Instax Outfit Ready

I met this totally rad blogger/interior designer at the Dots and Pixels flagship opening and I love her style so much that I can’t help but ask her to do some OOTD shots with me. Mr Tom Fukura, President of Fujifilm was smiling at us because we were joking about him adding us on Instagram. Such a very humble guy. We had so much fun playing with the Instax camera too. Mr Fukura told us that he will let us know when they will release the newest Fujifilm Instax Polaroid camera.


Missing my Balenciaga booties so I decided to wear them at the event


Me and Rae

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With Mr Tom Fukura, President of Fujifilm. 

Need to know more about Fujifilm’s latest cameras and gadgets? check out their FB page: FUJIFILM

Visit their  website:


Have a romantic movie date at the VIP Venice Cineplex at Venice Grand Canal

Being single has it’s downside, especially if you feel like going to a movie and you wanted to cuddle up with an intelligent gentleman (I specifically mentioned “intelligent” because I’m a sapoisexual). That’s why whenever I feel like wanting to watch a good movie, I’d prefer to watch it in DVD instead to save me from feeling so lonely and pitiful looking.

But to those of you who have been lucky on the love department, here’s a recommended place for you and your special someone.

Cherry Bells

Megaworld  invited me to attend the ribbon cutting last Friday of Venice Cineplex in Venice Grand Canal Mall at MCkinley Hill.

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The country’s most romantic mall just got more exciting with a first-rate movie viewing experience giving shoppers and movie enthusiasts more reasons to celebrate the season at McKinley Hill’s premier lifestyle destination.

Located at the 3rd floor of Venice Grand Canal, the state-of-the-art Venice Cineplex is now open for movie goers. Five world-class movie theaters with plush and comfortable seats and equipped with the latest big screen and sound system technology guarantee to elevate the film viewing experience like never before. Cinemas 2 and 5 will be operating in the Dolby Atmos System, an award winning sound program created to give movie lovers the most innovative and immersive experience in film viewing, thanks to its multidimensional surround sound.

Dolby Atmos creates dynamic audio with pinpoint clarity though 64 sound channels and by strategically placing speakers all around audiences. This multidimensional sound realism redefines the movie experience without distracting from the action on screen, thus making Dolby Atmos theatres the optimal choice in viewing the latest blockbuster hits.

The most striking and innovative feature of Venice Cineplex is its VIP Cinema, a signature of Megaworld Lifestyle Malls in its Eastwood, Lucky Chinatown, Newport and Uptown Cinemas.

p_20161202_195753_hdr p_20161202_195810_hdr

I love the feeling of being in a VIP setting. Imagine having a  movie date with someone special while having wine and popcorn. If you feel like wanting more wine, just press a button and a butler will be there to serve you.


Me and my red wine. Isn’t life so amazing? 


The reclining seats with buttons to press for popcorns as well. 

Venice Cineplex VIP Cinema offers a more premium and exclusive feel, and is perfect for movie dates with its luxurious reclining leather seats. It also offers a butler service that will keep drinks and popcorn flowing with a touch of a button for a more convenient movie viewing experience.

For added convenience, movie goers can also buy their movie tickets to Venice Cineplex at

Elevate your movie viewing experience at the brand new Venice Cineplex at Venice Grand Canal. For more information, please call the Venice Grand Canal Concierge at 624-1971, 09175129934 or send an email to

Going Rockstar Boy!

Phew! After writing feature articles, let me have a breather and post something about my outfit last night at the Media launch of, the ever first social media app for vehicles.

This outfit is just about perfect for the event. I love wearing something masculine, because it’s so comfortable and it allows me to move confidently without having to worry about accidentally popping out a booby, or  a peekaboo of your panties or other embarrassing things that could happen to us women. I know I’m over exaggerating!

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PS: Thanks to my guy friends who contributed for my outfit. Lol


Black motorcycle jacket

MMA T Shirt

Black bandage skirt from Forever 21

Shoes from Market Market (random find)

Socks from H&M

BAg from Nine West

Watch from Swatch Jeremy Scott edition





13620346_10210471193442998_6122971516574812878_n 13627256_10210471190722930_3301821008240455117_n 13645236_10210471189202892_6500902420350202055_n

Aztec Shirt from a random market, Leggings from SM Department Store, booties from Nine West, Jacket from H&M

Everything and everybody has a saturation point. The time will come when you can stand no more from the people and things who fill you with burden and negativity. Whoever and whatever they are, it makes no difference if the irritation they create grows faster than you can give it. Life is full of opportunities, a stream of chances. Few hours are great, few seconds momentous. So LEAVE your difficult situation, or STRATEGIZE and make a change.
Past is over, thats just a part of your book. Future is non existent, wherein you create it by making the most out of what you do in your PRESENT moment. Build a very promising one and be happy and positive as much as you can. Always look at an obstacle as your training ground for a stronger and better you.
I am restless. I embrace change to the point that I am hungry for it.
CHANGE IS COMING as per Digong. 🙂

I am not afraid to be different and not even care if someone criticize me. A lot of people loves to give advise even if youre not asking for it. My precious ear is giving a chance to listen but my principles and philosophies are strong enough that im not easily swayed with unsolicited opinions.
I am happy that I am touching people’s lives. I really do. Its one of my aim. Like being nice to everyone so when I die, I can confidently say a lot will.mourn.
Make a mark. You dont have to be famous. Be yourself and be unique. People will remember you.

My brain is active now and words keep flowing.

-entry from my journal.

Non Conformist



Booties from Nine West// Skinnies from Cotton On//Tank Top Forever 21//Black jacket given by my blogger friend

I’ve  grown sick and tired of following trends. Well, actually, I was never really a trendsetter or a follower. I always make it a point to wear something agreeable to my taste. Doesn’t really matter if its branded or if its bought in a flea market.

I’m a non conformist.

My thoughts the other day is:

To a literalist, a church is a church, a desert is a desert. His.mind is closed to their meaning. He fails from being practically impractical. So efficient in many things he cant read their significance. Too focused on what he believes in. Its a challenge to communicate with them, like a closed minded retard I hate these kinds of people, especially those who criticize your beliefs and principles. Giving unsolicited opinions and advise. Whenever I encounter their kind, I switch my ears to deaf mode. We should expand our mind and be open to all possibilities, beliefs, discarding judgmental behaviors. I am a very opinionated person but I throw my opinions to the right people. Its a waste of breath if you get to engage with a bunch of cockroaches.
So many of them scattered everywhere.

I can communicate with literal thinkers as long as they aren’t being judgmental  I do understand that most of them hate people who think figuratively, but we should respect individuality.


Into the Woods


wp-1451720054028.jpeg1422472_10208687648135480_7852907607096169360_n 10410212_10208692143167853_5462550869034523969_n 12390919_10208687564013377_4111721766482148283_n 12391065_10208688370393536_5571307300213188563_n


Road trips are always my favorite. A taste of the sweet nature helps quiet my mind. When I roll down the car window, drinking in the scenery that blurs your sight you can’t help but smile and wonder how amazing our world is really.

I am listening to Michael Buble as I write this post. A sudden fascination about anything romantic. I feel so inspired these days that I am always wearing this silly grin wherever I go.

Anyways, I can’t think of anything to say because my mind is floating somewhere.  Till my next post.

Location: Lemery, Batangas (at my mom’s )

Always a South girl

I can’t get enough of Tagaytay. It’s my sanctuary whenever I feel sad, lonely and happy.

11224214_10208465920232421_204053551835888426_nFresh breeze calms my nerves




Here’s a breathtaking view of Tagaytay from the balcony of Palace in the Sky


12238110_10208464957088343_8807788599732770865_oOff shoulder top from @Trippyswag (Instagram), corduroy shorts, random find and my reliable The Ramp wedge sneakers. WWF tote bag from Kultura. 

12278814_10208466471286197_370188808441170586_nI was caught taking selfies with this Asus Zenfone Selfie. Some of the photos were taken using this cool phone.  Got mine in Aqua Blue. 

It was a tough decision for me to leave my old blog behind. I decided to move on and start creating new memories and document everything here. Reinvention starts in small things. Changing old habits can be challenging but I always believe that when you have the motivation and the will to search for inspiration, self-growth can take place.

I hope you get to follow me here on my new blog. You may also check out my Instagram account @chershka and Snapchat too!

To know more about where I bought my off shoulder top, visit @trippyswag on their Instagram account.

Location: Palace in the Sky, Tagaytay Cavite

Humdrum, Peril and Romance

My first look of for the year 2013.



I love this top! Someone actually approached me in the street and said: “Miss,you’re wearing your shirt backwards.” I said ” Thank you.” then smiled and walked away whistling.


Cant get enough of this brogues. I feel like kicking ass every time I wear this.

20130120-135655.jpgMe and my rosary bracelet from pink sister are best friends. I feel naked without it. On my other arm is this cool watch from Swatch designed by Jeremy Scott. It has this detachable frame so you can also wear it on formal events and if you feel like being simple. A thing I’ll be wearing every day.


Bazaar necklace

Books and fashion go together. I decided to carry a book on every look post coz It would be my signature look from now on.


A vintage book called Mable Riley, a reliable record of Humdrum, Peril and Romance



This book talks about a young girl with dreams of having adventures and of becoming a writer. When she travels far from home to act as an assistant to her sister, a schoolmistress, Mable hopes her new world will be full of peril and romance.
Her new life, however, is as humdrum as the one she’s left behind. Then, Mable encounters the eccentric Mrs. Rattle, a real writer who wears very daring fashions and takes delight in scaring off the townsfolk by stating her opinions. Mable eagerly accepts Mrs. Rattle’s invitation to a meeting of the ladies Reading Society but the ladies are not discussing books at all, and Mable soon has more peril and romance than she’d bargained for. Set during the time of women’s early struggle for Independence.
Marthe Jocelyn’s coming -of-age-tale about a girl finding her voice and the courage to make I heard-is as funny as it is inspiring.

And I feel like Mable sometimes. Just saying.




Scarf it up




 Black T shirt, Penshoppe. Oversized eyeglasses, Mint. Scarf, Forever 21. Leather clutch, vintage from Farncois Marot. Vintage shoes ordered online.  Rosary bracelet, from Pink Sisters Tagaytay


I love this rosary bracelet. I will make sure to wear this every day.


Today is my eldest daughter’s birthday and we spent the day in Tagaytay to pray.

I will be telling you more on my next post. Let me just finish this project I have.