An affordable All-You-Can eat in Pampanga: Chef Laudico’s Feast

Food can be deadly. I have proved this statement to be true. I was hospitalized for a month and it’s because of eating too much meat with the lack of fruits and vegetables. I suffered from stomach pains for the past couple of months and I’ve been ignoring the symptoms of a gallstone forming in my bile ducts. So I ended up rushing myself to the emergency room last March and had a Gallstone removal surgery.

I remembered I had several food reviews and I think this could also be the main reason for these gallstones sneakily forming without me being aware of it.

The last food review that triggered my excruciating stomach pain is the Grand Launch of Chef Laudico’s Feast at SM Clark. I am definitely not blaming this event because really, their food is super amazingly delicious!  I actually tried all the dishes with no guilt feeling. Guilt was the last thing on my mind. All I ever cared that time is to satisfy my cravings.


I always feel so overwhelmed whenever I see a lot of dishes in front of me. I guess maybe that’s why I’m not a fan of buffets because I have the tendency to lose my appetite if I’m seeing too much food. However, during the event, I decided not to eat breakfast and lunch just to prepare my tummy for stuffing loads of meat.

I did started with the main course without caring too much about appetizers. Here are some of the food I’ve tried.


I had too much of crabs and shrimps because those were the food I seldom eat. But again, I would always look forward to desserts as usual.

Can you believe that all food is prepared with no MSG? Everything is traditionally made without shortcuts. All their ingredients are sourced here in the Philippines and they make sure that everything is fresh, from their vegetables and fruits.

What I love about this celebrity chef couple is that they do their cooking with passion and a lot of love. They are even risk takers knowing that Pampanga is a home of good cooks and there are a lot of competitions around them.

Come visit Chef Laudico’s  Feast at SM Clark Pampanga and experience Japanese, Chinese, Korean and Filipino dishes all served fresh.

Here are their rates:

For weekend lunch, adults pay only 499. For kids it’s only 249

For dinner, adults pay only 599. For kids it’s only 299

For weekends, adults pay only 699. For kids it’s only 349




Our Detox Seminar with Raw Vegan Chef Sonia

Detox. It’s a word most people try to dismiss and avoid at all times. It is challenging but rewarding once it’s done.

For most of us, living a healthy lifestyle can be difficult especially if our budget is limited. When I did Bikram yoga a few years back, I must admit I shelled a lot of money just to maintain being healthy as a vegetarian. I buy and cook  my own meals everyday and sometimes I eat at vegetarian restaurants and you know how costly it is., given the fact that some of the ingredients on their food are being sourced from other countries.

I did a few detox methods like the breathing yoga technique called Sudarshan Kriya, wherein you have to do repetitive breathing exercises ,and  a few postures that helps cleanse your system. And then there’s meditation.  still do this until  now and my favorite is the open-eyed meditation called Raj yoga. Cleansing the mind is also important and it’s part of the detoc process.

I ‘was so grateful that I have this opportunity to attend Chef Sonia’s lecture. I’ve learned so much from the topics that I am willing to share them with you.


So since we are talking about detoxifying, let’s define it first.

DETOX-purifying and cleansing one’s body and soul.

Why do we need to detox?

We need to discard unwanted toxins from our body caused by unhealthy eating habits and lifestyle.. Allowing negativity in our thoughts are also toxins, so meditating can help us to stay positive at all times.


  1. Food cleanse
  2.  Body cleanse
  3. Mind cleanse

She also discussed some of the benefits of juicing and how it can be powerful in helping heal known diseases.

16508204_10212390838272919_9093704002156709258_n 16508385_10212390837472899_2459603780894177063_n 16508438_10212390836632878_841095504912949001_n 16508978_10212390836472874_32769019398477198_n

16425925_10212390836032863_5629375618416320432_n 16427483_10212390837632903_5989257373547886988_n 16427485_10212390836792882_2865641102214894646_nRaspberry tea of some sort

All these juices tastes surprisingly great. Last time I had this detox juices was during our Sun Salutations at Beyond Yoga back in 2014 I think.

16406968_10212390837272894_154203399690970259_n-copyOur light healthy snack

If you feel like going raw and wanting to go vegetarian, or you just want to eat healthy, you may also visit Healthy Eats located inside the Medicard Lifestyle Center in Makati. They have a wide selection of raw, natural ingredients and food choices as well.

15871750_10212390833232793_2479135611774029652_n-copy-copy 16387164_10212390834592827_2598212871635981158_n-copy-copy 16406494_10212390834072814_5469315095537531312_n-copy 16406840_10212390835072839_6449050796173981427_n-copy 16406866_10212390835272844_1338549335004968960_n-copy

16425872_10212390835472849_7470210467993472200_n-copy 16425924_10212390832632778_5247876733226246699_n-copy 16427699_10212390836232868_2967628958091100805_n-copy 16473398_10212390833512800_3217885276938675918_n-copy 16473421_10212390833992812_5853438113965819818_n 16473605_10212390835672854_4200915745245352806_n 16508060_10212390835152841_4032365272702211107_n 16508194_10212390833152791_8210634463220709582_n-copy 16508680_10212390835912860_3993861533566982546_n

What about you? are you into this kind of thing? Detoxing requires maintenance and perseverance. Some people will start for a few weeks or so then will stop abruptly because of various reasons.

Celebrating Australia Day at Skippy’s Bar and Grill

I’ve never celebrated a foreign holiday other than Thanksgiving Day when I was still connected with a BPO company a few years back. It’s nice when you get to be invited to attend such celebration like the Aussie Day. I had an awesome time with food bloggers and met a few Aussies too last January 26.


I love going to bars with good crowd and good music. Skippy’s Bar and Grill is located at the 7th Ave. The Forum. It’s along Federacion Drive in BGC. Easy to spot since Forum is quite small with a few nice restaurants.

I arrived around 6pm and my fellow food bloggers were already there having a great time with their pretty colorful drinks. That’s what I noticed upon arriving at our table.


I fell in love with the place in an instant! Look at all these pretty and delicious looking drinks!

16386859_10212304497114444_1339420307426825761_n 16386937_10212304497394451_1428836366491707022_n

I tried all of them with a sip or two  along with finger foods served on us. My favorite is this mixed drink with lychee or peach and raspberry spiked with alcohol. I cannot describe it well because I forgot to ask the name of this drink. But this is the one I’m holding in this photo.


Aside from these pretty ladies drink served to us, my day wouldn’t be complete without trying their  beers. I got interested in this one called Bundaberg Sarsaparilla. 16299275_10212304170346275_7235688755179536649_n

Actually, it is a root beer, with a hint of ginger taste in it. I thought it’s your typical strong malt beer out there where you can get all tipsy with a lot of puking after having several bottles. I don’t think this would cause me in a state of throwing up and getting wasted. I like the bottle though, which is perfect if you have a mini bar at home where you can put it as display. I love the embossed logo and the cool looking classic bottle, like what you see in the old movies being carried by old cowboys having a sip after a hard day’s work.


The Bundaberg model. Char!

Tried more beers and I am digging this one


The Wagners Cider Beer


 The taste is quite similar to our very own San Mig Light apple flavored beer, only this one is more citrusy.  They did a great job of fermenting it coz you can always tell a good beer if it’s properly fermented with the right span of time. I’m guessing this one has been fermented for more than 2 years or so. So, I had more than 2 bottles of this. My food blogger friends didn’t notice how I sneakily been getting a bottle out of the bucket  served on our table.

Now check out their humongous Margaritas!


The Iced  Margarita

16195949_10212304159626007_4587477851552082540_n 16265773_10212304160346025_4899947446949987904_n

This is the slushy one! All tastes so damn good!  If only I can finish all these but I live very far and I don’t want to go home totally tipsy or drunk!

Moving on to the food served for us to pair for the awesome drinks.


What’s so special with this fried Calamari is the homemade tartare sauce that comes with it.



Potato wedges and scallops and some chips with a yummy dressing.


The perfect pizza for me. Cajun Pizza!  I love the spicy flavor which is just so perfect for our alcoholic drinks!  I had more than 2 slices of this.


This one is called The Sausage Trinity. Spicy sausages  broiled with peppers and beer served on a sizzling plate.


I requested a  dessert because my night wouldn’t be complete without it.  This brownie is so fudgy drizzled in chocolate syrup and I didn’t know it’s perfect with ice cream!

16299349_10212304163426102_6390860805686268076_n 16299359_10212304162426077_4380190707574566461_n 16299465_10212304496194421_9050393477083874165_n

Skippy’s Bar and Grill has the longest happy hours I’ve heard so far. I love the concept where they also have a pool table, live bands and great Aussie channels on TV you can watch. The fun part is that we met a few Aussie people there and had a great time dancing (them on barefoot!).

16195694_10212304173586356_8585826822313023249_n 16298877_10212304156745935_5331721746711248209_n

Too blurry. I’m not too sure if I’m quite a bit drunk here. Lol

One Aussie guy approached me and said” I Love You” and I said “Really? you love me? I love you too. What’s your name again? ”  Talk about being drunk already. I was really laughing with my good friend Cindy that time. The night is just so much fun with good blogger friends around.

So,  I think I’ll make a mental note of this place whenever I feel like drinking and spending time alone. I love drinking alone. It makes me feel so much braver and  independent. So if you want an interesting crowd, good music, not-too-crowded-kind of night, then you gotta visit this place and I tell you, you’ll have an awesome time.

Visit Skippy’s Bar and Grill :located at The Forum, 7th Avenue Corner Federacion Drive,Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City.

Like their Facebook page Skippy’s Bar and Grill BGC


Co Nut Ink Ice Cream now in the Philippines!

From Singapore to the Philippines.Co+Nut+ink is not just an ordinary ice cream. The newest ice cream craze has created a newly created ecosystem for the coconut industry – from the health benefits, recycling program, fair trade program for farmers as well as the investment opportunity in agriculture given the growing world population.

p_20161210_133325_ll p_20161210_133331_ll p_20161210_133340_ll

With numerous outlets scattered around Singapore, this coco goodness first overseas land here in the Philippines with one mission – to help billions of people find their happiness. And as the popular saying goes “You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy ice cream. And that is pretty much the same thing.” That’s why Co+Nut+inkbrings out the goodness in the “tree of life,” popularly known as coconut, in every ice cream scoop.

p_20161210_134107_ll p_20161210_134201_ll

Such a healthy ice cream. Look at the nuts! I love how it melts in my tongue and the burst of coconut flavor  somehow soothed my parched throat. It was so humid and hot that day. 

Unique Concept

Coconut ice cream served in a coconut shell is indeed a unique brand concept that will definitely make a trend. With this, it will be a lot easier to be distinguished from another ice cream parlors that are already out in the market.


Good for the Health

Due to increased health consciousness amongst consumers, they are choosing healthier ice cream as coconut is widely known on top of the food chain in health and wellness, with already proven local and global demand for the wonder fruit.Co+Nut+ink‘sice cream is guaranteed all natural. Its main ingredient, coconut, has five (5) essential electrolytes, aids in ultimate hydration and has more potassium than bananas. Moreover, coconut water is known as the great new isotonic drink for sports enthusiast. While the combination of coconut water and oil can be a miraculous healer.


Delicious Recipe

Co+Nut+inkintroduces a handmade coconut ice cream with a secret formula that could probably the BEST IN THE WORLD.Together with a diverse selection of healthy toppings, one serving will surely bring happiness to the face of every consumer.


Value for Money

To make your purchase worth the cost,an additional FREE pure coconut water will be served to complete our serving of our secret coconut ice cream together with coconut flesh and toppings.


Perfect Ambiance

Co+Nut+inkperfectly fits into the climate and vibrancy of a tropical country especially in the Philippines.Our focus distribution is unique itself, which cannot be found easily that will entice customer to go back and enjoy a serving of our product.


Opportunity for Farmers

Co+Nut+inkalso recognizes and caters the importance of a cohesive B2B supply chain where we source and prepare from the finest fair trade coconut and nectar to distribute our product to the market.We also promote a Fair Trade Program between small coconut farmers and large companies to help and enhance the living of every farmer involved.


We had fun with the arts and crafts for kids. My Savannah did some art on these coconut husks. Other kids also participated in the activity and even adults like us.

p_20161210_140432_ll p_20161210_140439_ll p_20161210_141630_ll p_20161210_143347_ll p_20161210_143925_ll_1 p_20161210_143931_ll p_20161210_143944_ll

p_20161210_133737_bf p_20161210_134423_ll
p_20161210_144902_ll p_20161210_144913_ll p_20161210_151945_ll-copy-copy

Starting January 2017, Co+Nut+ink will introduce the very first patented robotic self-serve coconut ice cream machine. The coconut ice cream craze will also be present available in all major theme parks such as Disneyland, Universal Studio, and Manila Ocean Park in the Philippines.




Since Co+Nut+inkarrived in the Philippines last September, eating ice cream has provided happiness to every Filipino. “MUST TRY!!! Check it out…Yum…Welcome to the Philippines!!!” says Marty Tomas of Manila. “The coconuts are natural and fresh!! And, I really love the ice cream,” adds another blogger.

To taste a scoop of happiness, visit Co+Nut+ink’skiosk at North Arcade, Mall of Asia (near SM Hypermart, along the walkway going to seaside).



Contact No.: 0915 294 0832


The Canadian Pizza is here in the Philippines: Steveston Pizza

I am a sucker for pizzas. I believe pizzas are for creative and fun people. It’s never boring. There’s always something exciting  every time you take that first bite, and it’s almost always being followed by another slice…and another slice…and another slice.

A mix of fancy and flavorful ingredients all thrown in a dough, just like someone with a very colorful and adventurous personality. Never boring and always comes with a lot of surprises.

At least that’s how I view people who are pizza lovers—like me.

I’ve tried several pizza restaurants in Manila and here in the South as well and I consider myself a pizza-obsessed human being. Actually, for us pizzaholics, there’s really no such thing as a bad pizza. But we could use some ranking and some analytics if you wish in order for us to prove which ones are the best,  and which falls into the basic and commercialized typical ones (.I sound like a pizza lunatic really).One of my dream is go to Italy and taste all the pizzerias there, especially the brick-oven baked  ones like Pizzeria Da Michele. But why bother spending all that money for a pizza you asked? you have a point that’s why I told you it will remain a dream waiting to become a reality.


I was very grateful  that I got invited at a pizza tasting event along with the other bloggers. I literally skipped my breakfast and lunch to prepare my stomach for this event because I know I’ll be stuffing my mouth with slices and slices of this amazing creation that is called a PIZZA.


Steveston Pizza has been well known in Richmond, Canada,  located in a small fishing village of Steveston . It has been famous and is considered the best pizza in BC for 7 years in a row. Nader Hatami,  founder of Steveston pizza believed that a pizza should be created like an art. He’s so famous with combining and harmonizing the flavors and layering all the ingredients in sequence immaculately,  They never scrimp with what they put on their pizza and they make sure that each slice is loaded with meat, cheese and veggies. They also prepare their pizza one at a time so it will be served hot and fresh from the oven.





I want you to taste this in your mind and work your imagination. Brace yourself for some mouth watering photos


Starting off with:


p_20161206_122640_ll p_20161206_122651_ll p_20161206_122656_ll

Honey glazed chicken breast, fig, gorgonzola and marscarpone mousse and arugula julienne

I love the variation of cheese and the honey glazed chicken. It’s better than the typical sweet tasting pizza like the Hawaiian flavored ones that random pizza restaurants are  offering.



Wasabe-scented teriyaki chicken breast, enoki mushrooms, camembert and sesame seaweed julienne (no tomato sauce)


There’s the wasabi that doesn’t really exist.  I’m not fond of Japanese flavors but this one should be in the Guinness book of World records. like it should be labeled as The Most Unique and Awesome Pizza in the World!  It’s just so amazing how a wasabi flavored teriyaki chicken and the mushrooms complements each other with a kick,  like a rock star couple. I was actually hesitant to try it because I heard the dreadful word “wasabi” but good thing I’m adventurous when it comes to trying out new tastes. It didn’t disappoint!



Roasted garlic, anchovies, caramelized onions, capers, tomatoes and arugul

There’s the arugula once more!!! I love how they make a healthy pizza adding this medicinal plant to help keep cholesterol from sticking into our arteries. So, even though your pizza consists of meat, it’s still a healthy one  because  they make sure to include healthy ingredients.

Its  pizza with a flair!


p_20161206_124819_ll p_20161206_124902_ll p_20161206_124918_ll

Pepperoni, genoa salami, back bacon, lean beef and capocolli

Haven’t eaten for a whole day? then try their Caveman pizza and I can assure that you won’t be craving for your next meal. It’s so heavy and yet so flavorful. The thing about an all meat pizza is that your mind keeps on asking for more, but your stomach is already begging you to stop. Look at the pizza, It;s so loaded with ingredients that just one slice feels like you’ve eaten lunch and dinner already. I’m dead serious!



Rosemary smoked bacon, caramelized onions, mushrooms, baby spinach and stilton blue cheese mousse

I love cheese so much so this is one of my favorite flavors. The taste of the spinach lingers in my tongue. I had 2 slices of this actually.

After a very heavy pizzafest, they were sweet enough to offer us some coffee. at their coffee shop Boncafe.

p_20161206_114228_ll p_20161206_114240_ll p_20161206_114254_ll p_20161206_142148_ll



Instagram photo @imcherrybells


You may also join Steveston Instagram giveaway!
Post and use #StevestonPizzaPh then tag Steveston Pizza. Show your post before ordering, and get an instant 10% discount.


With Cindy Dominguez of Checkpoint Cindy  and Ross Flores Del Rosario of Wazzup Pilipinas 

It’s really worth traveling all the way from the South and try tasting Steveston Pizza from Canada. I went home with 2 boxes with a happy stomach.


Check out Steveston Pizza at the following branches:

UP Town Center, Katipunan Ave., QC

Circuit Lane, Makati City

Corinthian Garden Clubhouse

Follow their Facebook page: STEVESTON PIZZA

and Instagram:


Chef Laudico’s Feast Now opens in Clark, Pampanga

How I just can’t refuse featuring food. Funny how I’m always making excuses about it. I know I have the wrong mindset when it comes to my eating habits and keeping fit. For me, life is really short and why deprive yourself from all these wonderful blessings being bestowed upon us? I am not a glutton and I know gluttony is a sin. The good thing is that I have physical activity like Crossfit and  hopefully by next month I’ll really start going back to the gym for maintenance. I’m not too sure if I’ll continue my Crossfit though since I noticed that the exercises are more concentrated with the lower body like thighs and legs, which I’m kind of disliking the idea of me having big thighs and muscular looking legs. So with that being said, going back to this topic that I need to concentrate on which is food, let me share my experience last Monday with the other bloggers and media people alike. We were invited at Chef Laudico’s Feast in SM, Clark Pampanga to discover the one of a kind culinary cuisine focused on Filipino dishes!


The Chef Laudico’s Feast 


My St Benedict necklace for protection p_20161114_141028_bf_1


Photos of me and Cindy at the Coaster looking so eager to eat

p_20161114_154131_bf p_20161114_154137_bf p_20161114_154219_bf_1

Selfie in the parking lot first

It’s my first time to try Chef Laudico’s  dishes. Since I don’t watch TV, I didn’t know that he’s one of the Celebrity chefs in our country, including his wife Chef Jacqui. I listened intently while they were sharing their experiences and how they make their dishes this awfully good.  The concept of Chef Laudico’s Feast focused on Filipinos experiencing the traditional fiesta on each dishes with food carefully prepared. Their recipes doesn’t have any artificial flavorings, msg and flavors are enhanced without shortcuts.

p_20161114_161516_llChef Laudico and Chef Jacqui

p_20161114_160355_ll p_20161114_155937_ll p_20161114_155213_ll

This is the newest buffet in the Philippines particularly in the North area where you get to enjoy the food with ingredients freshly prepared and only using natural and organic vegetables and fruits all thrown in a recipe. Flavors were invented by their ancestors. The ambiance is also homey. The ceilings are designed with banderas from fiestas and walls with banig concept.


As we were all seated to prepare tasting the dishes, I was feeling really hungry since I didn’t eat my breakfast and my lunch to prepare for this event. I am not one of those people who can try all these food and devour  them without so much as a burp. So to make the most of it, I came in with an empty stomach.

So prepare your mouths to water, this is gonna be food photo overload!

p_20161114_163747_ll p_20161114_163833_ll p_20161114_163856_ll

I only had each of these about a piece or two. I planned to try all 100 dishes prepared by these chefs.

p_20161114_170118_llp_20161114_170311_llThis Kare Kare is made of real toasted peanuts unlike others where they use peanut butter. 
p_20161114_164528_ll p_20161114_164533_ll p_20161114_164541_ll


The Angus Beef is one of their recommended dishes. I’ve put heaps of them on my plate.  The beef is so tender and I can taste each flavors slowly dissipating in my tongue. p_20161114_170423_llI don’t really eat Lechon but if it’s Cebu Lechon, count me in! The outer skin is so crispy. Loaded some of them on my plate too.


Ooooh. My favorite Bistek Tagalog which reminds me of my childhood days. My mom always cook this at home., but their version is so much better. They don’t use the branded soy sauce being sold in the market. All natural soy sauce where they have to get soya beans, grind them and extract the sauce I guess. 



I did the wrong strategy because I started out  with the meat. . I should’ve tried the seafood  first so by the time that I saw these shrimps and crabs, I was quite full already.  I ended up getting only 3 pieces of the shrimps and a crab.


I told myself a few days before after starting my Crossfit that I will only eat salads whenever i’ll attend my events but I ate what I said. I cannot really help it. Who can resist the aroma of good food? Plus the fact that everything is free, while others pay for good food and others starving and begging just to have something to eat.

p_20161114_165355_ll p_20161114_165344_ll

For vegetarians, you can indulge with these fruits and salads and I can assure you all these are plucked fresh from the garden!

Now, the main highlight of this event (for me that is.) are the desserts!!!


p_20161114_164617_ll p_20161114_164624_llp_20161114_165704_ll

Tried all of em really. Stuffing all of them in my mouth feels like heaven! Lol.  p_20161114_165653_ll

I also tried their soft-served ice cream although because I am so much busy eating all these desserts, I forgot to take a picture of it.


Sir Ver Garcia and Chef Laudico.  Looking so dashing Sir Ver! Thanks for the fun interview I did with you in Facebook Live!  You are the Star! 

 Me and Chef Laudico. I dig your glasses sir!


Me and Macy smoked 2 sticks of cigarettes because we were so bloated! 

Since Clark Pampanga is near Metro Manila, it’s easier for us to drop by SM Clark to experience their delectable dishes. Pampanga is known for the Sandbox, Hot Air balloon Festival,  Zoocobia Fun Zoo, and the Kamikaze Airfield. So of course after all these activities, we can always drop by Chef Laudico’s Feast and experience fiesta on each delectable dishes. You’ll definitely forget you’re on a diet!

Of course, the night wouldn’t be complete without pabaons from Chef Lau and Chef Jacqui. I super love the Artisan Chocolates!!!!

p_20161114_231044_ll p_20161114_231126_ll


And then the wine Cabernet Sauvignon got me feeling really heady and felt relaxed that I listened to Coldplay afterwards! 

Chef Laudico’s Feast rates are as follows:

Lunch rates on Mondays to Fridays

Adults:  499.00
Kids: 249.00

Dinner rates on Mondays to Fridays

Adults:  599.00
Kids (:299.00

Weekends and Holidays
Adults: 699.00
Kids: 349.00




The Chef Next Door Jonas Ng

Say HELLO again to CHEF NEXT DOOR – Chef Jonas Ng!

Jonas Ng Chef Next Door Chef Next Door

 The Group Entertainment together with Lifestyle Network
channel welcomes another feisty, hot character on the block
this July. Say hello to the Chef Next Door – Chef Jonas Ng.

Chef Jonas, head chef and owner of Huat Pot Hotpot Restaurant
in Greenhills and Le Jardin in Bonifacio Global City, takes us on a
culinary journey to the food industry by showing you the faces,
places, and stories behind the food industry that we are only starting to discover.

He shares the easiest and most practical ways to cook restaurant recipes, some tricks of the trade and chef hacks that he has learned over ten years of working inside a high-pressure, solution-oriented professional kitchen.

Each episode teaches viewers how to come up with restaurant
quality output from modern urban limitation and just like in
real-life kitchens, be prepared to see how Chef Jonas bounces
back from realistic kitchen struggles like lack of time, space, and
budget by doing his #chefninjamoves as he “MacGyver” his way to
coming up with creaVve and informaVve soluVons in every
kitchen crisis he is thrown with.comical, adventurous, and passionate. Be prepared to fall in love with ….. or maybe just “friend-zoned” in the Chef Next

The event was filled with fun activities and not to mention great food! I cannot stop eating for the past few months. With all the events I am attending, buffets seems always present and I can’t resist myself from indulging in different types of food especially the desserts!

Le Jardin French Restaurant Le Jardin French Restaurant

Who can resists these? Especially the cakes from Karen’s.Kitchen! I can gobble a few slices of cake in one sitting and that’s a skill i’m proud of. Tried each of their super delicious and unique flavored cakes and I felt so hyper from all these sweets.
Karen's Kitchen Le Jardin French Restaurant Karen's Kitchen

Karen’s Kitchen 

I wouldn’t pass up the Fog City artisanal Ice Cream!  It was so creamy and milky that I had 1 cup of the calamansi flavor and 2 cups of the Butterscotch Pecan.  Imagine all the food in my stomach and I  sensed that its complaining and wanting to plea to stop, but my brain is contradicting the damn feeling.

Fog City

Fog City artisanal ice cream 

There’s also the Baguio crafted beer from these two cool looking studs. Tried both flavor but preferred the light one.

Baguio crafted brwery Baguio crafted brwery Baguio crafted brwery Baguio crafted brwery

These 2 studs behind the Baguio Craft Brewery

The South Girl

My Instagrammable photo

The fun part about the event is that I joined the karaoke contest and sang the Wannabe by Spice Girls. I miss singing really so I thought of putting it to the test again. I didn’t win but at least I get to bring home a guacamole chips bowl set!


We all won!!

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My blogger friends


With my pretty blogger friend Nicole Paler of Chic Mix 


Lovin this Wall of Fame 


With Jonas Ng: Chef Next Door

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Of course selfie is required. Lol

It was a such a memorable afternoon of mingling with all these interesting people that even if I was lacking sleep I still felt so energized.

Photo credits:

Victoria Cruz

Bette Medina of Eunnie Inspirational

Cindy Dominguez of Checkpoint Cindy

Daryl Madelo

Visit the Le Jardin French Restaurant at W Building in BGC.

Address: 32nd St, Taguig, Metro Manila

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Dome Cafe Food Review

Last December 10 was such a busy day for me starting off with meeting a potential client, signing a contract for a new job and finally attending a blogger event.

I miss food blogging. I think last time I did food review was a feature of Vikings last year. Since right now I’m kind of catching up with myself (from all the things I loved doing), I grabbed the opportunity to accept an invite from a known cafe in Mandaluyong.

After I’ve finished meeting with the client and signing the contract for a new job, I braved the traffic along Mandaluyong to attend a food tasting event for bloggers at Shangri La Mall.

Let’s check out Dome Cafe,  one of the classic restaurants of Shangri La Mall.

We were first served with our chosen drinks. I didn’t get much sleep so I opted to try their Iced Cappuccino with Jelly.


It’s very typical of me to start off my lunch with a caffeine boost! I love the mousse cream on top plus the coffee jelly that goes with it. I have to admit that one ice cream glass isn’t enough to satisfy my caffeine cravings.

Let’s move on to the starters, shall we?



We had Mozzarella Sticks w/ Tomato Salsa, Spiced Sausages, and Chicken Fingers. The Spiced Sausages is definitely an appetizer with a kick! Italian sausages with olive oil and garlic tossed with roasted bell pepper, mustard and chili flakes.


p_20151128_072113Vigan Longganisa pasta

This Vigan Longganisa pasta is for the win! The piquant flavor of longganisa bits in spicy aioli sauce and roasted bell pepper creates a different kind of flavor which suits my palate.

p_20151205_151622_1Seafood Aioli Pasta 


p_20151205_153008_1Chicken Pesto Sandwich 

Definitely, the type of sandwich that would satisfy your hunger. I only ate half of it because I need to make room for the other dishes. Perfectly grilled chicken fillet in basil pesto with mayonnaise spread, lettuce, fresh tomatoes and onion rings.

p_20151205_153024_1Dome’s Classic Club Sandwich 

I tried half of this one as well and I love the combination of cheese omelet, pine honey ham, and fresh tomatoes.


p_20151205_152157_1Grilled Pork Ribs

p_20151205_151812Bangus Belly

p_20151205_152337_1Fish and Chips


p_20151205_160941_1Carrot Cake

p_20151205_161020Blueberry Cheesecake

Some facts about Dome Cafe:

Dome Cafe is an Australian-based company that also offers varieties of food which they refer to as Dome-fried dishes like their best sellers beef belly, pork chops, bangus belly, longganisa breakfast and another Filipino cuisine.

Dome Cafe also has regular acoustic nights every Friday and Saturday wherein they offer unlimited cocktail drinks while you get to enjoy extremely good music o your choice.

Dome Cafe is located on the ground floor of Shangri La Mall.

Being Vegetarian

A whole two-week blogging hiatus. Holiday activities that involve family gatherings, eat out with friends, packing and opening gifts, cleaning the house, and a lot of shopping.

This is my first post for the YEAR 2013. It’s normal for everyone to start on a clean slate. Starting from scratch to zero to nada. And launching into a whole new perspective and outlook on life. There goes creating lists for New Year’s Resolutions, going on a diet, changing your look, changing boyfriends and girlfriends, starting out fresh and all the things you can think of.

As for me though, I will start to be a vegetarian. I don’t wanna make promises mind you. In fact, right now, I am quite in agony, especially when you are surrounded by people who love to eat! I decided on doing so because I am studying meditation. Though it doesn’t mean that you have to be a vegetarian if you practice it I just prefer to be one because my principle is that I want that lighter feeling of being. That’s just me you know.


Starting off with a canned veggie meat. I had it for lunch and it tastes really good. It’s made of whole wheat and soya protein. I even had some bananas for dinner! I’m really learning it the hard way.

Let’s go Vegetarian!


Granton World Christmas Eat-all-you-can Grab

Who among you are food junkies here? As you can see, food bazaars are everywhere! And it would be better to find a nice one for your food trip. To those who are from the south, I invite you to shell some moolah at Soderno Molito. If you are familiar with the original  Mercato Centrale in Florence and the Boroughs Market in London, we actually have our own Filipino version which is the Soderno @ Molito.-the newest lifestyle market of the south!


Now Granton World will be having a Christmas eat-all-you-can grab for only 299!

Race to grab all the food you want with a 3-minute food spree.

Satisfy all your cravings with the wide array of food merchants that will be serving for you at Soderno. Whether it is Italian, Mongolian, Filipino, or Chinese Food that you have a hunger for, you will surely find everything you want.


For more details, you may visit their website

Food trip galore. I won’t mind getting myself fat because I have an excuse for it’s the holidays. I’ll start fretting over my figure next year ok?

Let’s go tomorrow!!!