The holy place of Noravank

I’m always blessed and so loved by God. I have never in my whole life imagined Ill have the privilege to see one of the most historical places in the world,  the Noravank in Armenia. Its a monastery known for its huge cliffs and ancient looking churches which founded by Bishop Hovhannes,


There are three churches and some ruins surrounding the mountains. St Grigor, St Karapet, and St.Astvatsatsin.

This place looks eerily haunted but its captivating to many. Georgians, Russians, Americans and some Europeans frequent Armenia to travel because of the peaceful scenery, the nice people who will go out of their way to help you despite the struggle in speaking English.

I never tried opening this door but one of my friends who went here told me I should’ve checked the vault because there’s a holy water there which the locals believed to bring good blessings to the new people who visit the place.


I lost my phone during the tour and  I was only using the camera on my tablet to capture photos., plus the girl I’m with whom I just met there, was not that much of a pro taking crappy out-of-focus shots of me while I try my best to take photos of her in clear Ig-worthy ones. She was so clumsy and stupidly deleted her photos and not even one photo remained in her gallery (I sounded like I loathed the girl but I like her really. She’s sweet, naive and childish but fun to be with).



I’m thinking of going to Georga maybe once I have the opportunity again. I miss my country so much   I am craving for real nature, real people, and real happiness so badly.

More of my Armenia trip for the coming days. I didn’t have the time to post them due to the pressure of surviving in this city called Dubai. 

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