bazaar is a pop up activation for Retail Ventures’ first curated

lifestyle store that bears the same name. The bazaar is located at the Activity

Center of Solenad 3 and runs from December 3 to 11. The brands participating inthis bazaar will be housed inside the said boutique, enticing the community for its upcoming opening inside Solenad. Below are the brands that took part in this week-long shop teaser:.

Here are the brands for Market Row:


IG & FB: @obsessionwithoutlimits

Short for Obsession Without Limits, is born out of the owner’s hobby. It provides unique, fun and adorable handmade crystal accessories using both local and imported materials. Ms. Vannie Olan, the owner and crafter, aims to reach a wide following regardless of age, status and style.

p_20161208_131322_ll p_20161208_130958_ll



Ian Darcy Fragrance

IG & FB: @iandarcyfragrance

Ian and Allan have the nose for business, literally, their venture to fragrance this year has been received very well by the market. In a matter of a few months their online business eventually grew to physical stores in different market areas. Their perfume oils, which they source from France, are of high quality that people are impress of how identical their version is of a popular brand and its long-lasting scent on the skin.

p_20161208_131600_ll p_20161208_131614_ll

Eightria Manila

IG & FB: @eightriamanila

Their accessories booth can come off as intimidating with their elegant boutique table set up. They have Pandora-ish bracelets and other glamorous silver and gold accessories with Cubic Zirconia stones that has the brilliance of real diamonds. On the other side is their apparel booth offering casual, easy to wear tops and bottoms that young adults will find interesting. Eightria’s overall look is of chic, relax, glam down dressing.

p_20161208_131312_ll p_20161208_131551_ll p_20161208_132517_ll p_20161208_132524_ll p_20161208_132640_ll p_20161208_132649_ll p_20161208_134610_ll


Pillows & More / Belts & More

IG & FB: @pillowsandmoreph

Sister brands that started out in selling belts and locally-made novelty pillows, Pillows & More / Belts & More is one of the most popular booths in the bazaar. Aside from throw pillows in pretty patterns, they also have unique neck pillows combined with animal hoodies that is a big hit to the kids and young at heart. The booth also carries their line of dog beds called Dogs & More which is also a hit among pet-loving bazaar goers.

p_20161208_133218_ll p_20161208_133448_ll p_20161208_133519_ll


Caboodle Box

IG/FB: @caboodlebox

Email: caboodleboxph@gmail.com

Mobile: 09153968246

Caboodle Box is home to pretty trinkets, stationery, art and craft materials, gifts, home décor and novelty items lovingly handpicked and curated. The owner herself offers craft workshops and specializes in washi tape crafts, canvas bag painting and paper projects.



Pink Bubbles by Gabrielle

IG & FB: @pinkbubblesbygabrielle

Considered as the perfect booth for little princesses who love to adorn their hair with pretty accessories, Pink Bubbles by Gabrielle offers a collection of handmade hairbows, headbands, clips and other accessories. It’s a party of colors with all the assortment of pastels and pretty patterns that can complement and complete every little girl’s OOTD.



MVT Mobile Stuff

IG & FB: mvtmobilestuff

Nowadays, mobile phones are not just considered a necessity but also a part of every person’s fashion statement. MVT offers a wide range of eye candy phone cases and colorful accessories. Customers can’t help ogling at the beautiful prints and furry designs to adorn their precious phones.

p_20161208_134014_ll p_20161208_134019_ll p_20161208_134027_ll

Beauty and Body Balm

IG & FB: @beautyandbodybalm

Make-up junkies rejoice! Beauty and Body Balm brings in all authentic branded make-ups from the USA. Their main products, City Color and Kleancolor, are up and coming brands in the US that promises quality and on-trend cosmetics that won’t cost you your paycheck. They also carry quality make-up brushes, Goody products, L.A. Girl and RImmel.



Marilex Accessories

IG: @marilex78

FB: Eroles Handicrafts

Marilex focuses on showcasing their accessory line in this first run of Market Row Bazaar. The prices are very affordable to everyone looking for quick gifts for Christmas and those aiming to hoard accessories for everyday use. All materials are made from non-tarnish stainless steel. Check out their social media accounts for the rest of their handcrafted fashion products.


Helios Philippines

IG & FB: @heliosphilippines

Helios is one of those brands we Pinoys can be proud of. The humble drawstring bags are elevated by the creative use of various materials such as printed heavy canvas, water-repellant fabrics, metallic, faux croc skin, and printed man-made leather. Additional pockets and zippers make the bags more functional and fashionable.



House of Flannels

IG: @houseofflannels

No one can miss this booth! House of Flannels is spot on with their products which every flannel lover will appreciate. You’ll be surprised to find out that there is more than the usual button down shirt. They carry different silhouettes and fancy details that elevate the basic plaid, western shirt found in every closet.



Banana Leaf Clothing

IG & FB: @bananaleafclothing

Ms. Shonee Pontejos has been joining bazaars for only a few years, initially selling baby dresses then eventually followed her passion for dressing up and thus Banana Clothing as a brand was born. She researches the latest trend in women’s fashion and have them produced locally. The brand’s latest collection of chic and trendy dresses, tops, and jumpsuits are suitable to wear in the office and casual events.

p_20161208_134725_ll p_20161208_134727_ll p_20161208_134732_ll

AS by Alberto Sumague

IG: @asumague

FB: Alberto Sumague

AS is a veteran brand supporting the local industry for more than seven years. Being proudly Marikina made, they ensure top quality craft with a friendly price. Styles are of understated elegance that suits ladies with fine taste. The brand can also be found in their Greenbelt 1 and Kamuning stores.


Bag Buffet MNL

IG & FB: @bagbuffetmnl

Bag Buffet MNL is an aspiring brand offering a variety of chic and trendy bags perfected for girls of all ages. The owner, Ms.NicoleTallod, handpicks the bag details from leather to hardware to ensure the durability of her products. Her well carefully curated collections showcase bags and totes that caters to the taste of the young and fashionable.


F & M Clothing

F&M has also been around the bazaar scene for some good number of years already selling affordable yet on trend apparels that suits a wide range of the ladies’ market. They got denim jumpers and jackets; chambray dresses; knit dresses in stripes and solid colors; easy slip on cardigans and more.



Sling MNL

IG & FB: @slingmnl

Trendy casual sling bags, wallets, wrist bags and bag charms fill the entire booth. With their good price strategy, one will be tempted to take home more than 2 of their items. Ladies of all ages flock to this booth to get their hands on these pretty slings.



Koffee Clothing / Studs & More

IG & FB: @koffeeclothing

Koffee Clothing offers trendy silhouettes in understated colors that make it

versatile to wear for work or leisure. Ms. Connie Cruz, the owner, carefully curates the collection for her brand which makes it seem like walking into someone’s closet with each item that can be mixed and matched. She started Studs & Gems just this year and the accessories here, of course, complement the Koffee apparel look.

p_20161208_135732_ll p_20161208_135723_ll



IG & FB: @wastelandmnl

Wasteland Manila was launched in 2014, aiming to bring fun and exciting products for teens, young adults and young at heart with products ranging from iPhone cases, accessories and other novelty items. One of their notable items is their printed iPhone cases which is a collaboration with selected St.Benilde Multi-Media students. The entire Wasteland Manila collection can also be found at their digital flagship store at wastelandmnl.com.



MK Boutique

IG & FB: mkboutiqueph

Run by a shy couple, MK Boutique’s watches are fun, young, and artsy. If their collection still didn’t catch your fancy, you can ask to collaborate for your own unique customized design. The watches’ mechanics are Japan made while the bracelets came from Korea.



Reigne x Ross

IG & FB: @reignexross

Named after the owner’s adorable daughter and son, Reigne and Ross, is a new player in the children’s apparel. Dresses for little girls comes in fun, eye popping colors and prints. Character bags, purses and other small trinkets are also being sold in their booth.



Laurente Fashion

IG & FB: @laurentefashion

Laurente Fashion is another veteran in the bazaar business offering accessories, Vigan blankets and customized wood signage. Ms. Michelle Laurente brought in her line of accessories ranging from birthstone studs, stainless steel necklaces and bracelets, watches, and fancy necklaces. Along with the accessories is her fun, DIY, wood signage that can be customized with the help of their staff. Look closely and you’ll observe that all wood pieces are unique because they are all handmade by local Bulacan crafters.

p_20161208_140553_ll p_20161208_140619_ll



IG & FB: @twiloph

If Twilo rings a bell, it’s because the brand pioneers in offering a mother and

daughter matching apparel line. They have been in the business for 13 years

supporting our local manufacturing industry. Come and check their current

collection of printed dresses and tops, lace dresses that needs to be pre-ordered,

and off shoulder tops in chambray.

p_20161208_141015_ll p_20161208_141313_ll


It was so much fun especially the hoard all you can for 15 minutes! I was able to score nice and pretty looking stuff. I love the Helios drawstring bag so much! I’ve been eyeing that since I saw the Market Row Bazaar in Solenad and now, it’s mine finally!!

15380662_10211755313025185_4171371140038150087_n 15400995_10211754919375344_677017443168880092_n

p_20161208_130126_bf 15439779_10211755971841655_1601669961504141612_n


Come visit the South specifically Solenad 3! It’s the perfect atmosphere for shopping. Less crowded and you geat great deals too.

Triple K soon on Channel Hue

All the people have been spending their freaking time online and I admit I’m one of those digital freaks.  I don’t often watch TV and I’m quite selective with the shows I’m watching. There are so many crappy and nonsense shows you see  nowadays and even some of the news on TV makes me cringe and spit with disgust. they’re just so full of negativity, crime, morbid videos and exaggerated stories that sometimes, you don’t know if it’s even true anymore.

Well the good news is that, there’s still some intellectual and interesting shows we can watch and it’s coming very soon. These shows are for people who loves inspirational real life stories, art, culture, good food and shows that are brain stimulating.

One of the shows to look forward to is Triple K. 

14940130_1812802658961134_1446322674302161922_o 15241899_1826445580930175_7897462539587143155_n

It’s a three segment show (Kalye, Kusina at Kulinaria)  that features Review, Travel, Culture, History, Flavors and Versions of food.


KALYE (STREET SMARTS) –Segment host Peru Morena will go around the streets of the featured cities/provinces to discover and feature food found on street stores.

KUSINA (KITCHENATICS)- Main host Prince De Guzman with Reyna ng Kusina Tita Bernie Rojas Fontanilla, stays at the kitchen of the featured restaurant’s specialty of the house and talks about the history and culture of the food.

KULINARYA (CULINARY VERSIONS/CHALLENGES)-Segment host Drew Buenviaje along with the Tikemey Divas will challenge a Karinderia owners/culinary institution/culinary student/celebrity to do a version of the feature of street food to gourmet on their own version.(judge/critic).

It’s not a typical show compared to other “reality cooking  shows” that people usually watch on famous channels out there. The concept has been well thought of.and I am so much intrigued with the outcome of the audience reactions and responses as soon as this show is aired.

15253558_1365966263454494_506866283394390711_n-1 15267926_1365966713454449_5853024621005760483_n 15338646_1365966576787796_4171750639474718926_n 15355660_1366171296767324_1771457283572532983_n 15380749_1365966436787810_3180625502099795736_n

Very creative costumes too with their superhero aprons. I am so much impressed with Mr Ador Villanueva, Concept and Show Director for Triple K that he brilliantly created this very interactive reality based program that I’m sure all the people will love. Why? because it speaks to the heart of the Filipinos. A program that all of us can learn especially with food and cooking. 

The press launch was held at Bernie’s Kitchen located in Cavite City. Mrs Bernie didn’t study culinary  but as they say, you don’t need to be a chef to be a good cook. she’s your traditional mother who cooks her food showered with love, and that’s why all the food served to us are just so delicious especially the Bihong Pusit and the Tamales.

15241339_10211679533210737_7577187658839581476_n 15326528_10211679533530745_5742531534781728299_n

Lumpiang Shanghai, Pancit Bihon, Bihong Pusit, Tamales, Pandesal na may Kesong Puti

Aside from the introductions of the cast of Triple K, they also introduced Edwin Nombre Pamañan,  an independent actor and the founder of True Manila—wherein it’s mission is to ensure that street children and their families have their basic needs met, focusing on food, housing and education. He shared his heartwarming story on how it all started with him feeding a kid everyday. Edwin was a homeless child who was helped by a foreign family when they visited Manila during the 1980’s. Throughout their time in the city and along their many visits, they kept feeding and spending time with Edwin, making him feel loved and building a very special bond with him. Eventually they were unable to continue visiting on such a consistent basis, so they decided to keep supporting him emotionally and financially from the US by sending him letters and money. This family instilled a belief in Edwin that anything was possible. They awoke a spark within him to pass the torch, to continue on the generous work that they had started. They fed his passion to help the ones in need.



This family is therefore the reason why True Manila exists, the motivation for Edwin to keep doing to others what was done to him: to be treated with love and respect, to be fed and to be given the opportunity to go to school..

Currently Edwin resides in the same community in Manila, surrounded by those who he supports with the assistance of different volunteers (both local and foreign). Together they make sure action is taken to fight this ongoing crisis. Donations are received and distributed with equity as a priority, so that the different projects succeed.


A funny stolen shot of Tin Gonzaga. He doesn’t want to have  a selfie with me. LOL

We also met Mr Craig Lines, Creative Consultant and prime-time director of Channel Hue. Also a double BAFTA and Royal Television Society award winning director with 22 years experience in all kinds of filmmaking, mainly directing award winning Prime-time british television drama series and writing, producing and directing many medium length and short films, which have had theatrical releases.


With Craig Lines

Channel Hue is a new one-of-a-kind cable station in the Philippines which is utilizing both local and International talents aims to be the best. International standards meet teh local marketin a way never seen before.

Fashion exposure, lifestyle insight, drama indulgence all encompass the channel as does the passion, talent and raw vision behind the Channel hue creative team.

Here are the lists of other shows to watch out for:


International Choreographer and Model Justin Jarrett finds inspiration in fashion, dance, culture and people. A captivating magazine show which will grip the audiences through real life stories, challenges, and lifestyle to help people find their inner hue and inspire confidence.


Its a documentary behind the scenes of a very powerful and controversial new book dealing with the heartbreaking stories of couples whoa re different.


A sexy talk show with a twist: Romance, rituals  and relationships. all feature in this down to earth and intimate look with celebrities personal lives,. It comes in a  three electrifying part that will truly melt your heart and keep it pumping hard.


Is about the empowerment and personal stories of single mothers, exploring their lives and loves, experiences, choices, mistakes, forgiveness and letting go.


Channel Hue will proudly be showing International features and short films—including word premieres.


A fascinating insight into the private and public persona of a Major Property Developer. A six month documentary exploring the ins and outs, struggles and triumphs of Raising the Roof of a new housing development from start to finish.


A major new disturbing DRAMA series where a Fallen Angel delivers retribution on behalf of those who simply sk. Be careful what you wish for.


A show for children aiming to inform, educate and entertain (youth oriented show)


Is the first episode in a seines of adventures hosted by celebrity model Tri Garcia, heading for a lunch date when her car breaks down and she is forced to make her own way to her rendezvous, but it seems as though fate is conspiring to stop her! Watch out for more of the story.


A psychological thriller, not a zombie story, a post modern translation of mutation by infection, delivered upon people from a forgotten tow. And its a story of love, lost in the dialogue between infected and normal beings. Blood will be shed.


A revelation in dance and  travel as our hosts travel the world exploring dance, culture and life,. There’s a big wide world to explore, and we encourage you to join us on our journey and  maybe travel your own life changing experience.

I can’ wait for these shows to be aired on cable TV soon. Now this is what I call TV shows with substance.

Check out Channel Hue’s Facebook page CHANNEL HUE 

and Facebook page of TRIPLE K: 

Explore Philippines 2nd Year Anniversary

Traveling requires budget and time and for a single mom like me, it’s the last on my list of priorities. Although I am naturally free spirited and loves adventure, I do travel once in a while but mostly within the Philippines and  it had cost me  a month’s worth of paycheck to visit those places I’ve been to. I haven’t been to Cebu and Bohol and I’m actually planning to try travel blogging by next year and tour the whole Philippines for starters (I hope I’ll be able to do so, given my busy schedule).

It just gave me this big inspiration to explore the Philippines after attending 2nd Year Anniversary  party of Explore Philippines held in Century City Mall.


Rhian Ramos gracing the cover of Explore Philippines 

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I’ve browsed through their back issue magazines and the latest one as well and now it made me want to try out traveling even more and document it on my blog, or perhaps come up with a new one particularly for my travels only.



The event was packed with media and celebrities alike. There were photo booths, food stalls we can try out for free and raffle draws!  This got me so excited because I haven’t been that much lucky with raffle draws and I think I have mentioned that here in my blog but I was one of the lucky people that night. I won a Chivas Regal 12 years and a travel package from Sandbox!



This guy won the raffle draw too but ended up opening the bottle  and gave some to all the attendees. I was a bit tipsy really,and he’s making kulit at me and asking for my Viber number. Haha. 


 looking “quite a bit” wasted. Lol

They actually held a Travel Spread Media Launch however, I wasn’t able to attend due to a lot of pending work that I need to finish. Anyway, the party was just so awesome and I even met one of their writers Bea Celdran, who was also a contributor for Wheninmanila.com. Cool beans!


With Bea Celdran, one of the writers of Explore Philippines.

It was a fun filled night and after the party, we stayed for a few minutes and had a little chit chat while we smoked near the Hole in The Wall. So many interesting things to know about travelling, sports, and just being plain adventurous.. Oh by the way, this girl is a mom too.  We’re both awesome single moms don’t you think?

Check out their website too LIVE TO EXPLORE


Instax Outfit Ready

I met this totally rad blogger/interior designer at the Dots and Pixels flagship opening and I love her style so much that I can’t help but ask her to do some OOTD shots with me. Mr Tom Fukura, President of Fujifilm was smiling at us because we were joking about him adding us on Instagram. Such a very humble guy. We had so much fun playing with the Instax camera too. Mr Fukura told us that he will let us know when they will release the newest Fujifilm Instax Polaroid camera.


Missing my Balenciaga booties so I decided to wear them at the event


Me and Rae

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With Mr Tom Fukura, President of Fujifilm. 

Need to know more about Fujifilm’s latest cameras and gadgets? check out their FB page: FUJIFILM

Visit their  website: http://fujifilm.com.ph

The Powerpuff Girls ready to save the world once again!

My daughter Savannah was so lazy to get up in the morning as I was supposed to bring her with me at the Powerpuff Girls event at the Mall of Asia since she still loves toys at an age of 9. She’s not the type who would cry and scream just to get what she wants. I trained them that way and I often tell them that instead of buying expensive toys , it would be more sensible to spend their mom’s hard earned money on books and educational toys  wherein they could learn and help stimulate their brains.

So anyways, I attended the meet and greet with Blossoms, Bubbles and Buttercup  held at the MOA Atrium last Saurrday.


Everyone’s favorite crime-fighting trio is back. The biggest and the most anticipating comeback of this year is about to drive the animation crazy this October.  Get ready to witness your fave cartoon trio better, bolder and braver than ever before at the grandest and up-scale launch of the re imagined Powerpuff Girls!

p_20161022_140549_ll p_20161022_144557_ll

I find them really cute and very entertaining. Buttercup as usual is always the bratty and wanting the spotlight all by herself while Blossoms telling her to behave like a good kid (well, I just invented the scenario. Me and my very colorful imagination. )

p_20161022_141048_ll p_20161022_141039_ll p_20161022_140529_ll

Kids and kids at heart as well as the media enjoyed the colorful games and mini activities. Kids get to explore the Powerpuff Townsville where sugar, spice and everything nice all belong. There’s maze-solving with the Catch the Villain activity.  Unleash the inner Buttercup at the Buttercup Mini Training Grounds and enjoy delightful power-up popcorn and delightful treats.

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The Powerpuff range of toys are all available at leading toy stores and department stores nationwide. Prices starts at 299 php.


Here I am feeling like a cute kid. 🙂


My Powerpuff token for Savannah!

These toys are exclusively distributed by Richprime Global Inc. Check out their products by visiting their FAcebook page Richwell Club and website at http://www.richprime.net