Svelti Opens It’s Second Branch in Ortigas

I got invited to another beauty event and this time, just right across our office building!

SvelT’i Aesthetic Centre opened its second branch at the Ground Floor of Millenium Building, Meralco Avenue, Ortigas Center (near the gas station. Their main branch is at the South Insular Building in Timoq Quezon City.

Dr. Catherine Anne Caoile, M.D., is heading the team of highly trained, registered nurses and professionals assigned to the Ortigas Branch.

“Our cutting-edge treatments are designed to assist people to achieve their beauty and fitness goals,” said Dr. Caoile. “Our protocols are safe and adhere to the highest medical standards. Results can be seen almost immediately, and there is very little downtime. That’s why we can say, ‘ You can look the best self ever,’ despite challenges you constantly face at home and at work.”

With a resolute determination to provide value for money treatments and exceed customer expectations, SvelT’i team introduces a new breed of technologically advanced treatments to keep up with the demands of the beauty industry.

LAVIEEN literally leads to a stunning skin rebirth, as damaged skin cells are removed and the patient’s skin is rejuvenated and restored to the glowing attraction. One single procedure of Lavieen can remove lasting blemishes such as chickenpox scars and acne scars. It can also reduce or eliminate unflattering pigmentation such as melasma, freckles, wrinkles, and age spots. Mothers who had just given birth can also undergo Lavieen to lessen visible belly stretch marks. Another advantage of this procedure is that it can lighten or whiten dull skin tone.

The Thermogenic machine capable of shedding fats. It’s almost similar to a sauna but more intense. You are required to lie naked in order to see better results.

SvelT’i LIFT is HIFU technology offering a non-invasive option to a surgical facelift. It’s a non-surgical treatment that focuses high-intensity onto the affected areas to achieve optimal results. The skin on the face is tightened and contoured visibly on the first session and one can return to normal activities immediately after the procedure.

JUVENTUS ELITE  iis a technological breakthrough combining ultrasound with thermal radiofrequency energies to smoothen the skin while contouring the body and face to the desired shape or curve. Approved by the Bureau of Food and Drugs Administration (FDA), it is used to treat deep or etched wrinkles on any area of these affected body parts, especially the neck. This treatment proven to be safe and effective for skin tightening, face an body contouring, and cellulite treatment.

Thanks for the gift and for inviting us!!!!


SvelT’i Timog
5th Floor South Insula Building
#61 Timog Avenue, Brgy. South Triangle
Quezon City, Philippines

SvelT’i Ortigas
Ground Floor Millennium Place Building
#103 Meralco Avenue, Brgy. San Antonio
Pasig City, Philippines



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