A very Interesting Tour at Paradizoo.

Whenever I attend events, I make sure that I get to learn something interesting from it. The media tokens are just a plus but the possible things you can learn  are priceless, not to mention the interesting people you’ll meet as well. Yesterday, I was invited at the ribbon cutting of Mr Yupangco’s farms inside the Paradizoo.

p_20170121_101718 p_20170121_102131 p_20170121_102434

It was a typical tour with a few briefing and introduction of the Power Of Three ((floral,  vegetable and agri-livestock festival) which happens  from January to March 17. As you all know, I love nature so much. The morning air felt so cool and relaxing despite the heat of the sun.  We each admired the flowers, the vegetables that the farmers have planted and all the adorable animals that roamed around the farm. .

The Flower Garden 

p_20170121_101348 p_20170121_101352My dearest habbibi Vixie. 

I feel like I’m in Bali!

p_20170121_101434 p_20170121_101441 p_20170121_101534

You know, this place kind of resembles the Miracle Garden in Dubai. Although they don’t have all these pretty gigantic heart-shaped sculpted flowers but in all honesty, this place is a paradise.

16114746_10212237778086510_2929434667770668602_n 15976988_10212237765046184_8949604191503125760_n

An interesting fact:

Did you know that you can attract butterflies through female urine? All you need to do is mix flower petals with female urine on a basin of water and ferment it for 3 days. You’ll be surprised a lot of butterflies will be swarming on it. A fact I learned through chit chatting with a very intelligent Mr Yupangco who owns the Paradizoo, Residence Inn, Zoobic Safari and all Zoomanity theme parks in the country.

This pot of flowers smells like…..uhm, urine? LOL.

p_20170121_140938 p_20170121_140949

So many Bonsai!

p_20170121_141805 p_20170121_141807

16114939_10212247687214232_6745817203677055753_n 16142192_10212247688134255_6417504325393328039_n

I was so inspired by this tree that I created a poem for it. p_20170121_142927


One by one, they were swept away and blown by the wind. Each day, I grasped desperately.
Trying to recall the memory

I try. I fail. I try again.

I know her face. I know her voice. I’m not sure and I violently shake my head.
I feel like I’m long dead.

I cannot utter these names. All a jumble of mess. It looks like chaos,
All shouting. Too loud like a thunderstorm.

He yells. He screams. He lost all dreams.
He is standing tall and still.
Nothing remains.

Vegetable Garden 


Hydroponics farming is a method of growing plants in nutrient solutions. They are being grown without soil.




A lot of adorable animals. I love to take home this cute donkey.



16176408_10210121279406725_2140773757_nFed some chickens


 You might be interested in buying all organic products like the Vegetable and Fruit Wash.


p_20170121_111715 p_20170121_112755

There’s this amazing fact about apples. I didn’t know that the reason why an apple is shiny is because it is coated in wax! I have been eating an apple and sometimes I don’t wash it especially if I’m too hungry. Little did I know I am also eating wax from it.  However, after doing a bit of research about these wax coating, I learned that the wax coated on apples to make them shiny is called shellac– is a resin secreted by the female lac bug, on trees in the forests of India and Thailand. It is processed and sold as dry flakes and dissolved in ethanol to make liquid shellac, as per Google. 


Other products you might want to try that they are promoting as well
p_20170121_115437 p_20170121_115443

Paradizoo also offers an accommodation for family and for solo travelers. I like this room with it’s very barn-like feel  and definitely  much Filipino at the same time with the banig concept.


If you are a traveler of 4,  you may also book this nice trailer room. Small but cozy and only costs less than a thousand per


PARADIOO, one of Zoomanity Group parks, re-unfolds Power of Three (floral,  vegetable and agri-livestock festival) from January to March 17. This event aims to promote inclusive growth in the field of agriculture.—inviting over 20,000 students, farmers and other public and private sectors to focus and understand the benefits of growing agricultural sector in the country.

For three months, Paradizoo offers FREE Agriculture education to all. Free seminar on flower, vegetable and livestock care will be given by different well-known educators and speakers of agricultural sector, including senator Cynthia Villar, and Mr Vergel Formaran of Calata Group Inc on Feb 4.

Located in Mendez, Cavite, Paradizoo is a 12 hectare theme park that offers a combination of Paradise and Zoo that is uniquely relaxing and entertaining. It’s a perfect destination for pleasure, learning and healthy living.

Paradizoo applies the best practices in Agriculture especially in farming like vermiculture, bukashi soil, hydroponics and putting up compost pits. They also observe balance ecosystem by maintaining a natural habitat among animals and plants. Here you will learn more about agriculture, different farm animals and products you may produce.

One of the favorite attraction in Paradizoo is the Farm Frenzy, an area where guests can cuddle and buy some animals such as rabbits, hamsters and love birds. They also have a collection of Dorper Sheep, Boer, Kalahari, and Saanen dairy goats. Rusa and Turkeys from Australia which are also available for sale. In Plant Me Home area, guests may also select and pick vegetables from garden plots to take home. For those who love veggies, take a look at their Bahay Kubo and identify the 17 vegetables included in the said song. And if you have a very keen eye for beauty and flowers, have a glimpse of the Orchidar’ium and Eclectic Garden.

Other Paradizoo’s very interesting attractions are Meditation Garden, Wedding Pavilion and Boot CAmp. You can also try their latest attraction like the CAmel Ride and Zing Ride, a unique air ride that is a combination of zip line and a swing.

To experience this eco- journey, you may comtact them at 847-0413

Check out their Fb page: https://www.facebook.com/zoomanitygroup

and their website: http://www.zoomanity.com.ph







Enjoy your Christmas Shopping at Market Row in Solenad 3!

I haven’t done my Christmas shopping yet and ‘m putting it off lately because of my busy schedule from work and events. I actually need a bit of wardrobe shift  from the typical girly outfits into something more darker and mysterious. i’m fascinated lately with anything minimalist with a touch of that French style dressing. You know, the kind where you only wear  jeans, a simple shirt and then pair it with Mules. So given that I haven’t done this whole shopping thing, it was kind of a surprise when I attended the Market Row Activation event in Solenad 3, I wasn’t really expecting that we are in for an awesome surprise from the Market Row team!

Well. I’d like to start this off with a bit of introduction aboutwhat Market Row is all about.

Cherry Bells


Market Row Bazaar is a pop up activation for Retail Ventures’ first curated

lifestyle store that bears the same name. The bazaar is located at the Activity

Center of Solenad 3 and runs from December 3 to 11. The brands participating inthis bazaar will be housed inside the said boutique, enticing the community for its upcoming opening inside Solenad. Below are the brands that took part in this week-long shop teaser:.

Here are the brands for Market Row:


IG & FB: @obsessionwithoutlimits

Short for Obsession Without Limits, is born out of the owner’s hobby. It provides unique, fun and adorable handmade crystal accessories using both local and imported materials. Ms. Vannie Olan, the owner and crafter, aims to reach a wide following regardless of age, status and style.

p_20161208_131322_ll p_20161208_130958_ll



Ian Darcy Fragrance

IG & FB: @iandarcyfragrance

Ian and Allan have the nose for business, literally, their venture to fragrance this year has been received very well by the market. In a matter of a few months their online business eventually grew to physical stores in different market areas. Their perfume oils, which they source from France, are of high quality that people are impress of how identical their version is of a popular brand and its long-lasting scent on the skin.

p_20161208_131600_ll p_20161208_131614_ll

Eightria Manila

IG & FB: @eightriamanila

Their accessories booth can come off as intimidating with their elegant boutique table set up. They have Pandora-ish bracelets and other glamorous silver and gold accessories with Cubic Zirconia stones that has the brilliance of real diamonds. On the other side is their apparel booth offering casual, easy to wear tops and bottoms that young adults will find interesting. Eightria’s overall look is of chic, relax, glam down dressing.

p_20161208_131312_ll p_20161208_131551_ll p_20161208_132517_ll p_20161208_132524_ll p_20161208_132640_ll p_20161208_132649_ll p_20161208_134610_ll


Pillows & More / Belts & More

IG & FB: @pillowsandmoreph

Sister brands that started out in selling belts and locally-made novelty pillows, Pillows & More / Belts & More is one of the most popular booths in the bazaar. Aside from throw pillows in pretty patterns, they also have unique neck pillows combined with animal hoodies that is a big hit to the kids and young at heart. The booth also carries their line of dog beds called Dogs & More which is also a hit among pet-loving bazaar goers.

p_20161208_133218_ll p_20161208_133448_ll p_20161208_133519_ll


Caboodle Box

IG/FB: @caboodlebox

Email: caboodleboxph@gmail.com

Mobile: 09153968246

Caboodle Box is home to pretty trinkets, stationery, art and craft materials, gifts, home décor and novelty items lovingly handpicked and curated. The owner herself offers craft workshops and specializes in washi tape crafts, canvas bag painting and paper projects.



Pink Bubbles by Gabrielle

IG & FB: @pinkbubblesbygabrielle

Considered as the perfect booth for little princesses who love to adorn their hair with pretty accessories, Pink Bubbles by Gabrielle offers a collection of handmade hairbows, headbands, clips and other accessories. It’s a party of colors with all the assortment of pastels and pretty patterns that can complement and complete every little girl’s OOTD.



MVT Mobile Stuff

IG & FB: mvtmobilestuff

Nowadays, mobile phones are not just considered a necessity but also a part of every person’s fashion statement. MVT offers a wide range of eye candy phone cases and colorful accessories. Customers can’t help ogling at the beautiful prints and furry designs to adorn their precious phones.

p_20161208_134014_ll p_20161208_134019_ll p_20161208_134027_ll

Beauty and Body Balm

IG & FB: @beautyandbodybalm

Make-up junkies rejoice! Beauty and Body Balm brings in all authentic branded make-ups from the USA. Their main products, City Color and Kleancolor, are up and coming brands in the US that promises quality and on-trend cosmetics that won’t cost you your paycheck. They also carry quality make-up brushes, Goody products, L.A. Girl and RImmel.



Marilex Accessories

IG: @marilex78

FB: Eroles Handicrafts

Marilex focuses on showcasing their accessory line in this first run of Market Row Bazaar. The prices are very affordable to everyone looking for quick gifts for Christmas and those aiming to hoard accessories for everyday use. All materials are made from non-tarnish stainless steel. Check out their social media accounts for the rest of their handcrafted fashion products.


Helios Philippines

IG & FB: @heliosphilippines

Helios is one of those brands we Pinoys can be proud of. The humble drawstring bags are elevated by the creative use of various materials such as printed heavy canvas, water-repellant fabrics, metallic, faux croc skin, and printed man-made leather. Additional pockets and zippers make the bags more functional and fashionable.



House of Flannels

IG: @houseofflannels

No one can miss this booth! House of Flannels is spot on with their products which every flannel lover will appreciate. You’ll be surprised to find out that there is more than the usual button down shirt. They carry different silhouettes and fancy details that elevate the basic plaid, western shirt found in every closet.



Banana Leaf Clothing

IG & FB: @bananaleafclothing

Ms. Shonee Pontejos has been joining bazaars for only a few years, initially selling baby dresses then eventually followed her passion for dressing up and thus Banana Clothing as a brand was born. She researches the latest trend in women’s fashion and have them produced locally. The brand’s latest collection of chic and trendy dresses, tops, and jumpsuits are suitable to wear in the office and casual events.

p_20161208_134725_ll p_20161208_134727_ll p_20161208_134732_ll

AS by Alberto Sumague

IG: @asumague

FB: Alberto Sumague

AS is a veteran brand supporting the local industry for more than seven years. Being proudly Marikina made, they ensure top quality craft with a friendly price. Styles are of understated elegance that suits ladies with fine taste. The brand can also be found in their Greenbelt 1 and Kamuning stores.


Bag Buffet MNL

IG & FB: @bagbuffetmnl

Bag Buffet MNL is an aspiring brand offering a variety of chic and trendy bags perfected for girls of all ages. The owner, Ms.NicoleTallod, handpicks the bag details from leather to hardware to ensure the durability of her products. Her well carefully curated collections showcase bags and totes that caters to the taste of the young and fashionable.


F & M Clothing

F&M has also been around the bazaar scene for some good number of years already selling affordable yet on trend apparels that suits a wide range of the ladies’ market. They got denim jumpers and jackets; chambray dresses; knit dresses in stripes and solid colors; easy slip on cardigans and more.



Sling MNL

IG & FB: @slingmnl

Trendy casual sling bags, wallets, wrist bags and bag charms fill the entire booth. With their good price strategy, one will be tempted to take home more than 2 of their items. Ladies of all ages flock to this booth to get their hands on these pretty slings.



Koffee Clothing / Studs & More

IG & FB: @koffeeclothing

Koffee Clothing offers trendy silhouettes in understated colors that make it

versatile to wear for work or leisure. Ms. Connie Cruz, the owner, carefully curates the collection for her brand which makes it seem like walking into someone’s closet with each item that can be mixed and matched. She started Studs & Gems just this year and the accessories here, of course, complement the Koffee apparel look.

p_20161208_135732_ll p_20161208_135723_ll



IG & FB: @wastelandmnl

Wasteland Manila was launched in 2014, aiming to bring fun and exciting products for teens, young adults and young at heart with products ranging from iPhone cases, accessories and other novelty items. One of their notable items is their printed iPhone cases which is a collaboration with selected St.Benilde Multi-Media students. The entire Wasteland Manila collection can also be found at their digital flagship store at wastelandmnl.com.



MK Boutique

IG & FB: mkboutiqueph

Run by a shy couple, MK Boutique’s watches are fun, young, and artsy. If their collection still didn’t catch your fancy, you can ask to collaborate for your own unique customized design. The watches’ mechanics are Japan made while the bracelets came from Korea.



Reigne x Ross

IG & FB: @reignexross

Named after the owner’s adorable daughter and son, Reigne and Ross, is a new player in the children’s apparel. Dresses for little girls comes in fun, eye popping colors and prints. Character bags, purses and other small trinkets are also being sold in their booth.



Laurente Fashion

IG & FB: @laurentefashion

Laurente Fashion is another veteran in the bazaar business offering accessories, Vigan blankets and customized wood signage. Ms. Michelle Laurente brought in her line of accessories ranging from birthstone studs, stainless steel necklaces and bracelets, watches, and fancy necklaces. Along with the accessories is her fun, DIY, wood signage that can be customized with the help of their staff. Look closely and you’ll observe that all wood pieces are unique because they are all handmade by local Bulacan crafters.

p_20161208_140553_ll p_20161208_140619_ll



IG & FB: @twiloph

If Twilo rings a bell, it’s because the brand pioneers in offering a mother and

daughter matching apparel line. They have been in the business for 13 years

supporting our local manufacturing industry. Come and check their current

collection of printed dresses and tops, lace dresses that needs to be pre-ordered,

and off shoulder tops in chambray.

p_20161208_141015_ll p_20161208_141313_ll


It was so much fun especially the hoard all you can for 15 minutes! I was able to score nice and pretty looking stuff. I love the Helios drawstring bag so much! I’ve been eyeing that since I saw the Market Row Bazaar in Solenad and now, it’s mine finally!!

15380662_10211755313025185_4171371140038150087_n 15400995_10211754919375344_677017443168880092_n

p_20161208_130126_bf 15439779_10211755971841655_1601669961504141612_n


Come visit the South specifically Solenad 3! It’s the perfect atmosphere for shopping. Less crowded and you geat great deals too.

The Canadian Pizza is here in the Philippines: Steveston Pizza

I am a sucker for pizzas. I believe pizzas are for creative and fun people. It’s never boring. There’s always something exciting  every time you take that first bite, and it’s almost always being followed by another slice…and another slice…and another slice.

A mix of fancy and flavorful ingredients all thrown in a dough, just like someone with a very colorful and adventurous personality. Never boring and always comes with a lot of surprises.

At least that’s how I view people who are pizza lovers—like me.

I’ve tried several pizza restaurants in Manila and here in the South as well and I consider myself a pizza-obsessed human being. Actually, for us pizzaholics, there’s really no such thing as a bad pizza. But we could use some ranking and some analytics if you wish in order for us to prove which ones are the best,  and which falls into the basic and commercialized typical ones (.I sound like a pizza lunatic really).One of my dream is go to Italy and taste all the pizzerias there, especially the brick-oven baked  ones like Pizzeria Da Michele. But why bother spending all that money for a pizza you asked? you have a point that’s why I told you it will remain a dream waiting to become a reality.


I was very grateful  that I got invited at a pizza tasting event along with the other bloggers. I literally skipped my breakfast and lunch to prepare my stomach for this event because I know I’ll be stuffing my mouth with slices and slices of this amazing creation that is called a PIZZA.


Steveston Pizza has been well known in Richmond, Canada,  located in a small fishing village of Steveston . It has been famous and is considered the best pizza in BC for 7 years in a row. Nader Hatami,  founder of Steveston pizza believed that a pizza should be created like an art. He’s so famous with combining and harmonizing the flavors and layering all the ingredients in sequence immaculately,  They never scrimp with what they put on their pizza and they make sure that each slice is loaded with meat, cheese and veggies. They also prepare their pizza one at a time so it will be served hot and fresh from the oven.





I want you to taste this in your mind and work your imagination. Brace yourself for some mouth watering photos


Starting off with:


p_20161206_122640_ll p_20161206_122651_ll p_20161206_122656_ll

Honey glazed chicken breast, fig, gorgonzola and marscarpone mousse and arugula julienne

I love the variation of cheese and the honey glazed chicken. It’s better than the typical sweet tasting pizza like the Hawaiian flavored ones that random pizza restaurants are  offering.



Wasabe-scented teriyaki chicken breast, enoki mushrooms, camembert and sesame seaweed julienne (no tomato sauce)


There’s the wasabi that doesn’t really exist.  I’m not fond of Japanese flavors but this one should be in the Guinness book of World records. like it should be labeled as The Most Unique and Awesome Pizza in the World!  It’s just so amazing how a wasabi flavored teriyaki chicken and the mushrooms complements each other with a kick,  like a rock star couple. I was actually hesitant to try it because I heard the dreadful word “wasabi” but good thing I’m adventurous when it comes to trying out new tastes. It didn’t disappoint!



Roasted garlic, anchovies, caramelized onions, capers, tomatoes and arugul

There’s the arugula once more!!! I love how they make a healthy pizza adding this medicinal plant to help keep cholesterol from sticking into our arteries. So, even though your pizza consists of meat, it’s still a healthy one  because  they make sure to include healthy ingredients.

Its  pizza with a flair!


p_20161206_124819_ll p_20161206_124902_ll p_20161206_124918_ll

Pepperoni, genoa salami, back bacon, lean beef and capocolli

Haven’t eaten for a whole day? then try their Caveman pizza and I can assure that you won’t be craving for your next meal. It’s so heavy and yet so flavorful. The thing about an all meat pizza is that your mind keeps on asking for more, but your stomach is already begging you to stop. Look at the pizza, It;s so loaded with ingredients that just one slice feels like you’ve eaten lunch and dinner already. I’m dead serious!



Rosemary smoked bacon, caramelized onions, mushrooms, baby spinach and stilton blue cheese mousse

I love cheese so much so this is one of my favorite flavors. The taste of the spinach lingers in my tongue. I had 2 slices of this actually.

After a very heavy pizzafest, they were sweet enough to offer us some coffee. at their coffee shop Boncafe.

p_20161206_114228_ll p_20161206_114240_ll p_20161206_114254_ll p_20161206_142148_ll



Instagram photo @imcherrybells


You may also join Steveston Instagram giveaway!
Post and use #StevestonPizzaPh then tag Steveston Pizza. Show your post before ordering, and get an instant 10% discount.


With Cindy Dominguez of Checkpoint Cindy  and Ross Flores Del Rosario of Wazzup Pilipinas 

It’s really worth traveling all the way from the South and try tasting Steveston Pizza from Canada. I went home with 2 boxes with a happy stomach.


Check out Steveston Pizza at the following branches:

UP Town Center, Katipunan Ave., QC

Circuit Lane, Makati City

Corinthian Garden Clubhouse

Follow their Facebook page: STEVESTON PIZZA

and Instagram: @stevestonpizza.ph


Have a romantic movie date at the VIP Venice Cineplex at Venice Grand Canal

Being single has it’s downside, especially if you feel like going to a movie and you wanted to cuddle up with an intelligent gentleman (I specifically mentioned “intelligent” because I’m a sapoisexual). That’s why whenever I feel like wanting to watch a good movie, I’d prefer to watch it in DVD instead to save me from feeling so lonely and pitiful looking.

But to those of you who have been lucky on the love department, here’s a recommended place for you and your special someone.

Cherry Bells

Megaworld  invited me to attend the ribbon cutting last Friday of Venice Cineplex in Venice Grand Canal Mall at MCkinley Hill.

p_20161202_194332_bf_1 p_20161202_194425_bf p_20161202_194936_ll p_20161202_195007_ll


The country’s most romantic mall just got more exciting with a first-rate movie viewing experience giving shoppers and movie enthusiasts more reasons to celebrate the season at McKinley Hill’s premier lifestyle destination.

Located at the 3rd floor of Venice Grand Canal, the state-of-the-art Venice Cineplex is now open for movie goers. Five world-class movie theaters with plush and comfortable seats and equipped with the latest big screen and sound system technology guarantee to elevate the film viewing experience like never before. Cinemas 2 and 5 will be operating in the Dolby Atmos System, an award winning sound program created to give movie lovers the most innovative and immersive experience in film viewing, thanks to its multidimensional surround sound.

Dolby Atmos creates dynamic audio with pinpoint clarity though 64 sound channels and by strategically placing speakers all around audiences. This multidimensional sound realism redefines the movie experience without distracting from the action on screen, thus making Dolby Atmos theatres the optimal choice in viewing the latest blockbuster hits.

The most striking and innovative feature of Venice Cineplex is its VIP Cinema, a signature of Megaworld Lifestyle Malls in its Eastwood, Lucky Chinatown, Newport and Uptown Cinemas.

p_20161202_195753_hdr p_20161202_195810_hdr

I love the feeling of being in a VIP setting. Imagine having a  movie date with someone special while having wine and popcorn. If you feel like wanting more wine, just press a button and a butler will be there to serve you.


Me and my red wine. Isn’t life so amazing? 


The reclining seats with buttons to press for popcorns as well. 

Venice Cineplex VIP Cinema offers a more premium and exclusive feel, and is perfect for movie dates with its luxurious reclining leather seats. It also offers a butler service that will keep drinks and popcorn flowing with a touch of a button for a more convenient movie viewing experience.

For added convenience, movie goers can also buy their movie tickets to Venice Cineplex at http://www.blockbusterseats.com.

Elevate your movie viewing experience at the brand new Venice Cineplex at Venice Grand Canal. For more information, please call the Venice Grand Canal Concierge at 624-1971, 09175129934 or send an email to veniceconcierge@megaworld-lifestyle.com.

Another solo trip: Residence Inn Tagaytay 

It was All Saint’s Day when I had the chance to spend the night alone in a hotel. My brother, his girlfriend, and my 2 kids were in Batangas and I didn’t go with them because I would feel really uncomfortable being in the car with my bro. We had this terrible fight and until now we aren’t talking to each other. I tried reaching out to him but he refused to speak to me. I guess we both needed time to forget the incident and Im still hoping we could  resolve the issue as early as possible. We may never know what could happen to us.and for all we know we could wake up the next morning and BAM!

Life often give surprises that can throw us off guard so as much as possible, we need to make amends with the people  we had misunderstandings with. I just dont want someone hating me forever especially from someone very dear to me, like my brother.

It’s actually difficult for me to spend the night alone in our house. I’ve become sensitive to spiritual entities and someone died in my brother’s room due to suicide. Its so creepy because I can definitely sense this spirit especially when I’m alone. So to cut this silly hallucination of a story short, I decided to book a room and stay for a night in Tagaytay, my safe haven.

The cool thing about traveling alone is the random people you see on your way. I rode the air conditioned bus going to Residence Inn and there I am, feeling so sleepy because I only had a few hours of shut eye.


Cherry bells

I don’t make fun of people especially when it comes to appearances. I am not perfect and I believe that there’s always something beautiful about each person. However, these bald headed guys caught my attention. It’s sorta like a reflector. The afternoon rays of the sun hits their shiny heads causing them to stand out among all the other heads out there. I was sitting at the very back of the bus so I get to witness the comings and goings of the people inside and the peanut vendors and the water and C2 vendors as well. Sorry everyone but I am telling the truth and here’s my proof. Lol



I arrived at the Residence Inn around 1:00pm and got settled in, threw my backpack on the bed then went outside at the balcony and savored the cool afternoon air and the nice breathtaking view of the Taal Lake..


I got a good look around the room and I can say it’s pretty neat don’t you think? I mean, for a 3k room, it fits my expectations. It’s cozy enough—with heaters, air conditioner, a basic colored TV, cute animal printed bedspread and pillowcases that surprisingly matched my shirt. There;’s a comfy coach and a fridge for storing drinks and food. Furniture like the bed stand, bedside tables and dining table are made of bamboo.

p_20161101_135915_ll.jpg p_20161101_135856_ll.jpg p_20161101_135901_ll.jpg p_20161101_132649_ll.jpg wp-image-362649376jpg.jpeg


Like a donya. Haha14906931_10211388067884286_5799125456500850806_n

I wasn’t feeling hungry so I took a few minutes rest first, then decided to explore the zoo.

p_20161101_155117_ll.jpg p_20161101_155133_ll.jpg p_20161101_155148_ll.jpg wp-image-971792567jpg.jpeg wp-image-2136950862jpg.jpeg p_20161101_155249_ll.jpg p_20161101_155306_ll.jpg wp-image-1514934090jpg.jpeg wp-image-1908724599jpg.jpeg

So many random zoo animals. I was wishing my kids are with me.to see these animals but I thought they need to be there as my representative. My dad’s gonna be pissed I’m sure coz I didn’t pay him a visit.

wp-image-531216642jpg.jpeg wp-image-836550311jpg.jpeg

I should put this as my Facebook  cover photo. Lol

After zoo exploring like a kid on a field trip, I returned to my room and decided to read a book. I always make it a point to read everyday to stimulate my brain. This helps keep my mind from being idle. For me, I’d rather read than watch TV. Most shows are full of crap and news tend to be scary and exaggerated anyway. When I read, I feel like my soul is flying elsewhere and transporting from a different time and place. So I was absorbed in my novel for about 2 hours I think and afterwards, decided to start my drinking session with my silly self. The night is too early so I went out to buy a couple of Red Horse beer,  a San Mig Mucho, cheap Pal Mal cigarettes and some chips from Ministop located at the Mendez Market.


Toast for Independence!

You know what’s awesome about this alone thing? You become really imaginative. You may call me weird or crazy but really, it works because it gives you this sense of power and you feel like you can conquer anything. I was really having the time of my life and it’s only 8pm. Turned up my hiphop music from my phone really loud not even caring if my phone speaker will explode. I was so into it that I was dancing and rapping like a ghetto with the tune of Ignition. Damn. I was partying with the souls. I can feel them watching me while I was there holding my bottle of Red Horse, smoking and bobbing my head like a fool. Haha.

I was thinking a lot and recalling scenes from my past and these are mostly good memories, not the emotional shitty ones. Being alone tends you to think no matter how hard you try not to. Even if you command your subconscious to stop the thinking, you cannot control it, like an arrow from a compass. It  still directs you to somewhere. The problem with the arrow on my head is that it points my brain to some kinky thoughts. Oh geez. It’s normal come on. I’m sure if you’re in my shoes you’d be imagining Christian Grey too.

See? my point is, if you do this once or twice in your life, you’ll overcome your fear of being alone. You’ll be braver than Wonderwoman. You’ll feel more smarter and you won’t be too dependent on anyone. You get to be resourceful too and make friends with random strangers. I love meeting people from all walks of life and it really helps because you become a better version of you. So if I were you, try to travel alone. Take it one step at a time. As soon as you’ve done it let me know and share your story will yah? Tell me how it feels and tell me if I’m right or if I’m really right?


Celebrating my Independence!

I am celebrating my independence  this month.  It’s been a year since the biggest detour of my life. The freedom and this solo thing is so addicting. I felt so powerful. Its like I can battle everything that comes my way. My life changed just like that and I was transported into a different planet and I am living this new world as a different person. A more stronger, smarter and more beautiful version of me.

The good thing about being the master of your own self is that you can do anything you want and no one dictates your every move.  You get to learn a lot of things and meet interesting people. In fact, since I became single I started going out on dates but nothing really serious. Geez I deserve this freedom and dating is just so fun. I met a lot of guys and through that I learned  how their mind works. I also learned to distinguish  douchebags and a-holes too. So before they make that first move, I ignore and give them the disappearing act.

I  learned to run errands alone, like pay the bills and grocery shopping. I also learned to go to the movies alone and go to dance clubs alone. It was so unbelievable. I’ve been so dependent with people for such a long time that I am amazed with myself I was able to do it!

Now  just to test this bravery thing and since I wanted to be that Wonderwoman-kind-of-a-mother thing,  I started travelling alone. I am taking this one step at a time. It takes guts to do this you know, and not to mention budget as well. Since I live from the south, I wanted to try the North and see if it will work for me.


I was pretty confident to travel solo here only because I got a bit familiar with the place ever since the Azalea Baguio 3 days stay for bloggers. The travel was easy peasy and I only have 5k in my pocket that time. I went to La Trinidad for a change of scenery. All people often go to popular tourists spots like Burnham Park, Minesview Park, artists cafes and the ukay ukays. but I feel like going for a swim. So during the bus trip going there, I met this local who lives in La Trinidad and she suggested a place that’s not known for most tourists.  Its a river tucked hidden somewhere in the mountains of La Trinidad.


The lady I met in the bus gave me some directions on how to go there   The first day I arrived in Baguio i went straight to their Public library and killed some hours before finally retiring in my transient room that costs 350 a night  which was located in Magsaysay road.

I traveled going to that said river the next day.

The road going to the hidden river was very rough and steep and I had to wait for hours for the jeepney. The view is so nice and I love the fresh cool breeze caressing my tired face. I suffered insomnia that night so I was lacking of sleep and my bloodshot eyes tried their very best to stay open.

After the bumpy ride, I finally arrived in the location that the woman told me about. The place  looked so quiet and I got scared for a minute because I was thinking of snakes, and someone can easily rape me here.  Luckily,  there’s this kid who’s so nice that he accompanied me going down to the direction of the river. It was actually at the foot of the hill so we had to climb down this tiny rocky road leading to the gushing water sounds I heard from the distance.

We are the only people there. The kid said that not everyone knows the place that’s why he was surprised that someone like me from Manila was able to discover it.

13244775_10209911759177491_7951148515856128639_n 13265901_10209911758297469_4578583518321728662_n

The quietness moved me so much that I asked the kid  he can now leave and assured him that I know my way back. Although he warned me not to walk too far coz I might get lost and the river  could get deeper and no one will save me if I drown. So after taking a photo of me sitting on a rock, he finally left me…along with my thoughts.

13237766_10209911757537450_5641287170946741885_n 13254375_10209911757217442_3617770519867977468_n

I dipped my feet in the cold clear water while thinking deeply and inhaling the fresh scent of afternoon air. The only sounds I heard were the birds chirping and a crying monkey from a distance.  I am so relaxed to the point of sleeping.

So I spend the whole afternoon swimming alone, had my mini picnic alone and played songs in my phone and did some reading too. The world is so great and God is just awesome. He has this way of making you feel that no matter what difficulties you’re facing, he makes you feel his presence. And for me, I feel his presence through nature around me.

So that was my first trip alone.  And I promised myself since then that I will do this more often. It’s never too late. I feel like I’m on that stage where I am reclaiming the youth stolen by early marriage.


And I can feel that this is just the start of my long journey.













The Heritage Malolos Tour

When I was in school, I never really had any interests in History. The only thing that makes me so excited with all the subjects we had was of course P.E and English. History made me yawn. In fact, I don’t really care whether Rizal  died for our country or the fact that Apolinario Mabini was crippled. Yeah you can throw me out of the Philippines now but hey, cut me some slack back then you know, I was enjoying my life as a teen. All I cared about was cut classes, go to my friends house, read books, and go to the mall. Now, at my age of 35,  I realized that I need to learn the stories about our heroes, our heritage and facts about politics during the war era.Why? simply because I have two daughters that could possibly ask me lots of questions about these sort of things. Mind you, I am not highly intellectual when it comes to History and politics and such, but what I can share with you are a few of the things we saw in Malolos Bulacan that gave us new knowledge and a different view of the history of our country..These houses we went to each tells a story.and the Political Museum gave us new facts about how they run leadership and politics back then.

So, I’ll start off with the first house we visited. The house of Dr. Luis Santos undoubtedly been built to perfection. It speaks so much about wealth and power.

p_20161029_120834_ll p_20161029_121012_ll p_20161029_121026_llThis statue, which was built in the garden located in front of the house,  was the work of  Anastascio Caedo,, a renowned sculptor  from University of the Philippines’ Oblation. 

p_20161029_121159_ll p_20161029_121218_llThese old books dated back in the war era.

I was greeted by this and you had no idea how I’m so eager to read all the books displayed in the shelves. Most are books about the study of Medicine but there are a few about politics, old encyclopedias and history books.

p_20161029_125901_ll p_20161029_130158_ll

I got interested looking at old photos from a Science book

As we trudged inside the house, we first checked the dining area and the kitchen. Saw more bookshelves here.

p_20161029_123738_ll p_20161029_121417_ll p_20161029_121412_ll

Rolly Marcelino, our tour guide,  tells a bit of history about Dr Luis, his roots and a few stories of which connects with the other politicians known in Malolos.You see how animated he was telling these stories and he obviously knows it by heart.


I love paintings and anything artsy, like antiques and vintage stuff, that it almost became my point of obsession, although I cannot afford even one simple painting being sold in Art Museums or Art shops for that matter. I just love looking at them with awe.

p_20161029_123756_llThe painting tells about a baryo with people helping each other. I am positive that this is an Amorsolo painting. 


This one I need to give some serious thought on. It looks like a maid pouring water to an earthen jar and by observing her eyes, it seems like she’s trying her best to do her task despite the difficulties of life.

p_20161029_124202_llAfter seeing this, I literally dropped my mouth and stared. It was so amazing. Imagine how on earth did they make such painting on a ceiling? This one was made definitely by Fernando Cueto Amorsolo–one of the most important artists in the history of painting in the Philippines.


I took photos of some antique furniture which made me want to go back in Evangelista, Makati and look for antique mementos again.

p_20161029_123804_ll p_20161029_123738_ll p_20161029_123829_ll p_20161029_124147 p_20161029_124220_llp_20161029_124306_ll

p_20161029_124736_ll p_20161029_124744_ll

I felt goosebumps upon entering this bathroom. My hair stood on end.



Saw this cute kid and she just looks so perfect sitting on top of the stairs.  I’m imagining some scene in a pinoy horror movie wherein a group of teenagers goes on a vacation during the summer and turns out this kid was actually one of the ghosts in the house. Yeah. Me and my wild imagination.


This is how it looks like outside.


Why do I keep imagining scary things whenever I’m inside an old house? Like this one. I was picturing a group doing a seance.

p_20161029_140944_ll-copy p_20161029_140958_ll-copy p_20161029_141011_ll-copy


p_20161029_141153_ll-copy p_20161029_141446_ll-copy

I love the smell of old houses. The damp, wooden smell of old walls, the smell of rattan and  the faint odor of crumbling pages from a book made me want to curl on a rocking chair, read and drink coffee, while the cool breeze wafts in from the window.  It’s my typical chillin whenever I’m in my grandmother’s house. So relaxing and it made you want to sleep all day.

Now moving on to the next house, which is owned by Alberta Santos, one of the Malolos Women where history tells about fighting for their rights to study the Spanish language. This house also looks very interesting. Some rooms gave me the creeps too, especially the one where all the gowns are being kept. I assume it’s Alberta’s room probably.

p_20161029_135505_ll-copy p_20161029_135347_ll-copy p_20161029_135340_ll-copy p_20161029_135336_ll-copy

p_20161029_135320_ll-copy p_20161029_135325_ll-copy

Her closet full of lacy gowns, embroidered dresses and a few skirts as well.


Look at all these shawls and blankets. So intricately embroidered.


Travel luggage back then from Hotel Mabuhay, which is now known as The Manila Hotel.  Very  vintage. 

We checked this other room where there’s a statue of Jesus Christ lying in bed. I honestly think this is totally weird and creepy.


p_20161029_135126_ll-copy p_20161029_135058_ll-copy p_20161029_134922_ll-copy p_20161029_135008_ll-copy p_20161029_134908-copy

The women of Malolos


The new edition of The Women of Malolos”. Kiddin.

After the tour of this second house, we were greeted by Mr Enriquez who gave us a brief history of the Women of Malolos.

p_20161029_131022_ll-copy p_20161029_131216_ll-copy p_20161029_131225_ll-copy p_20161029_131241_ll-copy

A few books being sold there.

The third house we went to is called Bahay na Bato, owned by Epifanio Delos Santos.

p_20161029_141624_ll-copy p_20161029_141905_1-copy p_20161029_141519_ll-copy p_20161029_141254_ll-copy p_20161029_141041_ll-copy

The rocking chair that keeps on rocking without anyone sitting on it. 

p_20161029_141135_ll-copy p_20161029_141011_ll-copy p_20161029_140935_ll-copy

We just took a short tour and then afterwards went to eat at the famous restaurant called “Bistro Maloleno”

p_20161029_152503_ll-copy p_20161029_152438_ll-copy p_20161029_143547_ll-copy p_20161029_143939_ll-copy

All the food served are surprisingly unique to the palate. I tried the Rebusadong Hipon, Tinolang may kalabasa and my  most favorite which is the Hamon na Pinaso, glazed with syrup, pineapple and cherry. I cannot fathom how delicious it was!

Another thing popular in Malolos is this one of a kind dessert called “Pinaso”. It consists of ground biscuits (preferably Skyflakes) milk, flour and granulated sugar. After all the ingredients are mixed, this will be toasted using the “siyanseng bakal” .


I swear, I could eat like 6 of these in one sitting!

We had a few chitchats before going to Barasoain Church and the Political Museum beside the church.


Our “Photographers” playing card games Vanguard.

The scrumptious meal had us feeling so heavy and bloated. It’s just perfect that we had 2 more stops and then finally, a visit to the Mayor’s office.

p_20161029_155828_ll-copy p_20161029_155754_ll-copy

Fascinating and mesmerizing.

This church is quite simple yet fascinating. The term “Barasoain” was derived from the term  “baras ng suwail,” which means “dungeon of the defiant” because the church was a meeting place for anti-Spanish and anti-colonial illustrados.



Well sculpted carvings. I cannot help but pose in front which looks so perfect as backdrop.

The political museum is situated near the church as well. We saw a lot of paintings, old writings and letters from the Malolos Politicians  and then I saw some of the names that could possibly be our relatives, or relatives of someone I know perhaps .I didn’t pass up the opportunity to snap photos of these paintings, letters and memorabilia.

p_20161029_162205_ll_1-copy p_20161029_162644_1-copy p_20161029_162459_1_1-copy p_20161029_162337_ll-copyHow I wish I can have this kind of handwriting

p_20161029_162315_ll-copy p_20161029_162250_ll-copy p_20161029_162224_ll-copy p_20161029_162214_ll-copy p_20161029_162159_ll_1-copy

This painting is quite disturbing. It reminds me of  the book I had seen in one of my relative’s house in Pampanga about demons, sorcerers and medieval kings and queens from the olden times.

p_20161029_162140_ll_1-copy p_20161029_161907_ll_1-copy

p_20161029_161803_ll-copy p_20161029_160324-copy p_20161029_160305-copy p_20161029_160257-copy p_20161029_160152-copy p_20161029_160015_ll-copy

After the museum tour, our final stop is at  Mayor Natividad’s ‘house. We were warmly greeted by him and we were served filipino meryenda.

p_20161029_170154_ll p_20161029_170204_ll_1_1


The main topic of discussion we had is about his petition for making January 23 as a nationwide special working holiday for Filipinos to commemorate the declaration of the First Philippine Republic on January 23,1899 at the Barasoain Church in Malolos, Bulacan..

p_20161029_165923_bfWith Mayor Christian Natividad

In the Philippines, it takes relentless commitment to form a populace’ sensibility for nationalism.  Relentless is what one could describe Malolos Mayor Christian Natividad.

He has staged the Vamos a Malolos!historical tourism campaign, which he has been aggressive in promoting. It is a year- round campaign, where celebrations such as ParangalsaKongreso and PistangPaskosaMalolos are a part of.

No such efforts to raise historical awareness in similar scope has been known to attract as much passionate participation even from people beyond Malolos, and even beyond Bulacan.  It is remarkable how Christian figured early on that when communities with a strong sense of history build on their unique identity and assets to foster community pride. Social interaction will increase as residents market their community to potential businesses. The results can improve economic stability and greatly impact the lives and memories of its people.

I have learned so much from this trip and I would even recommend this as a part of a field trip to the teachers and parents at my kids’ school. Not all the information I’ve learned are included in our history books, even the books that our kids are using. Our history has always been in the middle of black and white. Too distorted, too confusing and a lot of loopholes and hidden facts.


Alviera Go Play features world’s first game show-inspired playground

Alviera, the township development rising in Porac, Pampanga plays host to the first game show-styled playground in the world. Experience outdoor fun and wacky games inspired by hit TV shows like Takeshi’s Castle, Wipeout, and Gladiators in a one-day summer festival.
Alviera Go Play takes off on Saturday, June 11 at SandBox, a full day of lively games, mental and physical challenges, foamy frolic, bouncy inflatables, prizes, food and music.
go play vertical_small
Take part in the craziness of Human Foosball, keep singing through Wacky Karaoke, run in sumo suits through Sumo Relay, play Agawan Base dressed in a zorb ball, or manage three lay-ups with binoculars on in Binocular Basketball. Try to kick a goal without wobbling, but only after spinning yourself silly in Dizzy Penalty Kick. There’s Buzzingo, Extreme Jack & Poy, Brain Games, Photo Mission and more. Over a dozen simultaneous games and activities will keep you, family and friends entertained throughout the day.
There’s a foam bash party every hour where a local DJ will be onstage to play the summer’s soundtrack. An inflatable play area will be open for kids aged 13 years old and below. Not to be missed is a water obstacle course where players have to avoid giant swinging balls to get to the end.
Alviera Go Play is organized by Runtertainment, the company behind Outbreak Manila, Slidefest Philippines and Breakout Philippines. Players can sample the Breakout
Philippines Escape Room Game at the event, for a real taste of the game’s excitement and mystery.
“We are all about memorable moments, big laughs, and team work. Go Play offers young and old a fun-filled festival atmosphere of games, music, food, drinks, foam pits, and lots of selfie opportunities,” said Angelo Cruz, Runtertainment Managing Director.
 Alviera Go Play runs like an outdoor arcade where players can earn more tickets or exchange them for prizes. Registration as a Regular Go Player for P800 entitles one to 10 points, while the Extreme Go Player at P1,200 gets 20 points. Children aged 7 and below can register as Go Kids Player for only P600 and start off with 10 points. Each activity requires points to join in. Every successful activity gains a player more points.
A point refilling station will be set up, as well as a prize area where winners can exchange points for souvenir items.
Coupled with the thrilling attractions of SandBox, the outdoor adventure never stops. Go Players will be entitled to discounted tickets to SandBox attractions like the Giant Swing, Aerial Walk, Adventure Tower free fall, wall climbing, and Avatar One rollercoaster zipline.
16-Inflatable Play Area 14-Zorb suits 11-Costumes are welcome at Alviera Go Play 4-Inflatable slide 6-Inflatable Obstacle Course 9-Inflatable Play Area
            “Alviera Go Play is another one of our signature events to cap off the summer,” said Jomi de Guzman, Alviera Project Development Manager. “This is the kind of experience one enjoys in Alviera, the kind that lets everyone participate in the fun and appreciate the outdoors.”
           Alviera, an Ayala Land development in partnership with Leonio Land, is envisioned to become a regional growth center of Central Luzon. The master-planned estate will include residential communities, commercial establishments, academic institutions and offices. Upcoming developments include the Alviera Country Club and the Alviera Industrial Park.
            For tickets and information to Alviera Go Play, visitwww.goplayph.com.

The Regus introduces office of the future

Flexible workspaces for the younger Internet generation are now making waves in the Philippines!!!!

Even how we do business is changing along the continuous evolution of the workforce. To keep up with the pace, Regus is introducing out-of-the-box work stations custom fit to answer the needs of the young and millennial entrepreneurs.

Established 1999, Regus Philippines now has offices in key cities such as Manila, Makati, Pasay, Pasig, Mandaluyong, Taguig, Muntinlupa, Quezon City, Clark and Cebu.
With over 3,000 locations in 900 cities worldwide, Regus leads the workplace revolution by constantly studying the trends and addressing the challenges of doing business. Perfect for all types of businesses, whether startups, small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), or even big corporations, serviced offices can help a business start or expand..




Capture 01



05 06


03 04


cafe cafe2

One of Regus’ products is Businessworld, an exclusive membership scheme offering four levels of service. Business lounges, shared or private office space, meeting areas, a professional surrounding for printing, emailing and more and business support from Regus are just some of the perks that entrepreneurs can enjoy.
The flexible terms and different membership levels of Regus’ products and services is designed to suit the needs of every working class from homeworkers to CEO’s and is well adapted to the norms of the modern society. Instead of putting up a venture from ground up and furnishing it with necessary equipment, serviced offices is now a viable option. It is already equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and connection ready spaces. A highly trained staff will man your office and you can also boast of a premium business address.
“Managing a remote team, or being an employee of a team that works remotely, should not be a hindrance to success at the workplace,” said Lars Wittig, Country Manager of Regus Philippines.
Harnessing one’s abilities and recognizing where and how they work best is the key to success in this constantly evolving workplace, he added.

To ensure the quality and reliability of their offerings, Regus conducts regular researches and surveys. One of Regus’ global business surveys has found that 57.3 percent of people in Philippines and 52 percent worldwide now work remotely for at least half their working week. For Filipinos, this can be attributed to various factors like heavy traffic and the availability of modern technology that enable modern-day employees to work from virtually anywhere at any time.
“Owning a property, be it office real estate or any other, can be complicated and it is crucial to recognize the key components of a great office real estate investment to ensure it is indeed a profitable property. This is why serviced offices can be a more cost-effective and flexible office space solution to drive business especially for startups and SMEs,” shared Jacqueline Van Den Ende, Managing Director and CEO of Lamudi Philippines.

Here’s a few photos during our Regus office tour

13260289_10209896264670138_1326549697780843875_n 13232926_10209896257269953_7296770289224100222_nWith Christopher Watine, trainer for Lamudi

13255999_10209896140267028_5485014347867768052_n 13220814_10209897559782515_4983495656351194518_nRegus office n 8 Rockwell

13254471_10209896887925719_1233577556215827465_n 13237696_10209896198348480_3956848971330760134_n 1936250_10209896214668888_3481227311007888050_n 13256059_10209896376712939_8664939356839082857_n

My favorite part of their offce is the business lounge where  can always relax and drink UCC coffee while cocooning myself inside  the Thinkpod. 🙂


Asia Premium Travelmart at the SMX Conventon Center

It was such a success for the Asia Travelmart last year that they have provided great destinations for people who loves to travel. Asia Premium Travelmart is a platform for travel counselors to network and meet with luxury Sellers from all over the world.. In this sense, hotels from all over the country ties up wth APTM to provide luxury travels to those who wants a memorable, and fun vacation. Following hotels that attended the event are City of Dreams, Sofitel, Bohol Resort, Cebu Villa, Manila Pen, Makati Diamond Residences, Crimson Hotel and a lot more.



FB_IMG_1465230600376 13339677_10154190080190561_3778411683025374755_n 13332759_10154190079995561_8103946285468384600_n 13325620_10154190080355561_8584081649587991519_n

13330978_10210001086290613_7621326929780589068_n 13342932_10210001095170835_9046496883773760058_n

Visit the APTM Trade Show this June 23-25 at SMX Convention Center. Get dibs on great travel deals and find out what luxury is all about. .