A different kind of fun run: Color Manila Blacklight Run 2017

It’s the Holi Festival where the concept of color run first came into existence.

“The festival has many purposes. First and foremost, it celebrates the beginning of the new season, spring. Originally, it was a festival that commemorated good harvests and the fertile land. Hindus believe it is a time of enjoying spring’s abundant colours and saying farewell to winter. It also has a religious purpose, commemorating events present in Hinduism. During this event, participants hold a bonfire, throw coloured powder at each other, and celebrate wildly. . . . The main day, Holi, also known as Dhuli in Sanskrit,”

-Source: www.ccithink.com

Good thing we have our own here in the Philippines! I always think that fun runs are quite boring, especially to someone like me who’s not into sports. I love Color Manila’s concept where you run with a lot of fun, literally!


May 3, 2017 – Manila: COLOR MANILA just launched its CM Blacklight Run Tour at F1 Hotel, located at Bonifacio Global City in Taguig recently. The launch announced its 3-city tour for the CM Blacklight Run, covering Manila, Bacolod and Davao City; which will be held May 27, June 3 and August 12, 2017, respectively.
“We created the CM Blacklight Run Tour so that our followers can have the option of signing up for all three events, and give them the opportunity to experience the most colorful night run in the country today. Thus, more than just enjoying the run with your friends, you’re also able to see more of the Philippines,” says Justine Cordero, VP of COLOR MANILA.
The CM Blacklight Run in Manila, which will be held in Filinvest City, Alabang, on May 27, 2017, is targeting 12,000 runners. This was also the total number of runners they had during their earlier event this year, which celebrated COLOR MANILA’S fifth year – called CMR5.
Participants for this run may choose between four (4) race categories, 3K, 5K, 10K and the 6K Challenger category. They also have the option of choosing between 3 types of kits – the Deluxe kit, the Rockstar kit, and the 6K Blacklight Challenger kit.
The Deluxe kit, priced at Php950, includes a drifit shirt, headlamp, race bib, color packet and finisher’s medal. While the Rockstar kit, priced at Php1,500, includes a drifit shirt, race bib, headlamp, drawstring bag, foldable water bottle, face paint tube, color packet and finisher’s medal. The 6K Blacklight Challenger kit, priced at Php2,000, includes two (2) drifit shirts, race bib, headlamp, drawstring bag, foldable water bottle, face paint tube, color packet and the finisher’s medal.

Race kit claiming will be from May 23 – 27, 2017 at 2nd Level, Node Expansion, Festival Mall, Alabang, from 10am-7pm.
The CM Blacklight Bacolod leg on the other hand, is set to take place on June 3, 2017, at The District North Point, Bacolod City. While the CM Blacklight Davao leg, is scheduled to take place on August 12, 2017, at SM Lanang Premier, Davao City.

Participants for both CM Blacklight Bacolod and Davao can choose between three race finishes – the 3K, 5K and 10K categories and can choose between the Deluxe, Rockstar and Superstar kits. The Deluxe kit is priced at Php750, with the kit containing singlet, prop, race bib, drawstring bag, finisher’s medal and color packet. The Rockstar kit, priced at Php1,050, comes with drifit shirt, race bib, headlamp, drawstring bag, color packet and finisher’s medal. The Superstar kit, priced at Php1,500, comes with drifit shirt, race bib, headlamp, 3 drawstring bags, headwear, CM sticker, color packet and finisher’s medal.

By the way, I had so much fun during the Presscon coz I won a laptop case the raffle!

Registration is ongoing at http://www.colormanila.com and SM Tickets counters.

For Manila leg, registration may also be done via Runnr (Trinoma, ATC, BHS), Second Wind and Toby’s (Glorietta, SM Mall of Asia and SM Megamall branches). For CM Blacklight Bacolod leg, registration is already ongoing at Planet Sports at Robinson’s Place Bacolod. And for CM Blacklight Davao leg, registration via Chris Sports SM Lanang Premier Mall and Toby’s Abreeza Mall Davao would start June 1, 2017.

Check out this video and see what fun awaits you!




Being a part of the the Philippine Tourism Bloggers


I am grateful to be  chosen as one of the bloggers to help promote Tourism in the Philippines and being part of the Tourism Promotion Board bloggers. We had a meeting with the COO Cesar Montano, an actor and a Film Director. It’s nice to know that the team wanted to get our inputs in promoting our country on a more “Millenial” approach. We kind of wanted to change the typical boring ads, promotions on TV,, in social medias and even print. I’m fascinated and impressed with Mr Cesar Montano not because he’s an actor and popular in the showbiz industry but the way he thinks and showing his creative side as he shares his plans promoting tourism with a different twist. I enjoyed watching the snippets of videos he showed us like the “Sultan Qudarat”. The short commercials of Cebu, Bacolod, Bohol and others soon to be finished.


Brainstorming with the COO Mr Cesar Montano 16602914_10212439741255463_8006585785245405160_n

There are so many plans already laid out for the Tourism Promotions Board.

Another awesome thing is that the TPB have come up with this new app called the SelPhilippines app where you get to access promos and discounts for hotels, food and even restaurants.whenever you are travelling. This will soon be launched anytime this year.

The Tourism Promotions Board (TPB) exists to market and promote the Philippines domestically and internationally as a world-class tourism and MICE destination, in strategic partnership with private and public stakeholders to deliver a unique high-value experience for visitors, significantly contributing to increased arrivals, receipts and investments to the country.

The TPB is an attached agency of the Department of Tourism.

16681951_10212439739735425_4947274859156159620_n 16508271_10212439740295439_2489445788394432099_n

You may also check out this short video during our meeting recorded by my blogger friend David Ferro of The Life and Times of Rich Valor

I think it’s about time we change how we view our country and appreciate it more. When you see how beautiful the commercials are, you’d really be proud that you’re a Filipino. It is indeed more fun in the Philippnes.

You may check out the Tourism Promotions Board website


Visit their Facebook page:


Celebrating Australia Day at Skippy’s Bar and Grill

I’ve never celebrated a foreign holiday other than Thanksgiving Day when I was still connected with a BPO company a few years back. It’s nice when you get to be invited to attend such celebration like the Aussie Day. I had an awesome time with food bloggers and met a few Aussies too last January 26.


I love going to bars with good crowd and good music. Skippy’s Bar and Grill is located at the 7th Ave. The Forum. It’s along Federacion Drive in BGC. Easy to spot since Forum is quite small with a few nice restaurants.

I arrived around 6pm and my fellow food bloggers were already there having a great time with their pretty colorful drinks. That’s what I noticed upon arriving at our table.


I fell in love with the place in an instant! Look at all these pretty and delicious looking drinks!

16386859_10212304497114444_1339420307426825761_n 16386937_10212304497394451_1428836366491707022_n

I tried all of them with a sip or two  along with finger foods served on us. My favorite is this mixed drink with lychee or peach and raspberry spiked with alcohol. I cannot describe it well because I forgot to ask the name of this drink. But this is the one I’m holding in this photo.


Aside from these pretty ladies drink served to us, my day wouldn’t be complete without trying their  beers. I got interested in this one called Bundaberg Sarsaparilla. 16299275_10212304170346275_7235688755179536649_n

Actually, it is a root beer, with a hint of ginger taste in it. I thought it’s your typical strong malt beer out there where you can get all tipsy with a lot of puking after having several bottles. I don’t think this would cause me in a state of throwing up and getting wasted. I like the bottle though, which is perfect if you have a mini bar at home where you can put it as display. I love the embossed logo and the cool looking classic bottle, like what you see in the old movies being carried by old cowboys having a sip after a hard day’s work.


The Bundaberg model. Char!

Tried more beers and I am digging this one


The Wagners Cider Beer


 The taste is quite similar to our very own San Mig Light apple flavored beer, only this one is more citrusy.  They did a great job of fermenting it coz you can always tell a good beer if it’s properly fermented with the right span of time. I’m guessing this one has been fermented for more than 2 years or so. So, I had more than 2 bottles of this. My food blogger friends didn’t notice how I sneakily been getting a bottle out of the bucket  served on our table.

Now check out their humongous Margaritas!


The Iced  Margarita

16195949_10212304159626007_4587477851552082540_n 16265773_10212304160346025_4899947446949987904_n

This is the slushy one! All tastes so damn good!  If only I can finish all these but I live very far and I don’t want to go home totally tipsy or drunk!

Moving on to the food served for us to pair for the awesome drinks.


What’s so special with this fried Calamari is the homemade tartare sauce that comes with it.



Potato wedges and scallops and some chips with a yummy dressing.


The perfect pizza for me. Cajun Pizza!  I love the spicy flavor which is just so perfect for our alcoholic drinks!  I had more than 2 slices of this.


This one is called The Sausage Trinity. Spicy sausages  broiled with peppers and beer served on a sizzling plate.


I requested a  dessert because my night wouldn’t be complete without it.  This brownie is so fudgy drizzled in chocolate syrup and I didn’t know it’s perfect with ice cream!

16299349_10212304163426102_6390860805686268076_n 16299359_10212304162426077_4380190707574566461_n 16299465_10212304496194421_9050393477083874165_n

Skippy’s Bar and Grill has the longest happy hours I’ve heard so far. I love the concept where they also have a pool table, live bands and great Aussie channels on TV you can watch. The fun part is that we met a few Aussie people there and had a great time dancing (them on barefoot!).

16195694_10212304173586356_8585826822313023249_n 16298877_10212304156745935_5331721746711248209_n

Too blurry. I’m not too sure if I’m quite a bit drunk here. Lol

One Aussie guy approached me and said” I Love You” and I said “Really? you love me? I love you too. What’s your name again? ”  Talk about being drunk already. I was really laughing with my good friend Cindy that time. The night is just so much fun with good blogger friends around.

So,  I think I’ll make a mental note of this place whenever I feel like drinking and spending time alone. I love drinking alone. It makes me feel so much braver and  independent. So if you want an interesting crowd, good music, not-too-crowded-kind of night, then you gotta visit this place and I tell you, you’ll have an awesome time.

Visit Skippy’s Bar and Grill :located at The Forum, 7th Avenue Corner Federacion Drive,Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City.

Like their Facebook page Skippy’s Bar and Grill BGC


stART Hope: The 1st For-a-Cause Art Exhibit by Philippine Homeschoolers

stART Hope is the first ever benefit art exhibit curated purely by homeschooled students in the Philippines. About fifty homeschooling students grades 4 to 8 have united their efforts in the pursuit for hope, peace and change for the sake of the next generation.


copy-of-dsc_0549 copy-of-dsc_0588 copy-of-dsc_0639

copy-of-dsc_0588 copy-of-dsc_0671 copy-of-dsc_0674


p_20161203_150309_ll p_20161203_150516_ll p_20161203_152413_ll p_20161203_154952_ll p_20161203_155523_ll p_20161203_155914_ll p_20161203_155923_ll p_20161203_155935_ll p_20161203_155943_ll p_20161203_155950_ll p_20161203_160000_ll p_20161203_163906_ll p_20161203_164338_bf


Homeschool @ Alabang and Homeschool @ Valle Verde are the expanded communities of the original Homeschool @ The Fort, an organized community of homeschoolers that provide fun and engaging classes for homeschoolers. It is the place to go to if you want to join a playgroup, co-op, or a homeschooling support group.

For three years now, it held its Communication and Collaboration class (formerly called Projects and Presentations) with a thrust of supplementing the learning experiences of homeschooling independent learners by giving them an avenue to work in different group/class settings.

The for-a-cause event is one of the collaborated projects of the class’ SY 2016-2017 students through the direction and inspiration of their teachers, which are both co-owners of education-travel blog, School in a Backpack.


The homeschoolers, in coordination with Wishes of Aid and Limbs for Kids (WALK), Inc., a non-stock, non-profit organization, and one of the projects of Rotary Club of Makati Forbes Park District 3830, aims to spark hope for our exhibit’s main beneficiary, Nice So, along with the children of WALK Inc.


Nice So, a lupus patient who discovered her innate artistic talent while in the hospital just about the same time she was informed about her medical condition, has been painting and selling her artworks since she was in grade school to pay for her medical necessities as well as help other kids with lupus and other incurable diseases.

Contemporary artist Niño Hernandez, and professional calligraphist Ginger de Guia, both art teachers in the homeschool community, supported the student project and its cause by collaborating their artworks for the exhibit.

Homeschooled until her senior high year, and now incoming college student pursuing arts management, Waby Liberia will be officially launched into the arts industry through the exhibit.


stART Hope will greet the New Year with youthful expectations at the exhibit launch on January 7, 2017 at the Kanto Artist-Run Space, 2nd Floor, Makati Cinema Square, Makati. Program starts at 3PM. Featured artists, seasoned performers, homeschool talents and more will be part of the exhibition launch program.

The exhibit will run all the way until January 26, 2017. It is open to accepting artworks with the theme “hope” on a 16×16 mounted canvass from all homeschooling students in the Philippines.

Exhibition artworks are currently pre-selling through stART Hope’s online shop via facebook.com/stARTofHope. For partnerships, sponsorships and other inquiries, please email homeschoolph.starthope@gmail.com.


  • Powered by: Homeschool @ Alabang, Homeschool @ Valle Verde, and School in a Backpack.
  • Presenters: Kanto Artist-Run Space, The Crafter’s Marketplace, Great Mornings, DARE by Dr. Jean Marquez, FPDS, Ogalala World, Hiyas Books, OMF Literature
  • Major Sponsors: Abiva Publishing, Curaytive Science, Don Henrico’s Pizza Foods Corporation
  • Minor Sponsors: Salva’s Kitchen, Mother Nurture
  • Donors: PhoebeCakes
  • Media Partners: CBN Asia, Homeschool.TV, E.g. Yolk Productions, DWDD 1134 AM Katropa Radio, Positively Pinoy, DZFE 98.7 FM The Master’s Touch, Art+ Magazine, Philippine Bloggers Network
  • Digital Influencers: filipinohomeschooler.com, mommyjourney.com, eunniesinspirational.blogspot.com, qarahmoments.blogspot.com, alwaysasouthgirl.wordpress.com

Triple K soon on Channel Hue

All the people have been spending their freaking time online and I admit I’m one of those digital freaks.  I don’t often watch TV and I’m quite selective with the shows I’m watching. There are so many crappy and nonsense shows you see  nowadays and even some of the news on TV makes me cringe and spit with disgust. they’re just so full of negativity, crime, morbid videos and exaggerated stories that sometimes, you don’t know if it’s even true anymore.

Well the good news is that, there’s still some intellectual and interesting shows we can watch and it’s coming very soon. These shows are for people who loves inspirational real life stories, art, culture, good food and shows that are brain stimulating.

One of the shows to look forward to is Triple K. 

14940130_1812802658961134_1446322674302161922_o 15241899_1826445580930175_7897462539587143155_n

It’s a three segment show (Kalye, Kusina at Kulinaria)  that features Review, Travel, Culture, History, Flavors and Versions of food.


KALYE (STREET SMARTS) –Segment host Peru Morena will go around the streets of the featured cities/provinces to discover and feature food found on street stores.

KUSINA (KITCHENATICS)- Main host Prince De Guzman with Reyna ng Kusina Tita Bernie Rojas Fontanilla, stays at the kitchen of the featured restaurant’s specialty of the house and talks about the history and culture of the food.

KULINARYA (CULINARY VERSIONS/CHALLENGES)-Segment host Drew Buenviaje along with the Tikemey Divas will challenge a Karinderia owners/culinary institution/culinary student/celebrity to do a version of the feature of street food to gourmet on their own version.(judge/critic).

It’s not a typical show compared to other “reality cooking  shows” that people usually watch on famous channels out there. The concept has been well thought of.and I am so much intrigued with the outcome of the audience reactions and responses as soon as this show is aired.

15253558_1365966263454494_506866283394390711_n-1 15267926_1365966713454449_5853024621005760483_n 15338646_1365966576787796_4171750639474718926_n 15355660_1366171296767324_1771457283572532983_n 15380749_1365966436787810_3180625502099795736_n

Very creative costumes too with their superhero aprons. I am so much impressed with Mr Ador Villanueva, Concept and Show Director for Triple K that he brilliantly created this very interactive reality based program that I’m sure all the people will love. Why? because it speaks to the heart of the Filipinos. A program that all of us can learn especially with food and cooking. 

The press launch was held at Bernie’s Kitchen located in Cavite City. Mrs Bernie didn’t study culinary  but as they say, you don’t need to be a chef to be a good cook. she’s your traditional mother who cooks her food showered with love, and that’s why all the food served to us are just so delicious especially the Bihong Pusit and the Tamales.

15241339_10211679533210737_7577187658839581476_n 15326528_10211679533530745_5742531534781728299_n

Lumpiang Shanghai, Pancit Bihon, Bihong Pusit, Tamales, Pandesal na may Kesong Puti

Aside from the introductions of the cast of Triple K, they also introduced Edwin Nombre Pamañan,  an independent actor and the founder of True Manila—wherein it’s mission is to ensure that street children and their families have their basic needs met, focusing on food, housing and education. He shared his heartwarming story on how it all started with him feeding a kid everyday. Edwin was a homeless child who was helped by a foreign family when they visited Manila during the 1980’s. Throughout their time in the city and along their many visits, they kept feeding and spending time with Edwin, making him feel loved and building a very special bond with him. Eventually they were unable to continue visiting on such a consistent basis, so they decided to keep supporting him emotionally and financially from the US by sending him letters and money. This family instilled a belief in Edwin that anything was possible. They awoke a spark within him to pass the torch, to continue on the generous work that they had started. They fed his passion to help the ones in need.



This family is therefore the reason why True Manila exists, the motivation for Edwin to keep doing to others what was done to him: to be treated with love and respect, to be fed and to be given the opportunity to go to school..

Currently Edwin resides in the same community in Manila, surrounded by those who he supports with the assistance of different volunteers (both local and foreign). Together they make sure action is taken to fight this ongoing crisis. Donations are received and distributed with equity as a priority, so that the different projects succeed.


A funny stolen shot of Tin Gonzaga. He doesn’t want to have  a selfie with me. LOL

We also met Mr Craig Lines, Creative Consultant and prime-time director of Channel Hue. Also a double BAFTA and Royal Television Society award winning director with 22 years experience in all kinds of filmmaking, mainly directing award winning Prime-time british television drama series and writing, producing and directing many medium length and short films, which have had theatrical releases.


With Craig Lines

Channel Hue is a new one-of-a-kind cable station in the Philippines which is utilizing both local and International talents aims to be the best. International standards meet teh local marketin a way never seen before.

Fashion exposure, lifestyle insight, drama indulgence all encompass the channel as does the passion, talent and raw vision behind the Channel hue creative team.

Here are the lists of other shows to watch out for:


International Choreographer and Model Justin Jarrett finds inspiration in fashion, dance, culture and people. A captivating magazine show which will grip the audiences through real life stories, challenges, and lifestyle to help people find their inner hue and inspire confidence.


Its a documentary behind the scenes of a very powerful and controversial new book dealing with the heartbreaking stories of couples whoa re different.


A sexy talk show with a twist: Romance, rituals  and relationships. all feature in this down to earth and intimate look with celebrities personal lives,. It comes in a  three electrifying part that will truly melt your heart and keep it pumping hard.


Is about the empowerment and personal stories of single mothers, exploring their lives and loves, experiences, choices, mistakes, forgiveness and letting go.


Channel Hue will proudly be showing International features and short films—including word premieres.


A fascinating insight into the private and public persona of a Major Property Developer. A six month documentary exploring the ins and outs, struggles and triumphs of Raising the Roof of a new housing development from start to finish.


A major new disturbing DRAMA series where a Fallen Angel delivers retribution on behalf of those who simply sk. Be careful what you wish for.


A show for children aiming to inform, educate and entertain (youth oriented show)


Is the first episode in a seines of adventures hosted by celebrity model Tri Garcia, heading for a lunch date when her car breaks down and she is forced to make her own way to her rendezvous, but it seems as though fate is conspiring to stop her! Watch out for more of the story.


A psychological thriller, not a zombie story, a post modern translation of mutation by infection, delivered upon people from a forgotten tow. And its a story of love, lost in the dialogue between infected and normal beings. Blood will be shed.


A revelation in dance and  travel as our hosts travel the world exploring dance, culture and life,. There’s a big wide world to explore, and we encourage you to join us on our journey and  maybe travel your own life changing experience.

I can’ wait for these shows to be aired on cable TV soon. Now this is what I call TV shows with substance.

Check out Channel Hue’s Facebook page CHANNEL HUE 

and Facebook page of TRIPLE K: 

Explore Philippines 2nd Year Anniversary

Traveling requires budget and time and for a single mom like me, it’s the last on my list of priorities. Although I am naturally free spirited and loves adventure, I do travel once in a while but mostly within the Philippines and  it had cost me  a month’s worth of paycheck to visit those places I’ve been to. I haven’t been to Cebu and Bohol and I’m actually planning to try travel blogging by next year and tour the whole Philippines for starters (I hope I’ll be able to do so, given my busy schedule).

It just gave me this big inspiration to explore the Philippines after attending 2nd Year Anniversary  party of Explore Philippines held in Century City Mall.


Rhian Ramos gracing the cover of Explore Philippines 

15178324_10209565042501150_779040922922214265_n15179096_10211619853958793_7406790589847457208_n 15203120_10211619853598784_2002866507951883089_n

I’ve browsed through their back issue magazines and the latest one as well and now it made me want to try out traveling even more and document it on my blog, or perhaps come up with a new one particularly for my travels only.



The event was packed with media and celebrities alike. There were photo booths, food stalls we can try out for free and raffle draws!  This got me so excited because I haven’t been that much lucky with raffle draws and I think I have mentioned that here in my blog but I was one of the lucky people that night. I won a Chivas Regal 12 years and a travel package from Sandbox!



This guy won the raffle draw too but ended up opening the bottle  and gave some to all the attendees. I was a bit tipsy really,and he’s making kulit at me and asking for my Viber number. Haha. 


 looking “quite a bit” wasted. Lol

They actually held a Travel Spread Media Launch however, I wasn’t able to attend due to a lot of pending work that I need to finish. Anyway, the party was just so awesome and I even met one of their writers Bea Celdran, who was also a contributor for Wheninmanila.com. Cool beans!


With Bea Celdran, one of the writers of Explore Philippines.

It was a fun filled night and after the party, we stayed for a few minutes and had a little chit chat while we smoked near the Hole in The Wall. So many interesting things to know about travelling, sports, and just being plain adventurous.. Oh by the way, this girl is a mom too.  We’re both awesome single moms don’t you think?

Check out their website too LIVE TO EXPLORE


The New and Improved Nido® PROTECTUS® 3+

NIDO® 3+ makes it easier for moms to #CheckTheLabel and make sure their little ones get their age-specific nutritional needs with the new and improved NIDO® PROTECTUS® 3+.



“We understand the ever-changing needs of mothers for their children, that’s why we continuously improve our products. And in line with our advocacy to make checking food labels a habit among moms so they make smarter and healthier choices for their kids, we simplified our pack and made it more informative,” said April Apsay, Consumer Marketing Lead for NIDO® PROTECTUS® 3+ .

With just one look, moms can easily identify and learn about the unique combination of nutrients found in NIDO® PROTECTUS® 3+, which contains DHA, PREBIO® 3, Iron, Zinc, and other essential vitamins and minerals that help support his immunity, growth, and development. It also comes with Lactobacillus PROTECTUS®, now with Lactobacillus rhamnosus, a different strain of probiotics that helps support digestive defenses.

The release of NIDO® PROTECTUS® 3+ following the launch of the Check the Label campaign is a testimony to the commitment of the brand to support moms who aspire to raise kids who are happy, healthy, and capable of reaching their full potential through their love and support.

The event was held at the Century City Mall last Saturday weekend. I was supposed to bring Zoey as well but she refused. I think that’s how it is when they’re starting to become teenagers. I feel so much challenged every time I ask her to do something or ask for requests. So I ended up bringing only Savannah with me. I think it’s just about perfect coz she’s just 9 years old, and Zoey is 13, which means she’s not a kid anymore (at least, that’s how she wants me to treat her).

p_20161112_111306_ll p_20161112_111301_ll

Savannah with Adae Ang’s daughter Abi

Savannah  enjoyed  the event so much especially the sweet treats offered by Nido to all kids and kids at heart. We were given Nido passes and  they get to stamp your card after receiving the treat. . There’s popcorn, cotton candies, marshmallow pops and cake pops.

p_20161112_120641_ll p_20161112_121515_ll p_20161112_121521_ll

p_20161112_124838_ll p_20161112_124846_ll p_20161112_124855_ll p_20161112_124859_ll

Cutey Savi so hyper and excited!

The event won’t be complete without the typical games for mommies. I didn’t join though because I was so busy taking photos of myself and the people around me.

p_20161112_112602_ll p_20161112_112111_ll

As usual, mommy bloggers are selfie addicts!


With pretty mommy bloggers Adae Ang of Make it Count  and Nicole Paler of Chic Mix 


With pretty mommy blogger Nicole Paler of Chic Mixp_20161112_111737_bf_1
p_20161112_124159_bf p_20161112_120811_ll

Savannah wearing H%M leggings, Uniqlo striped shirt and beanie and sneakers from Sugar Kids. 


Our message for Nido


The coolest Instaroid photos!

Mommy ambassador Sarah Lahbati talks about how checking the label is very important for our kids nutrition.  She brought her cute kid Zion too.

p_20161112_124111_ll p_20161112_124125_ll p_20161112_124737_ll p_20161112_124817_ll

It was a super fun filled day and the best part is that we get to bring home boxes of Nido for my kids to drink!

To continuously remind moms to #CheckTheLabel, NIDO® PROTECTUS® 3+ also recently released a catchy jingle headlined by Sarah Lahbati and son, Zion. Visit the NIDO 3+ Facebook page to watch the video

PR: Eternal Coin Launch and Token Hub Asia’s 1st Year Anniversary Party

Last 20th October 2016, Thursday people from various industries were gathered at ThePeninsula Manila for its #Applaunchparty2016 and at the same time it was the 1st year anniversary celebration of Token Hub Asia in our country.


p_20161020_185506_ll p_20161020_192846_ll

Most of the guests arrived at around 5 o’clock in the afternoon for the registration at the Rigodon Ballroom. Everyone came in prepared for the occasion looking all elegant and classy.


The entire hall was filled with excitement as the participants were just busy browsing brochure and comic that tells about Tokenhub and the business. Program started a bit late since the guests were still coming in past 6 o’clock.  Live voice announcement was then heard all over the hall as the event hosts were finally introduced, Gerhard Krysstopher and Rissey Reyes who are both cast members of Hi-5 Philippines and TV commercial models graced this momentous event .

This event won’t be complete without my selfies and photos of the people I met there.

p_20161020_185402_bf p_20161020_202652_bf

With Dr Love Vaswani


With Fuji I-forgot-his-last-name

Right after the presentation, the Eternal Coin was finally unveiled to the public and it is now officially here in the Philippines. Mr. Flor and Ms. Jefferjane Rufo, the Marketing and Events Officer of Token Hub Asia was joined by Mr. Clement Tiong Sii Jie of Eternal Link in Tokyo for the toast of success.

Eternal coin was announced and they were rewarded by coins transferred to them directly on the spot and got even more excited when they found out that these are convertible to cash equivalent!


Got my membership card!

The coolest thing is that I brought home a T shirt since I registered and installed the app.

Check out TOKENHUB and learn more about the business and how it works!

STI celebrates 33 years of well-rounded education

Taking pride in its rich history and looking forward to a bright future, STI Education Services Group,Inc. marked thirty-three years of real life education in a grand festivity on September 30, 2016 at the country’s famous amusement park, the Enchanted Kingdom in Sta. Rosa, Laguna.

More than 20,000 senior high and college students nationwide joined in the much anticipated celebration filled with exciting activities and social competitions, providing STI students a stage to showcase their creativity, talents, and achievements beyond the classroom. While students enjoyed the exclusivity of the theme park, the real deal went down at the Enchanting Events Place where the most talented STI students battled it out for the STI Talent Search’s National Finals.

img_9151 img_9137 img_9131 img_9115 img_9106 img_9103 img_9052 img_9066

These competitions featured the best of the best in musicality as gifted singers and young

musicians belted out for the Singing Idol and Battle of the Bands. Another crowd drawer were the

electrifying dance groups who showed their breathtaking stunts in Hataw Sayaw. The night continued with The Search for Mr. and Ms. STI 2016 where the candidates captivated the audience with their beauty and wit. All contestants are winners in their own right having championed in their respective local cluster competitions, coming from as far as Laoag to Zamboanga, to represent their perspective schools.

Some celebrities who graced the event include former Pinoy Big Brother housemate Mikee Agustin, youtube sensation Yexel Sebastian, and ABS-CBN’s all male-dance group the Hashtags, who rendered dynamic performances and special numbers.

img_9088 img_9035 img_9035 balaraw-dance-group

STI capped off the day on a high note with a stunning fireworks display right after the announcement of the winners.

For thirty-three remarkable years of developing students’ potentials through academic and extracurricular activities, STI holds true to its commitment to hone the next generation of well-rounded individuals. In the coming months, academic competitions like ThinkQuest (quiz bee), INTO Programming (computer programming), Stand up & Deliver (impromptu speech), Essay Does It! (essay writing), All in Place (table setting), Worth the Whisk (cake decorating), Chef Xpress (cooking competition), Shutter’s Best (photography), and Music for Reel (music video making) will be held across the STI Network still in accord with the anniversary celebration.

With over three decades of continuous growth as one of the leading providers of quality education in the Philippines, STI’s humble beginnings can be traced from a computer training center with only two campuses. Over the years, STI has transcended to a well-rounded educational institution, providing diverse programs in Information Technology, Business and Management, Hospitality and Tourism Management, Arts & Sciences, Engineering, and Senior High School, in 77 campuses nationwide..

The Search for Mr. and Ms. STI 2016 – out of 18 male and 18 female candidates

Mr. STI 2016: Christer Troy Regis of STI College – Dasmariñas

Ms. STI 2016:  Clea Isabel Magnaye of STI College – Cubao

1st runner-up: Mr. Michio Eusebio of STI College – Meycauayan and Ms. Jadilyn Morales of STI College – Malolos

2nd runner-up: Mr. Jasper Christian Maraggay of STI College – Caloocan and Ms. Aubrey Giezel Mendoza of STI College – Baliuag

3rd runner-up: Mr. Paul Jibrielle Pilao of STI College – San Fernando and Ms. Camille Angelica Alfonso of STI College – Sta. Cruz

4th runner-up: Mr. Roberto Lopez of STI College – Ortigas-Cainta and Ms. Queen Jubilee Mongcupa of STI College – Muñoz-EDSA


Hataw Sayaw

Champion: Balaraw Dance Group of STI College – Balagtas

1st runner-up: Mallows 2 of STI College – Santa Rosa

2nd runner-up: Funktion Movement of STI College – Novaliches


Singing Idol

Champion: Judy Ann Baricaua of STI College – Global City

1st Runner-up: Lyka Escultura of STI College – Alabang.

2nd Runner-up: Michaela Grecia of STI College – General Santos


Battle of the Bands

Champion: Sistemang Musikal of STI College – Sta Maria

1st Runner-up: OPLAN of STI College – Novaliches

2nd Runner-up: VERITAS BAND of STI College – Malolos.



Hydro Manila Music Festival Press Conference

An awesome Tuesday night of EDM and Hip Hop music!  Thanks to Hydro Manila Music Festival for inviting me at your press conference. Seriously, I need a lot of burning of fats so I guess its time to attend EDM parties once more.


Still sober but just looking drunk because of the lack of sleep.




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