Year-end Journal: Meeting the Abled Amputees of the Philippines

Ending 2017 with good memories and a lot of learning. So many opprtunities have stumbled my way and I came to a point where I dont know which road to take.  With deeper reflection of things you’ve eperienced as you go through life, you’ll be able to get a clearer picture which way to take.  I am really grateful of all these wonderful blessings, and mostly in a form of people or situations.

One of the most memorable event that happened to me was meeting these group of amputees through my good leftist friend. I have learned so much from them that helped me deal with certain situations.


With the founder of the Abled Amputees of the Philippines Vicci Rojas


I did the grocery shopping for them for our  party


Most of them lost their limb from a motorcycle accident


They have decided to include me in the group even if I am not an amputee. I feel really close to these people and I highly respect them.

Here’s an article I have written about them for Rappler X.



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