Wagamama Cafe: New Chill out place in San Pedro Laguna

Frankly, I am so hard to please when it comes to coffee places. Most establishments lately thought that having nice and instagrammable interiors will satisfy customers but it should still be the food and drinks that you serve which will make or break a restaurant or cafe.

An honest review of this chllout cafe located in Pacita, Laguna.  I’m not really the type to sugarcoat things just because I was invited for a food review. I believe that having honest opinions and suggestions can help a business improve.


The owner told us that the cafe is a sort of Harry Potter-themed. You may notice the wallpapers designed with books that looks quiet similar to the Hogwarts School or whatever.



But contrary to the theme, she named the coffee shop Wagamama meaning “self-centered” in Japanese language. Part of the cafe has a touch of Japanese in it, with white walls, white tables and chairs. I don’t know why she made the restaurant Harry Potter themed and in my opinion, it just confuses the whole interior of the cafe.

The Japanese side of the cafe




There’s a loft with a low table in the middle where you can drink your coffee and sit on the floor.

Owner of Wagamama


Typical refreshments like  cold Ice teas


Strawberry and Macha Shakes


Italian Spaghetti


Dark Chocolate and Milk Chocolate Shakes

Their bestseller

They offer light snacks like melted cheese fries


Their In-house Ramen

Simple steak to order when you feel like wanting a heavy lunch.



It’s a place for the  crowd of millennials. Students would enjoy the ambiance. The owner said that’s what they mostly cater to. I don’t like how their staff isn’t well-trained when it comes to customer service. We waited for how many hours and we weren’t even asked if we need anything, like  drinks while waiting or something. Food was okay (basic ingredients with basic taste) and too pricey for such quality of food. Again, it’s not just about the interior. You’re  paying for the food, not for the photos you’ll be taking inside.  Besides, if you frequent coffee shops in Metro Manila,  this would be considered a rip-off for such basic food

Where can you find this place? They are located along Pacita Drive in Pacita, San Pedro Laguna.


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