It is once again that time of year to celebrate the biggest and much-awaited festival in Germany, and Brotzeit German Beer Bar & Restaurant is proud to bring the Oktoberfestivities right here in Manila! 

Brotzeit kicks off the Oktoberfest celebration with a ceremonial Keg Tapping and media launch at the Shangri-la Plaza branch on September 12, 2019. The main highlight, which led by our distinguished guest, Ms. Christina Stieber of the Austrian Chamber of Commerce, is the official keg tapping or pouring of the first Oktoberfest beer, an annual tradition in Munich. The tapping is accompanied by shouts of “O’zapft is“, which means the beer has been tapped. This marks the beginning of one of the world’s most loved festival. 

From hoisting 11 steins of German beer, digging deep into crispy pork knuckle and chanting along to folksy Oompah songs together with joyful merry-makers, Brotzeit’s Oktoberfest parties have always been a fun and festive affair. 

After five (6) years and some memorable Oktoberfest celebrations held at the various Brotzeit branches, this year’s celebration starts at the flagship store, Shangri-la Plaza Mall. On September 21, Brotzeit presents an exciting Oktoberfest celebration at the branch and a part of the Streetscape just outside Brotzeit. Headlining entertainment act is KUDOS LOVES EIGHTIES Band followed by DJ Agnes. The program will be hosted by none other than the charming and lovely Ms. Tina Ryan. In addition, any Oktoberfest party will not be complete without games and fun challenges that will make the festivities one of merriment and conviviality! Great prizes and premium

And to make the Oktoberfest 2019 extra fun, Brotzeit is flying in performers from Germany. Anton and the Funny Guys will provide not only musical entertainments but with unique show performances. They will entertain the Oktoberfest guests on October 3-4 at Brotzeit Shangri La Plaza Branch and on October 5-6 in Shangri La at The Fort BGC. 

This year’s Oktoberfest is once again co – presented by our valued partners – Paulaner, Jägermeister, Sinalco and Weihenstephan 

To bring more authenticity to the Oktoberfest celebrations, Brotzeit has brought in two (2) original festival brews: Weihenstephan Festbier a full, rich-bodied, seasonal lager, especially brewed for this season. This beer is known to represent the Bavarian way of celebrating. It is deep gold in color, with a great mouthfeel and has lots of flavor! Perfect to pair with numerous dishes on Brotzeit’s Oktoberfest menu. On the other hand, Paulaner Oktoberfestbier, which by its name tell us that it’s only brewed for the Oktoberfest. 

This is 100% natural full-bodied Bavarian Marzen, with full rich malt flavors. Paulaner has been brewing this beer since 1818, representing centuries of brewing tradition in a stein. 

Both of these featured beers are no exception to the German Beer Purity Law (Reinheitsgebot); which is a collective name for a series of regulations that limit the ingredients of beer in Germany. Little known fact: beers brewed following the German Beer Purity Law seldom or never cause hangovers as the water and other ingredients used are very pure. 

Brotzeit’s kitchen has also been working overtime to prepare a fantastic Oktoberfest menu. Current star of the menu is the famous Oktoberfest Platter, which consists of Brotzeit’s signature oven roasted Pork Knuckle, Beer – infused Bavarian Honey Ribs, juicy whole Roasted Chicken, One – meter long Paprika Cheese Sausage served with Spicy Potato Wedges and Sauerkraut. There are also a number of delectable dishes which will be served in all branches of Brotzeit from September 12 to October 31st that perfectly represent the Oktoberfest season in Germany and go very well with the featured beers for this celebration. 

Oktoberfest is a period of conviviality, and the perfect time to get together with friends, colleagues and families. Guests will have plenty of opportunities to say “Prost” this year with our exclusive beers, menu specials and promotions. 

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