Journey into the healing world of Silence

Greetings of peace!

Do you need to forgive someone? Or to let go of anything? Or simply wish to experience peace of mind?
Then… join the Journey Into the Healing Power of Silence: Holy Week Retreat.

This retreat is perhaps one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself in this lifetime.
Sustained by silence, this is a retreat of courageous and loving inquiry into what is ready to be let go of and healed,
enabling you to walk more lightly and freely into the future. Silence heals and like a mirror, in it, everything becomes clear.

This retreat includes sessions on healing the self and relationships through silence, but with guided directions,
sessions on understanding the self, meditation, journal-writing, creative activities and sharing with like-minded individuals.
Check-in time is between 3-4pm of Thursday, session begins at 4:30PM.
Register online: [

I want you to experience the magic of silence and how it helps strengthen your being.

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The 101 Sun Salutations

It’s time for some yoga talk!

I am beyond thankful for I was chosen to cover for this event which I can totally relate to. If you have been stalking my blog for quite some time now, you would know how passionate I am with yoga. Yoga transformed my life in such a way that everything seems to fall into the right places. Like all the lucky stars have been shining my every path.
Thats why I know deep in my subconsciousness, this event is meant for me. Originally it wasn’t me who got sent to write about it but for some reason, the assigned writer can’t make it so I was chosen to go instead.

Beyond Yoga: The 101 Sun Salutations

When you want a variety of yoga, and you’re up for a challenge and wanting to explore and learn more, it would be smart to try out yoga at Beyond Yoga for they have a lot of classes to offer. There’s Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Power yoga, Antti Gravity yoga(this is the popular yoga wherein you’re suspended in a hammock and get to do the asanas upside down, stretching yourself this way and that and testng your endurance.) and many more.

We did the 101 Sun Salutations and I must say, this one is a bit tricky. For if you’ll just watch us from afar, you would think the postures are a piece of cake, but in truth, it’s like you’re in a military training. Only less brutal I guess. In Hindu language, its called the Surya Namaskar, opposite of the Chandra Namaskar(moon salutations)that I also practice in the evenings during weekends, if I’m not too busy.

The yoga teachers started the session with a few introductions, then afterwards, we started the meditation and chanted “om” to calm ourselves and prepare for the asanas.


Beyond Yoga: The 101 Sun Salutations


Beyond Yoga: The 101 Sun Salutations


Beyond Yoga: The 101 Sun Salutations

My challenging pose, THE PLANK

Beyond Yoga: The 101 Sun Salutations

Look how tired I was haha. I waited for the detox demo by Ms Margo Lao, teacher of the Anti Gravity yoga. She’s so pretty and there I was so mesmerized and very engrossed on what she’s discussing. She revealed her age and she’s already 40-ish but definitely looks like 30-ish! Imagine looking ten years younger just because she eats and drinks healthy natural foods. That’s also one thing that made me switch to being a vegetarian. You feel so clean inside and you possess a youthful glow coz your skin becomes clear.

Beyond Yoga: The 101 Sun Salutations

Its surprising how veggie juice can taste so great! Can you imagine drinking ampalaya juice? I swear it doesn’t taste bitter, trick is that you have to combine sweet fruits like bananas or apples and the taste is truly awesome! No kidding here.

So, after the demo one of the Yin yoga teacher asked if I could stay for the next class which is the Yin yoga, this a slow type of yoga wherein postures are held for long periods of time. Though as much as I wanted to stay, I was only sent for the 101 Sun Salutations.. Told him perhaps next weekend or so. Im very proud of myself for I can now strike up a good conversation with people. I realized its so much fun and you can learn a thing or two from these conversations. And, not to mention earning a lot of acquaintances, which sometimes turn into friends.

Beyond Yoga: The 101 Sun Salutations

With the Beyond Yoga teachers

Teachers for the 101 Sun Salutations:

Paulo Leonidos
Anna Manalastas
Kit Navarro
Bea Gomez
Benedict Bernabe
Lester Castillo

Want to find peace? Want to live a stress free life? Want to be fit? Then try yoga.

Beyond Yoga studios are located ate these branches:
3rd Floor, C2 Building, 7th Ave Corner 28th Street, Bonifacio High Street Central, Taguig City
Telephone Number: 553-3799
Mobile Number: 0917-6BYYOGA (6299642)
Tomas Morato Branch – 3F Il Terrazzo, Tomas Morato Avenue corner Scout Madrinian St., Quezon City, Philippines Tels. (02) 921-6070 / 0917-5-BEYOND (0917-5239663) BHS Central Branch – 3rd Floor, C2 Building, 7th Ave Corner 28th Street, Bonifacio High Street Central, Taguig City, Philippines
Tel. (02) 553-3799 / 0917-6BYYOGA (6299642) Email:

Beyond yoga 108 Sun Salutations


Are you guys up for a free yoga this Sunday?
If I’m not that busy, , I think I might join and attend. I don’t have someone going with me so if ever you guys are free, just let me know and accompany me please?

Love your Yogi,

Being Vegetarian

A whole two week blogging hiatus. Holiday activities that involves family gatherings, eat out with friends, packing and opening gifts, cleaning the house, and a lot of shopping.

This is my first post for the YEAR 2013. It’s normal for everyone to start on a clean slate. Starting from scratch to zero to nada. And launching into a whole new perspective and outlook in life. There goes creating lists for New Year’s Resolutions, going on a diet, changing your look, changing boyfriends and girlfriends, starting out fresh and all the things you can think of.

As for me though, I will start to be a vegetarian. I don’t wanna make promises mind you. In fact right now, I am quite in agony. Especially when you are surrounded by people who love to eat! I decided on doing so because I am studying meditation. Though it doesn’t mean that you have to be a vegetarian if you practice it I just prefer to be one because my principle is that I want that lighter feeling of being. That’s just me you know.


Sister gave me her gift, and its a Veggie meat loaf. I had it for lunch and it taste really good. It’s made of whole wheat and soya protein. And I even had Saging for dinner! I’m really learning it the hard way.

I think I want to join PETA but I hate dogs. I love cats though.

Lets go Vegetarian!

Love ,

The Yoga Anatomy app to download NOW!

Since right now I’m a bit busy with a lot of stuff I stopped going to yoga classes for a while.   I am currently doing my asanas at home . I am more focused on Raja Yoga than the physical yoga. when I came to know about this free app you can download in your Ipad, I told myself I gotta have it.


The Yoga anatomy consists of the 18 common Yoga asanas that you can refer to and practice at home.

A screenshot of the Asanas. This is so much helpful. Sometimes, I tend to forget the correct postures that’s why I need my own reference.








My friend told me that this app is free for now. So, while it’s free, I suggest you download it. It’s not just for yoga enthusiast. It’s also for those who want to try out yoga and those who wants to live  a healthy life.

Om Shanti.

Sudarshan Kriya- a breathing yoga technique

Last week, our company offered a short course for relieving stress in partnership with The Art of Living. An email blast was sent to all employees with an offer of a short yoga course which is free when you sign up. Though the offer is only limited to 20 people I think. I love how our company cares for our well-being. You  seldom find a company who offers such things like this one.



This is the first time I’ve heard about this  type of yoga. I tried Bikram yoga and hatha yoga at Golds gym and currently I’m studying the Raja yoga (which is for the mind)but Sudarshan Kriya? After reading the email I instantly signed up and tried it.


The Art of Living is located at The Antel Corporate Center. I’ve never heard of this organization as well so I googled it.

The Art of Living is a stress-free and violence-free society; to encourage people from all backgrounds, religions, and cultural traditions to come together in celebration, meditation and service

They offer different courses like Sahaj Samadhi which is the art of meditation. Art of Living part 1 course  ART Excel Course(8-13 yrrs), Y.E.S! Course(14-17 yrs), Y.E.S Course (18-30 yrs), Sri Sri yoga, The Art of Silence, Wisdom Series and DSN.

What we had was the Part 1 Course which consists of

  • Practical knowledge to deal with the daily challenges of life
  • Interactive exercises
  • Yoga, stretching, and relaxation exercises
  • Meditation and powerful breathing techniques
  • Sudarshan Kriya, a unique breathing technique

What I love most is the Sudarshan Kriya, which aims to  teach you how to control emotions through your breathing. The method also helps relieve stress and detoxifies the body. Suitable for us employees who work in a KPO/BPO/Call Center  industry.

Honestly, I felt so relaxed during the course especially when the teacher lets us rest in Savasana after the asanas. All of us were put into  slumber and we would be awakened lby Ms Bernadette afterwards.  I also love the Omkar. This mantra is so effective that it releases a balanced energy. It’s like fueling your chakras.


in my meditation studies, we don’t meditate with Omkar and we do not have a mantra. It’s totally different. But in The Art of Living, they practice the regular yoga that involves chanting mantras and meditating with your eyes closed. the teachings are also different.  But I enjoyed it nonetheless.

All of the pilot members are from our company except for one. We came from different departments and it was really fun getting to know people from other business units.


. We were asked to practice being   vegetarian for 4 days. On my part though, I’m already starting it since it is required in my yoga meditation class.

On our last day we had a potluck of vegetarian lunch. Teacher Bernadette brought a vegetarian kare kare which I have tried and tasted at the BK University. Some brought fruits and salads and breads. Jayjay brought some vegetarian Carbonaro made of Cashew cream sauce with mushrooms. I had three helpings of it.  The guy was spanish and he owns a Mushroom farm or something.


There were also some falafel from Starbucks, vegetarian bagoong and kimchi.  To be honest, I wasn’t able to bring my share. I was in a hurry that time and I can’t risk getting late from work. So I figured I’d skip bringing food since I knew a lot of them would bring some anyway. (I know I’m such a free loader. Haha)


We were so full and after our power lunch.  They had their exchange gifts. I didn’t join because I didn’t have a gift with me. Such a loser I know.


This is the Spanish guy I’m telling you about. Such a nice guy and very outspoken. The one beside him on his left is Teacher Bernadette Suarez. On his right is our Receptionist.

Anyways, It was a very, uh should I say relaxing experience. I’m still thinking if I should continue this to the next level or not. But if ever it fits in my “busy” schedule, why not.

To those of you who are interested in trying Sudarshan Kriya, or any courses from the Art of Living Foundation, you may visit them at the Antel Building Valero Makati.

Check out their website at

The 8 Powers of Raja Yoga-Harness the power of your thoughts

Yesterday, after  my three-week absence with my meditation studies, I went at Brahma Kumaris Spiritual University for another lesson of Raja Yoga meditation. I’ve been totally enveloped with responsibilities that I had forgotten  some of the lessons already. I noticed a difference in my attitude the past couple of weeks with the absence of BK learning. I am grumpy most of the time, confidence dropped a notch, super stressed with small things, and I received some bad karmas because of those negative energies I am attracting. I realized this can’t be. I need to maintain being a yogi. I also thought of going back to Bikram Yoga coz my body is aching for that good stretch. It’s one of my To Do lists for next year. Doing hatha yoga at home is not enough.

I brought my daughter  Zoey with me at BK. Zo is also trying to learn meditation. I want for her to be soul conscious at a young age. People everywhere are so focused on material things,gaining power and wanting to succeed too much. Some people will say”But we’re just humans!”. We are humans in this world. But if you think that you are a soul, you will be focused on just watching everything like a movie. Everyone has their own roles to portray. And that each events that happens to us only means that we are settling our karmic accounts. Each of us are paying for it. Whether it be in our past lives or in our present lives.

I’ve so much to learn.

Then, Sister Tims  taught me about the 8 powers of Raja Yoga.

What are the 8 Powers of Raja Yoga?

Let me share you what I’ve learned.

1. The Power to Withdraw

imagine yourself like a tortoise. You withdraw from the negative surroundings around you. Disengaging yourself in such negative situations and become calm.

2. The Power to pack up and Let go.

this one is our most common mistake. We really never let go of our past. Especially bitter ones. Let us avoid thinking of waste thoughts. Those “has been” needs to flush down the drain. Avoid uttering “if only I’ve done this”. Waste thoughts emits negative energy. Which lessens our Postive energy tank.

3. The Power to discriminate/Discern.

We have the ability to know what’s right or wrong. When we meditate, we easily distinguish those two. From True or false without even consulting a friend!

4. The Power to decide/judge

-We can develop the power to assess the quality of our decisions, choices and actions in ourselves and in others. What we call Free Admission.

5. The Power to tolerate

-Like a tree, develop the strength to remain unaffected by external or internal events and respond to it positively.

6. Power to adjust

-like the ocean, encourage the self to expand and accept the presence, ideas and desires of others. Let us sometimes surrender from others request and don’t argue with other people. Let them win. It shows you are more understanding. We can be giving. It’s a positive vibe!

7. Power to face

-Develop the ability to confront and resolve external and internal obstacles, tests and challenges with great faith and courage. Let’s be brave!

8. Power to cooperate

develop the ability to give your time, experience and wisdom to the service of others. Be helpful. Even if sometimes we are feeling lazy.

I know it may sound difficult. But, everything can be harnessed through meditation.

Let’s meditate at least 1 hour everyday. or even 30 minutes. Before starting your work and before going to bed. Or even during a stressful situation.

I hope everyone is feeling good on a Monday.

By the way, for those of you who haven’t joined the contest yet, you can still tweet on twitter and post on Facebook! You still have until thursday to do so.

I’ll be announcing the winners by Thursday evening or friday the latest.


Second Day of my retreat at BK

Sorry for the delayed post. There were just some important  things tI have to deal with.

So, allow me to share what happened the 2nd day. I’ve finally met the group who will be joining the retreat. We shared some of our experiences in life and all of us have one reason why we’re there–to forgive ourselves.

We woke up around 4:00 am to get ready for our morning meditation. Sister Becky told us that our minds are the most powerful during the mornings. Me and Jen, my roommate, woke up without an alarm clock. Amazing isn’t it? We trusted the Lord that he will wake us up because he knew we will meet him that day.

Let me show you the meditation room. I know it looks scary. Some of us had to admit that the first time we stepped at BK, we thought we were in a cult’s den.  I was scared of their uniform because all of ’em wore this white robe which really screams CULT.

You see the picture at the right side? That’s Brahma Baba, the founder of Brahma Kumaris. Don’t worry, we are not praising him or anything like that. If you are strong about your own beliefs, you wouldn’t easily be confused. BK, however, is not a religion. They are a non-profit organization.  Also what I like about BK is that they don’t talk about religion, they just teach everyone how to think in a positive way through meditation. In fact, many people from different sects go there. Muslims, Christians, Roman Catholic, Buddhist and Protestants. They go there basically just to learn meditation.

These chairs are the most comfortable chair I’ve ever sat on. Don’t know if it’s just psychological or what but as soon as you sit on it, you will feel instantly relaxed  That’s Liz sitting very comfortably in the meditation chair. The room is so cool. It’s like there’s some spirit  looking out on us. You will feel goosebumps all over once you hear the music. And then that’s when you start communicating with God. You just look at the point of light, the one in the middle and clear all thoughts from outside. You imagine that you, the soul, is getting out of your body and going into a place where all souls unite. A place where you see God and a place where there’s peace. It depends on you how long you want to be on the higher consciousness, for as long as you know how to go back to your present state of being.  The BK’s there are so good in meditating that they don’t even blink or twitch!

Meditation allows one to realize that the universe reacts to you as you react to it. When you approach people with an open mind and avoid fully labeling/categorizing them immediately, people intuitively respond to you in a similar manner. That’s how powerful meditation is. I know for some people they find it weird. But, if you just have an open mind, anything can be possible.

One thing I also noticed, A meditator radiates a peaceful aura. Some people think that when you become a meditator: you  suddenly change and  morph into  saints. That’s exaggerating. It’s just that calmness becomes our normal day-to-day persona and we tend to be more tolerant, we allow space for people and situations. We don’t take neither people nor material things for granted nor covet worldly goods so much!

After the meditation,  we had our breakfast of super soft vegetarian pandesal. Super sarap as in!!!

This pandesal is best accompanied by a pandan tea.


The view is so breathtaking!

After breakfast we had another session with Sister Becky. She made us write a letter to God. We were given 45 minutes to find a spot where we could be alone and reflect.

As usual, I went to my favorite spot. In fact I already named it to myself.  named it Cheryl’s garden.

 This is what I wrote to God

I even cried after while writing this!

(PS. Sorry there are some typos.)

After 45 minutes, we went back to the session room and we had another 2 mins. meditation.

I heard some sniffing and saw that some were crying because of how emotional the song was.

As for me, I just felt so happy and peaceful and that I just felt the presence of God around us.

Sister Becky said that all of us looked younger overnight. Because of thinking positive thoughts, which made a lot of sense.

People got used of finding happiness from other people. We became more dependent and reliable on material things. These are temporary happiness. I learned not to rely on them too much. I look forward on learning to find happiness just by becoming aware of our inner being. Our soul is the most important thing. I always make it a point to think that way. And I know changing oneself is not an overnight miracle.  Some people expect that since I am learning meditation and studying positive thinking that I should be positive all the time and that I should be more kinder. I mean, I’m still a student and learning the ropes. The core in learning Raja Yoga is you know how to organize thoughts and handle certain situations without losing control of your emotions.  Also by  being aware of your higher consciousness , you attain inner peace and learn to connect with God.

I sounded like I am preaching. Enough said.

Anyways, we had our lunch after the session.Of course this retreat won’t be complete without picture-taking!

This is the sitting room upstairs. Very cozy.

These pictures were taken using my phone. I don’t want to lug heavy cams in a retreat. I don’t think it’s appropriate.

Meet the group

“Emotions cause turbulence in the water. Silence and stillness calms the water”

“Acquire inner peace and a multitude will find their salvation near you.” – Catherine de Hueck Doherty

A mother teaches her child with love and patience until the child learns. Be a mother and teach your mind to have positive thoughts and to let go of worries. Then when your mind needs peace, it will obey you.
Brahma Kumaris

“The meditative state is my canoe ride on the river of being. The gentle ride into oneness where separation melts and all the labels fall away. The contexts of right and wrong evaporate. Instead, what lovingly emerges is an energy flow. There is a realisation that some thoughts and actions propel the canoe on the oneness of the water towards a light. Similarly, some thoughts and actions change the direction of the current and the canoe moves in a direction where light fades. Neither is right or wrong but each direction carries “consequences” for the Soul. Love is constant. The variable is awareness.”

I’m looking forward on the next retreat next month. This time, I will be attending the Raja Yoga intensive. This is a 3 day retreat and it mainly focuses on Raja Yoga meditation and practicing the philosophies of yoga.

For more information about BK, just click the logo of Brahma Kumaris on the right side of this blog.

Learn positive thinking, anger management, living a stress free life and The Raja Yoga meditation for free. BK is a non profitable organization which aims in helping individuals to be aware of our higher consciousness and organizing your thoughts and enriching spiritual growth.

Trust me, learning meditation really works. After a few days of practicing, my performance at work  have improved. I’m more tolerable now. Haha.

OM SHANTI  everyone.

Weekend retreat at Brahma Kumaris

English: Brahma Kumaris
English: Brahma Kumaris (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Om shanti everyone!!!!

I promised my readers to share this wonderful and memorable experience I had last weekend. I totally enjoyed what I’ve learned. I met new friends, I gained more knowledge, and I felt more peace in my heart.

I am so thankful to God. I felt so blessed. God has answered my prayer. I have been praying for peace of mind for a very long time.  I thought that that day wouldn’t come. But now, here it is. And the amazing thing of it all is that God was the one who knocked and showed up at my doorstep!

DAY 1-Saturday

I arrived at BK at exactly 9:00am. I thought I wouldn’t be able to make it because it’s raining hard that time.

The odds were on my favor .  God really wanted me to go. Rain or shine. 

After filling up a form and getting my name tag, I waited for a few minutes because some of the people attending the retreat hasn’t arrived yet. 



These kids are from De La Salle University attending the seminar for positive thinking.

It’s just so funny because I thought this is the group I will be joining.

While waiting for the others to arrive, which I assumed got delayed because of the rain, I made a tour around the area and took some pictures.




The day is very foggy.





This spot is my favorite. I always go here to meditate

Let me also show you my room




The view from my window

We finally got started and made some introductions. We met Sister Becky, who’s our facilitator that day.



Sister Becky preparing for the lecture

After the introductions, we had our breakfast of orange juice and cookies!

BTW, the food  they served at BK are all vegetarian meals served with love. They cook their food in a meditative state that’s why it’s delicious!




soulful oatmeal cookies

After the breakfast, we went back to the session room and sister Becky asked each one of us the reason for attending the retreat. All of us had different stories to tell, and interesting ones at that. I observed that most of us are in a rut and wanting to fix the heartaches and burdens we’ve been carrying all through our lives. It made me realize that many people actually yearn for peace. And it’s what the world really needs. We just need to open our minds for the possible solutions.

Now, let me share you the food we ate during lunchtime 


Oooh. Vegan kare kare.

I was quite hesitant to try this but the people there told me I should try it coz it’s very delicious and not your ordinary kare kare. The thing is, I don’t really eat kare kare, even if it’s the traditional one with peanuts. Everybody is saying “sarap” so I gave in and put some on my plate, and surprisingly, I loved it!!!

It consists of mushrooms and I don’t know what else but it taste really good.


My favorite!!!

Barbecue made of veggie meat!!!

You wouldn’t tell the difference from the real one.



Fruits for dessert 

Food for thought 


Getting to know each other during lunch.

We had another session and the topic is all about forgive and let go.

A lot has been discussed that I cannot put it here in my blog because there are too many information but don’t worry, I will definitely share what I’ve learned as soon as I get the copy of our lessons from Sister Becky. For now, I will just show you more pictures of the place and what we ate on our first day.

Merienda time



eggless choco cake 



Dinnertime consists of Fried cream of Soy bean. This one tasted like Fish fillet or fried chicken skin or something. Sobrang delicious!



We had our meditation after dinner. I am so beat up that as soon as I hit the bed I was fast asleep with dreams of flowers and gardens and happy souls dancing.


Wait for my next post coz I still need to gather pictures from some friends who brought their cameras.



My anticipation is building up non stop!

I know I’m quite exaggerating when I say that.

I’m honestly feeling restless because of the retreat this weekend. I feel excited and scared at the same time. Excited because I’m looking forward to meeting new people. Scared because I don’t know what to expect, how to react to some questions they will be throwing at me, or, If I would break down and weep in front of strangers.

This is me being emotional again.

These past few weeks I have learned that meditation really helped me calm my nerves. I am a jumble of emotions. I am made of wires coiled together consisting of positive and negative that if you try plugging the wires it will cause circuit explosion. But when I start sitting down, keeping my focus at the point of light, my mind starts to relax and become organized. My soul wanders through a place where all beings are equal. Where peace is the most important thing.

I hope and pray that this weekend retreat I will be having at Brahma Kumaris will really help me move on and forget the bitter past I had.

Crossing fingers.

Om shanti.