Shades of Gray


They say I have a very innocent face and I look young for my age (36). Feedback I often get from people around me. I cannot really complain and in fact, I totally appreciate these compliments.  Most Asians really look young. Fewer hairs, softer skin, not prone to wrinkles, and I think the major factor is our cheerful disposition. There’s a downside on this one, believe me.  I’m always being treated like a kid and most of the time, not being taken seriously. The only thing I can do is turn this downside into something beneficial. How? This is where I activate my charm and make people feel comfortable around me..  In all honesty, I can easily fool anyone with this skill, but I don’t do it because I’ve got no time and leisure to mess with someone’s emotions. After all, you give bullshits, you eat bullshits in return.


It’s winter here in Doo Buy and I am enjoying the cold weather. I didn’t have that much winter outfits, so I resorted to what I have brought with me, mostly sweaters and just this one lonely leather jacket from Forever 21. I promised myself that I’ll be more frugal if I wanted to execute all my plans.  I can still remember when I first started blogging, back in my immature days, I used to spend almost all my hard earned moolah just for clothes and makeup for myself and my kids (yes; I buy them makeup as well). If you started out as a fashion blogger, you are forced to keep up with trends and be obsessed with anything fancy. Being a Filipino,  we are known to splurge on stuff we don’t really need..  Everyone just wants to show off and brag about superficial things. I have to admit I was guilty of this. But then, as you grow older and you have experienced detours and roadblocks in life, you tend to focus on what’s really important.

And for me, what’s most important is being able to survive and live with a sense of purpose.

I have become more serious about life. Serious but still carrying that adventurous streak in me. I am definitely enjoying my independence. Making the most of this experience while I can.  In fact, Dubai has unleashed that daredevil side in me I never knew existed. It was just so amazing. I became tougher and have grown thick-skinned with all the harshness of reality.

Anyways, hope you’re enjoying the bed weather people.

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