My yoga retreat at Brahma Kumaris: Inner Peace, Inner Power

It was a challenging journey for the past year and you know how it is when it gets to a point that you become confused and ask yourself what your purpose is, what God has planned for you, how you can keep up with these struggles and how you mostly question the real meaning of our existence in this Universe. The sudden turn of events in my life created a big impact on myself and sometimes, when you had some catch-22 you suddenly view things on a different angle. I became cautious ‘to the point where I need to halt and pause, think deeply, before taking action. This applies to almost all situations I’m in. I choose my battles wisely and learned not to give too many fucks on small things.

Last February of this year,  it became too stifling for me and decided to attend another retreat at the Brahma Kumaris Spiritual University. This is my second one.  Being in a retreat is way even better than traveling on a different country because you get to source your positive energy and happiness from within yourself and not from your outside surroundings. I believe it is important to be in touch with your soul. I always feel so renewed after a retreat.

Pardon for my sucky photos. Actually, grainy and blurry photos are my specialty. And I don’t really mind it at all. This was taken from an old phone I had because my ASUS phone got broken and had to resort from a low end one. I still decided to take photos because I wanted to document this for I know this is worth keeping in my mind. My memory is weak and I’m afraid by the time I reach 50 I’ll have an early Alzheimer’s Disease or something.

This retreat offers you to gain a broader understanding of what is happening in the world at this time and how it affects you as you begin to understand the depth of karma philosophy. The BK yogis will teach you the Raj yoga meditation in order for you to discover the benefits of gaining peace, contentment and happiness.

As usual, we started our day with vegetarian snacks. Their food is superb and I consider this as the best ever vegetarian food I’ve ever tried

Eggless choco cake 

The yogi at Brahma Kumaris asked us, if we will pick a symbol of ourselves, , what would it be and why? We were shown different symbols and asked to write down our answers on a piece of paper.

I picked the symbol of a sea. Here’s why.

“When the weather is calm my waves roll gently. When stormy winds blow I am wild and out of control. On the surface, I am influenced by my surroundings. But I am also deep and way down beneath my surface is another world, in my depths I have a mysterious and secret world of stillness, silence, beauty, hidden color and great power. Even though I am mostly on the surface where I interact with the world outside, I spend time visiting my depths, so that I can become resilient to the winds of change. “

I love spending time here even before when I was still studying the Raj yoga at their University every Sunday in Tagaytay,. For some reason, the place holds a certain aura of peace and positivity and it’s not just because of the atmosphere that Tagayatay brings but also because you’ll see words of wisdom from each area of BK.

This is the Meditation room where you can just spend your time being quiet. You can stay here for hours as much as you like and no one will bother you.

I guess the way to deal with stress is knowing what your happiness metric is. I know that we hear this all the time, like go inwards and reflect and connect with yourself but based on my experience, after my separation, I have proven this to be true. I trudged and journeyed my way alone without needing anyone in my life even at this moment. I even came to know the real me through spending time by myself and going to places that I know i will find serenity and contentment. We shouldn’t be afraid to deal with the nuggets of bullshits that’s being forced to us down our mouths. We have the option to spit them out or eat them whole.

If you happen to be in Philippines and you want some soul spa, you may visit Brahma Kumaris Spiritual University located in Tagaytay,.


Deepening meditation experiences: Brahma Kumaris

Deepen your spiritual understanding and experience of Raja Yoga Meditation with an experienced senior yogi. Learn more about the ultimate way to experience constant peace and happiness amidst this world loaded with peacelessness, suffering and uncertainties. This retreat offers you to:

  • Gain a broader understanding of what is happening in the world at this time and how it affects you as you begin to understand the depth of karma philosophy;
  • Experience Raj Yoga Meditation once again.
  • Discover the benefits of leading a spiritual lifestyle.

This will be on August 12, 9am to August 13, 3pm. The retreat is Deepening Meditation Experiences. We hope you can join us in this wonderful and soul-full retreat.

Below is the suggested schedule of your retreat:
8:00-9:00         Arrival/Registration
9:00-9:30         Orientation and Warm-up
9:30-10:00       Expectation Check
10:00-10:30     Snack Break
10:30-12:30     Session: Practical Aspects of Soul-consciousness
12:30-1:30       Lunch
1:30-3:30         Personal Time and Reflection
3:30-4:00         Snack
4:00-5:30         Meditation Session
5:30-6:30         Session: Experiencing God’s Love and Protection 1
6:30-7:30         Blessing Ceremony
7:30-8:15         Dinner
8:15-9:00         Session: Experiencing God’s Love and Protection 2

4:00-4:45 am   Early morning meditation
6:30-7:00         Nature Walk or Breathing Exercise
7:00-7:30         Reflection
7:30-8:30         Breakfast
8:30-9:30         Session: Depths of Karma Philosophy
9:30-10:00       Reflection Time
10:00-10:30     Snack Time
10:30-12:30     Workshop with Lecture
12:30-1:30       Lunch
1:30-2:30         Q and A Session
2:30-3:00         Sharing of Experiences/Toli/Blessings
3:00 onwards Departure

During the retreat, there will be inspiring chit-chat sessions with Sister Rajni, a meditation practitioner for more than 40 years, meditation drills, interactive classes, and creative workshops to help guide you into the depth of silence so you can experience the most benefit. Sessions will be on meditation, self-realizations, philosophy of karma, and there will also be Q&A portion.

Facilitation of the retreat is our service to humanity. However, there is a contribution of 1,700 pesos per person to cover your meals, snacks, accommodation and use of the facilities.
Kindly send us your confirmation by August 7 to help us in our preparation for the retreat. Should you have questions and concerns, please feel free to contact us at (046) 4832128 / 09175020243 or send us an email.

Journey into the healing world of Silence

Greetings of peace!

Do you need to forgive someone? Or to let go of anything? Or simply wish to experience peace of mind?
Then… join the Journey Into the Healing Power of Silence: Holy Week Retreat.

This retreat is perhaps one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself in this lifetime.
Sustained by silence, this is a retreat of courageous and loving inquiry into what is ready to be let go of and healed,
enabling you to walk more lightly and freely into the future. Silence heals and like a mirror, in it, everything becomes clear.

This retreat includes sessions on healing the self and relationships through silence, but with guided directions,
sessions on understanding the self, meditation, journal-writing, creative activities and sharing with like-minded individuals.
Check-in time is between 3-4pm of Thursday, session begins at 4:30PM.
Register online: [

I want you to experience the magic of silence and how it helps strengthen your being.

#brahmakumaris #rajayogameditation #holyweekretreat

The 101 Sun Salutations

It’s time for some yoga talk!

I am beyond thankful for I was chosen to cover for this event which I can totally relate to. If you have been stalking my blog for quite some time now, you would know how passionate I am with yoga. Yoga transformed my life in such a way that everything seems to fall into the right places. Like all the lucky stars have been shining my every path.
Thats why I know deep in my subconsciousness, this event is meant for me. Originally it wasn’t me who got sent to write about it but for some reason, the assigned writer can’t make it so I was chosen to go instead.

Beyond Yoga: The 101 Sun Salutations

When you want a variety of yoga, and you’re up for a challenge and wanting to explore and learn more, it would be smart to try out yoga at Beyond Yoga for they have a lot of classes to offer. There’s Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Power yoga, Antti Gravity yoga(this is the popular yoga wherein you’re suspended in a hammock and get to do the asanas upside down, stretching yourself this way and that and testng your endurance.) and many more.

We did the 101 Sun Salutations and I must say, this one is a bit tricky. For if you’ll just watch us from afar, you would think the postures are a piece of cake, but in truth, it’s like you’re in a military training. Only less brutal I guess. In Hindu language, its called the Surya Namaskar, opposite of the Chandra Namaskar(moon salutations)that I also practice in the evenings during weekends, if I’m not too busy.

The yoga teachers started the session with a few introductions, then afterwards, we started the meditation and chanted “om” to calm ourselves and prepare for the asanas.


Beyond Yoga: The 101 Sun Salutations


Beyond Yoga: The 101 Sun Salutations


Beyond Yoga: The 101 Sun Salutations

My challenging pose, THE PLANK

Beyond Yoga: The 101 Sun Salutations

Look how tired I was haha. I waited for the detox demo by Ms Margo Lao, teacher of the Anti Gravity yoga. She’s so pretty and there I was so mesmerized and very engrossed on what she’s discussing. She revealed her age and she’s already 40-ish but definitely looks like 30-ish! Imagine looking ten years younger just because she eats and drinks healthy natural foods. That’s also one thing that made me switch to being a vegetarian. You feel so clean inside and you possess a youthful glow coz your skin becomes clear.

Beyond Yoga: The 101 Sun Salutations

Its surprising how veggie juice can taste so great! Can you imagine drinking ampalaya juice? I swear it doesn’t taste bitter, trick is that you have to combine sweet fruits like bananas or apples and the taste is truly awesome! No kidding here.

So, after the demo one of the Yin yoga teacher asked if I could stay for the next class which is the Yin yoga, this a slow type of yoga wherein postures are held for long periods of time. Though as much as I wanted to stay, I was only sent for the 101 Sun Salutations.. Told him perhaps next weekend or so. Im very proud of myself for I can now strike up a good conversation with people. I realized its so much fun and you can learn a thing or two from these conversations. And, not to mention earning a lot of acquaintances, which sometimes turn into friends.

Beyond Yoga: The 101 Sun Salutations

With the Beyond Yoga teachers

Teachers for the 101 Sun Salutations:

Paulo Leonidos
Anna Manalastas
Kit Navarro
Bea Gomez
Benedict Bernabe
Lester Castillo

Want to find peace? Want to live a stress free life? Want to be fit? Then try yoga.

Beyond Yoga studios are located ate these branches:
3rd Floor, C2 Building, 7th Ave Corner 28th Street, Bonifacio High Street Central, Taguig City
Telephone Number: 553-3799
Mobile Number: 0917-6BYYOGA (6299642)
Tomas Morato Branch – 3F Il Terrazzo, Tomas Morato Avenue corner Scout Madrinian St., Quezon City, Philippines Tels. (02) 921-6070 / 0917-5-BEYOND (0917-5239663) BHS Central Branch – 3rd Floor, C2 Building, 7th Ave Corner 28th Street, Bonifacio High Street Central, Taguig City, Philippines
Tel. (02) 553-3799 / 0917-6BYYOGA (6299642) Email:

Being Vegetarian

A whole two-week blogging hiatus. Holiday activities that involve family gatherings, eat out with friends, packing and opening gifts, cleaning the house, and a lot of shopping.

This is my first post for the YEAR 2013. It’s normal for everyone to start on a clean slate. Starting from scratch to zero to nada. And launching into a whole new perspective and outlook on life. There goes creating lists for New Year’s Resolutions, going on a diet, changing your look, changing boyfriends and girlfriends, starting out fresh and all the things you can think of.

As for me though, I will start to be a vegetarian. I don’t wanna make promises mind you. In fact, right now, I am quite in agony, especially when you are surrounded by people who love to eat! I decided on doing so because I am studying meditation. Though it doesn’t mean that you have to be a vegetarian if you practice it I just prefer to be one because my principle is that I want that lighter feeling of being. That’s just me you know.


Starting off with a canned veggie meat. I had it for lunch and it tastes really good. It’s made of whole wheat and soya protein. I even had some bananas for dinner! I’m really learning it the hard way.

Let’s go Vegetarian!


Sudarshan Kriya- a breathing yoga technique

Last week, our company offered a short course for relieving stress in partnership with The Art of Living. An email blast was sent to all employees with an offer of a short yoga course which is free when you sign up. Though the offer is only limited to 20 people I think. I love how our company cares for our well-being. You seldom find a company who offers such things like this one.



This is the first time I’ve heard about this type of yoga. I tried Bikram yoga and hatha yoga at Golds gym and currently, I’m studying the Raja yoga (which is for the mind) but Sudarshan Kriya? After reading the email I instantly signed up and tried it.


The Art of Living is located at The Antel Corporate Center. I’ve never heard of this organization as well so I googled it.

The Art of Living is a stress-free and violence-free society; to encourage people from all backgrounds, religions, and cultural traditions to come together in celebration, meditation, and service

They offer different courses like Sahaj Samadhi which is the art of meditation. Art of Living part 1 course  ART Excel Course(8-13 years), Y.E.S! Course(14-17 yrs), Y.E.S Course (18-30 yrs), Sri Sri yoga, The Art of Silence, Wisdom Series and DSN.

What we had was the Part 1 Course which consists of

  • Practical knowledge to deal with the daily challenges of life
  • Interactive exercises
  • Yoga, stretching, and relaxation exercises
  • Meditation and powerful breathing techniques
  • Sudarshan Kriya, a unique breathing technique

What I love most is the Sudarshan Kriya, which aims to teach you how to control emotions through your breathing. The method also helps relieve stress and detoxifies the body. Suitable for us employees who work in a KPO/BPO/Call Center industry.

Honestly, I felt so relaxed during the course especially when the teacher lets us rest in Savasana after the asanas. All of us were put into slumber and we would be awakened by Ms. Bernadette afterward.  I also love the Omkar. This mantra is so effective that it releases a balanced energy. It’s like fueling your chakras.


in my meditation studies, we don’t meditate with Omkar and we do not have a mantra. It’s totally different. But in The Art of Living, they practice the regular yoga that involves chanting mantras and meditating with your eyes closed. The teachings are also different.  But I enjoyed it nonetheless.

All of the pilot members are from our company except for one. We came from different departments and it was really fun getting to know people from other business units.


.We were asked to practice being vegetarian for 4 days. On my part though, I’m already starting it since it is required in my yoga meditation class.

On our last day, we had a potluck of vegetarian lunch. Teacher Bernadette brought a vegetarian kare kare which I have tried and tasted at the BK University. Some brought fruits and salads and bread. Jayjay brought some vegetarian Carbonaro made of Cashew cream sauce with mushrooms. I had three helpings of it.  The guy was Spanish and he owns a Mushroom farm or something.


There was also some falafel from Starbucks, vegetarian bagoong and kimchi.  To be honest, I wasn’t able to bring my share. I was in a hurry that time and I can’t risk getting late from work. So I figured I’d skip bringing food since I knew a lot of them would bring some anyway. (I know I’m such a freeloader. Haha)


We were so full and after our power lunch.  They had their exchange gifts. I didn’t join because I didn’t have a gift with me. Such a loser I know.


This is the Spanish guy I’m telling you about. Such a nice guy and very outspoken. The one beside him on his left is Teacher Bernadette Suarez. On his right is our Receptionist.

Anyways, It was a very, uh should I say relaxing experience. I’m still thinking if I should continue this to the next level or not. But if ever it fits in my “busy” schedule, why not.

To those of you who are interested in trying Sudarshan Kriya, or any courses from the Art of Living Foundation, you may visit them at the Antel Building Valero Makati.

Check out their website at

The 8 Powers of Raja Yoga-Harness the power of your thoughts

Yesterday, after my three-week absence with my meditation studies, I went at Brahma Kumaris Spiritual University for another lesson of Raja Yoga meditation. I’ve been totally enveloped with responsibilities that I had forgotten some of the lessons already. I noticed a difference in my attitude the past couple of weeks with the absence of BK learning. I am grumpy most of the time, confidence dropped a notch, super stressed with small things, and I received some bad karma because of those negative energies I am attracting. I also thought of going back to Bikram Yoga coz my body is aching for that good stretch. It’s one of my To Do lists for next year. Doing hatha yoga at home is not enough.

I brought my daughter  Zoey with me at BK. Zo is also trying to learn meditation. I want for her to be soul conscious at a young age. People everywhere are so focused on material things, gaining power and wanting to succeed too much. Some people will say”But we’re just humans!”. We are humans in this world. But if you think that you are a soul, you will be focused on just watching everything like a movie. Everyone has their own roles to portray. And that each event that happens to us only means that we are settling our karmic accounts. Each of us is paying for it. Whether it be in our past lives or in our present lives.

I’ve so much to learn.

Then, Sister Tims taught me about the 8 powers of Raja Yoga.

What are the 8 Powers of Raja Yoga?

Let me share you what I’ve learned.

1. The Power to Withdraw

Imagine yourself like a tortoise. You withdraw from the negative surroundings around you. Disengaging yourself in such negative situations and become calm.

2. The Power to pack up and Let go.

this one is our most common mistake. We really never let go of our past. Especially bitter ones. Let us avoid thinking of waste thoughts. Those “has been” needs to flush down the drain. Avoid uttering “if only I’ve done this”. Waste thoughts emit negative energy. Which lessens our Postive energy tank.

3. The Power to discriminate/Discern.

We have the ability to know what’s right or wrong. When we meditate, we easily distinguish those two. From True or false without even consulting a friend!

4. The Power to decide/judge

-We can develop the power to assess the quality of our decisions, choices, and actions in ourselves and in others. What we call Free Admission.

5. The Power to tolerate

-Like a tree, develop the strength to remain unaffected by external or internal events and respond to it positively.

6. Power to adjust

-like the ocean, encourage the self to expand and accept the presence, ideas, and desires of others. Let us sometimes surrender from others request and don’t argue with other people. Let them win. It shows you are more understanding. We can be giving. It’s a positive vibe!

7. Power to face

-Develop the ability to confront and resolve external and internal obstacles, tests and challenges with great faith and courage. Let’s be brave!

8. Power to cooperate

develop the ability to give your time, experience and wisdom to the service of others. Be helpful. Even if sometimes we are feeling lazy.

I know it may sound difficult. But, everything can be harnessed through meditation.

Let’s meditate at least 1 hour every day. or even 30 minutes. Before starting your work and before going to bed. Or even during a stressful situation.

I hope everyone is feeling good on a Monday.

By the way, for those of you who haven’t joined the contest yet, you can still tweet on twitter and post on Facebook! You still have until Thursday to do so.

I’ll be announcing the winners on Thursday evening or Friday the latest.

DAY 2 of Raja Yoga meditation at BK Center

Last Saturday was my day 2 of my meditation course at Brahma Kumaris. It was a bright Saturday afternoon. I slept late and about to decide not attending and informed them that I will just move my appointment for the 3pm class on another day but they told me they can still accommodate me until 5pm. So, I immediately dressed up and went there.

I encountered traffic on my way and arrived there past 5 already. We started our class around 6:00pm. I finally met Sister Tims,. She’s a very nice lady and also soft-spoken just like sister Karen. We started our introductions and she discussed something about understanding our thoughts.

Here are the things I’ve learned so far.

Mind-which is the master and driver of our thoughts. The mind dictates everything.

Thoughts-are next to the mind. As the mind is the driver, our thought follows. Thoughts are the one dictating everything. From actions and to our feelings around us.

Actions-are simply the puppet of our thoughts, which actions just usually follows what our thoughts dictates us to do. So let’s say, we used the mind in thinking that we feel angry over someone we saw on the street, we automatically think all negative thoughts toward the person. Then, we react negatively, not realizing that our actions toward the person are pure hate. So we instinctively throw hurtful words, or worse, causing physical harm to the person.

Results-The fruit of what we cultivate in our minds.whether, we thought of positive, or negative.

The 4 Thoughts:

1. Common/ordinary thoughts-Usually thoughts that are basic in our everyday lives. Like drinking, eating, conversing with people. Everyday activities we do and we also observe in our surroundings.

2. Waste thoughts- Thoughts that are unnecessary to think of, like things we cannot change anymore. Example of this is complaining about things we cannot change like work, environment or climate, your past, etc

Example: I’m always complaining about how awful Monday is because I get to work again. And that I will be stressed and see my officemates and deal with my boss yada yada yada.


How we usually complain or say”If only, I should have done this or that, I wish I have this or that.We usually apply these thoughts when we are thinking about the things that already happened in our lives. Like how we say” If you just listened to me, these things should not have happened!!

The lesson, try eliminating waste thoughts in our lives. As much as possible never utter these thoughts since waste thoughts can also lead to

3. Negative thoughts-thoughts which usually haunts us. Thoughts that can damage our being.

Examples of negative thoughts:







examples are:

1. I feel like I’m up against the world

2. I’m no good

3. What can’t I ever succeed?

4. No one understands me.

5. I’ve let people down.

6. I don’t think I can go on.

7. I wish I were a better person

8. I’m so weak

9. My life’s not going the way I want it to

10. I’m so disappointed in myself

11. Nothing feels good anymore

12. I can’t stand this anymore

13. I can’t get started

14. What’s wrong with me?

15. I wish I were somewhere else.

16. I can’t get things together

17. I hate myself.

18. I’m worthless.

19. I wish I could just disappear

20. What’s the matter with me?

21. I’m a loser

22. My life is a mess.

23. I’m a failure

24. I’ll never make it.

25. I feel so helpless.

26. Something has to change.

27. There must be something wrong with me.

28. My future is bleak.

29. It’s just not worth it.

30. I can’t finish anything

If a person always thinks these way, then it will reflect on his/her actions which can lead to self-destruction.

4. Positive thoughts

These thoughts consist of:









After the lecture, we went to the meditation room. I felt the silence instantly as I sat in the white chair. I saw some BK members meditating already and at first, I’m really having a hard time to focus as Sister Tims instructed me to look at the middle point of the BK symbol which looks like this.

She then played 2 meditation songs and I automatically focused on the words of the song.

I am at the first level stage of meditation where I still need to have music as background. Sister Tims told me that as soon as I learn the technique, she will remove the music and will meditate in pure silence. The experience is so great that I felt lightheaded after the meditation session. Though I have to admit there are times wherein I lose focus and my thought tends to drift from other things, I am finally getting the hang of it.

Looking forward to my Day 3 class.

My first day for the Raja Yoga Meditation

The day has finally come. And I am writing this now to share with you what happened yesterday and I was so overwhelmed with anticipation of what I had learned during the course.

The weather was not good that day. It was raining pretty hard and I honestly thought of canceling my appointment but changed my mind since this is really what I want.

So, I finally found the place.and boy, I was struck by how beautiful and peaceful the place was. It looked like a house and was converted into a retreat home. The whole surroundings were so quiet and peaceful I was greeted by an old woman wearing a white robe. She was smiling while she ushered me to the waiting area.

I’m kind of hesitant to take a picture of the sisters and brothers who work there as I might offend them. I am still trying to figure out about the place and the people there.

Then, sister Karen, whom I was referred to by sister Tims, asked me to join her in the other room where there’s a large TV. We made the introductions and she asked a few questions about me. Like why I wanted to learn meditation and how I came to learn about Brahma Kumaris. She also said some things I will learn about the Raja Yoga and how it will really help me in the future. She was really nice and very soft spoken. She’s a volunteer there and teaching meditation during weekends.

After the intro, she had me watch a video about the history of Brahma Kumaris, a segment about learning meditation and a short video of a yogi dancing in the midst of meditation. It was really a short video. After letting me watch it, she then asked me what is my understanding of meditation? and how will I differentiate “A body with a soul” from “a soul with a body”.  I  had a hard time answering that part but what I told her was that a body with a soul is being the body as the primary thing and the soul resides on it while the soul with a body implies that soul is the dominant part and that soul dictates the body as it is just an instrument.

It was just a short introduction and we haven’t started the meditation yet She had me fill up a form to register for the course and scheduled me for my next appointment. She gave me a tour around the place.


The two-story retreat house with the view of the garden.



A place where you can also relax and meditate.


I already fell in love with the place.

This is just the first day of my Brahma Kumaris experience.

Yearning for Solace

I am currently so stressed out that I decided to give myself a break and try to find inner peace.

It was sort of a blessing because as I was looking for a yoga studio in Tagaytay, I discovered this retreat house called  Brahma Kumaris where they teach you how to meditate and practice the Raja Yoga. Remember I told you how I wanted to learn the art of meditation? Now, this is finally my chance to learn and experience it.
I booked for an appointment and signed up for the yoga session and a retreat for 2 days.

What is a Raja Yoga meditation?

Rāja Yoga (“royal yoga”, “royal union”, also known as Classical Yoga and Ashtanga Yoga) is concerned principally with the cultivation of the mind using meditation (dhyana) to further one’s acquaintance with reality and finally achieve liberation.

Raja yoga was first described in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, and is part of the Samkhya tradition.[1]

In the context of Hindu philosophy, Raja Yoga is known simply as yoga. Yoga is one of the six orthodox (astika) schools of Hindu philosophy and forms an integral part of the spiritual practices of many Hindu traditions. The term is also used as the title of an entirely unrelated practice by the Brahma Kumaris and Prajapita Brahma Kumaris.

Article from Wikipedia.

The Raja Yoga session will take an hour and a half  It’s a type of yoga that is  concentrated on meditation. The 2-day retreat, on the other hand, consists of meditation, talks, and seminars.

I am already psyched up about this.  I’m in dire need of peace and serenity. My soul is hungry for wisdom and my mind needs to rest for a while.

Oh, let me tell you that the retreat I will be attending tackles all about how to forgive and forget. The topic is totally for ME!!!

It’s time to learn the art of meditation and apply it to my everyday life.

Change Skill

There is nothing more certain than that the world will continue to change. Accepting and not resisting this, is the first and most important inner skill in this frenetically changing, modern world. Life tests us every day to see how well we have developed this ability. Equally, there is nothing more real than the inner space within each of us that never ever changes. We may change our thoughts, our feelings, even our sense of who we are, but we fail to visit the unchanging center of our own self. The ability to be in this inner space, where our peace is found, when all around would prefer chaos and crisis, is the deepest spiritual change skill. It is the eye of the storm, it is the oasis in the desert, it is the place where peace is power. Call in today. You’ll be surprised how much it can influence and change everything and everyone around you!

If you want to have the peace and serenity you’ve been waiting for, and if you want to get away from all the stress of the city, you may join me and learn the art of Raja Yoga meditation and positive thinking course that they offer at Brahma Kumaris Retreat Center.

Directions to get to Tagaytay Retreat Center
by public transportation from Metro Manila


Get down at the last station at Taft  Avenue. When you get out of the MRT Station in the Ground Floor, look for Golden Dragon Bus Terminal which is on the left when you exit from the stairs.  Take the air-conditioned bus going to Nasugbu Batangas. The bus comes every 30 minutes. Tell the bus driver that you will get off at Magallanes Square near Starbucks along Aguinaldo Hi-way in Tagaytay.  When you get down in front of Magallanes Square, take a few steps to Magallanes Drive and ride a tricycle that will bring you to the retreat center.

By Bus/Jeepney

Go to Taft, Baclaran or Lawton.  Take any air-con bus going to Silang Cavite.  Get off at the terminal.  From there, ride a jeepney to Tagaytay. Tell the driver that you will get off at Magallanes Square near Starbucks along Aguinaldo Hi-way in Tagaytay.  When you get down in front of Magallanes Square, take a few steps to Magallanes Drive and ride a tricycle that will bring you to the retreat center.